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Jeem Journal Review – A Journal For Muslims Seeking More (& Discount!).

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The Jeem Journal by Jeem Life is a journal for Muslims seeking more. It’s the book that inspires peace, purpose and productivity and encourages you to grow into your best self.

I was kindly gifted a Jeem Journal 3 months ago and writing in it daily has become a staple in my morning routine.

I really love this journal so in this post I’m going to tell you what the Jeem Journal is all about and why I love the Jeem Journal so much. I’ll also give you a 15% discount code to buy one for yourself!

Ok, I’ll give you the discount code now! It’s ELLIEQUINN when purchasing it directly on their website using this link!

Jeem Journal Review

Jeem Journal Review
Keep reading for my Jeem Journal Review!

About Jeem Life & the Jeem Journal

Jeem Life was set up by husband and wife Tauseef and Sarah. As busy professionals juggling work, family and life they found that journalling really helped them stay grounded and focused. However, they felt that a journal was missing, they wanted a journal that helped them to specifically seek strength through their Islamic Faith Tradition.

They say that ‘Jeem Journal is the realisation of the need for a synergy between traditions  – a journaling tool that enables cross-pollination between faith practised over millennia and a scientifically proven mechanism that fits neatly into our hectic schedules.’

The Jeem Journal comes neatly packaged and in a sleek, light grey design. It makes a beautiful gift for someone or a purchase for yourself.

Jeem Journal Packaging
Jeem Journal Packaging

It’s a fairly chunky journal because it offers so much content including a introduction to journalling, a Jeem life mapper and information on Ramadan when the month comes round.

Whenever I feel overwhelmed with choices and decisions I always get a journal out and start writing but like with many things in life, we shouldn’t wait until things get bad to start using tools to help which I why I really try to journal daily and keep it in my routine.

You’ll be using this journal for 5 minutes every day for months and months to come filling it with all of your thoughts, goals and intentions and you’ll easily be able to look back at how far you have come!

Use the code ELLIEQUINN to get 15% off your Jeem Journal on their website here!

I love following Jeem Life on Instagram, they are incredibly active and provide a lot of helpful and inspiring content so follow them on Instagram here!

I also love their 5 minute Friday Newsletter, you can sign up to this on their website here!

How to Journal

If you are new to journalling, not sure what the journalling hype is all about, or have tried it before and not had the results or feeling you expected, Jeem Life has a whole page on their website with videos on how to journal and tips to get the most out of your Jeem Journal so be sure to have a look into this!

I’ve been writing in diaries and journals since 2010 but in 2017 I started to use them more, specifically for gratitude and getting all my current thoughts out on paper. And I have to tell you that it created such a shift in my mind and mindset.

Jeem Journal Review, Jeem Journal inside

Islamic Journals vs Normal Journals

This is a journal designed for Muslims and the phrases used in the journal are directed at Muslims only.

Why is this so good??

There are many gratitude journals available these days but as a new Muslim I really appreciate the dedicated words in this journal for Muslims. I love that the daily prompting questions (which you can see in the image below) use Arabic words such as Shukr, Alhamdulillah, Inshallah, and that I am reminded that with Allah’s help I will make today great and because of him, I am grateful for X things.

From my past experience, normal gratitude journals and gratitude practises in general, can be quite self-centred, but by using a dedicated Muslim and Islamic journal like Jeem Journal we are reminded that we are not doing this by ourselves and it encourages us to connect with our creator each morning as we complete the journal which I find really valuable as a revert Muslim who is trying to incorporate my new faith into each day.

Jeem Journal Daily Prompts
The daily prompts inside the journal.
Jeem Journal Weekly Notes
The weekly roundup section.

Use the code ELLIEQUINN to get 15% off your Jeem Journal on their website here!

Reasons I love the Jeem Journal:

  • The beautiful daily quotes about Islam and Allah swt.
  • The day and night reflections and prompts on each page.
  • The idea that it takes just 5 minutes each day to complete.
  • The daily prayer tracker on each page.
  • The weekly notes roundup page.
  • The price – £17.00 reduced from £19.99 with my discount code ‘ELLIEQUINN’ (p&p is additional).
  • The sleek design and simple cover and colour.
  • The detailed introduction to journalling.
  • The ‘a promise to myself’ section to get acquainted with journalling.
  • The information on Ramadan for when the month comes around.
  • The amazing community feel on Jeem Life’s Instagram page.

I hope this gives you more information about the amazing Jeem Journal. I would never share with you a product I do not like, or spend this long writing about a product I didn’t like!

Since I shared it on Instagram and YouTube 3 months ago many people have brought it and I have had lovely messages from them telling me how much they love it so I trust that you will enjoy it and find value in it too, inshallah!

Use the code ELLIEQUINN to get 15% off your Jeem Journal on their website here!

Jeem Journal Review, Jeem Journal outside