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Lollapalooza Festival Berlin Review! Why I Loved It!

by TheWanderingQuinn

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As a girl who loves music and festival vibes but hasn’t experienced as many festivals as I would have liked I was so excited to attend Lollapalooza Festival in Berlin with my blogger pal Kara from Heels in my Backpack. Following the festival, I am now so grateful that my eyes have been opened up to this festival, a festival I knew nothing about until recently because it’s not a festival held in just Berlin or a German festival, oh no! Let me tell you all about Lollapalooza Berlin so you want to go too!

Lollapalooza Festival Berlin Review

Lollapalooza Festival Berlin Review

Keep Reading for my full Lollapalooza Festival Berlin Review!

About Lollapalooza Festival

Lollapalooza was started in 1990 by Jane’s Addiction singer Perry Farrell as a farewell tour for his band. It ran annually in the USA until 1997 and was revived in 2003 with a festival in Chicago. Since then it has progressed around the world and it’s in quite a random mix of Countries actually.

It’s still being held in Chicago, USA, but it’s also in Buenos Aires in Argentina, Santiago in Chile and Sao Paulo in Brazil. It then went across the Atlantic in 2015 to be held in Berlin. Paris was recently added and held its first festival this year in 2017.. I told you it’s a mix.

What I want to know is when will the Lollapalooza Festival come to London??

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Lollapalooza Festival Berlin Review

Lollapalooza Festival Berlin Review

 I loved Lollapalooza in Berlin for many reasons so here are a few which will hopefully convince you that you need to get on board next year if you’re in Europe, South America or North America!

World Class Music

Ok let’s start with the music. The Foo Fighters headlined the 2nd day in Berlin and to be honest, do I even need to say any more than that? Probably not, but I will. Mumford & Son’s headlined the 1st day. Two Door Cinema Club were there, as were my faves Rudimental. George Ezra, The XX, Hardwell and sooo many more world class acts were also in Berlin!

Not only were there International acts but they also had a lot of German acts too which I found really nice. On the first day Marteria was performing who is an electronic/rap artist from Germany, I didn’t have a clue what he was saying but I loved him and it seems that a lot of the crowd did too!

I can imagine that all of the festivals have local acts to the Country the festival is being held in which must be a great experience for them as well as the crowd who know them and love them!

Lollapalooza Festival Berlin Review

Lollapalooza Festival Berlin Review

It’s over 2 days

As I mentioned above, the festival runs over 2 days and Lollapalooza is not a camping festival anywhere in the world so it was nice to go back to a hotel and chill between the two days and come back on the second day full of life, showered and ready to party again! (Although by the looks of some people on the 2nd day they had been out enjoying Berlin’s party scene all night!)

This also meant that I could make a real weekend city break out of attending the festival. I stayed in Berlin for 3 nights and saw a lot of the city around going to the festival.. the perfect weekend if you ask me!

Lollapalooza Festival Berlin Review

It’s not just about the music

Lollapalooza is a lot more than just a music festival! Although in Berlin there were 4 main stages with a range of music, there was also so much more!

Let’s get our priorities right and start with the food! Yes, there were sooo many food stalls at Lollapalooza with food from all around the world. The queues were crazy at some points in the day but that surely meant it was really good food?

There were art galleries, a fashion section, a sustainability section, an area for local companies to promote their services and goods. There was a ferris wheel which really stood out in the skyline of the festival. However there were no other commerical fair rides and instead a few tents were you could play old school fair games which was a really nice touch.

Outside there was a huge cot and giant table and chairs which grown adults were playing on. There were bubbles with smoke inside, a section of maze mirrors and a section sparkly ribbon that you could run through!

All in all, I felt like a big kid just having fun in a way that real life doesn’t always allow you to!

Talking of kids, it’s also well catered to children with a kidzapalooza stage and children’s areas, and although there were a fair few children there they didn’t impact the adults drinking and dancing etc.

Lollapalooza Festival Berlin Review

Lollapalooza Festival Berlin Review

Nice Crowd

This is a compliment to the German people and other people who attended the festival because I found it to be such a nice environment and have such a nice vibe and this is all down to the people who attended! I find that events attract a certain type of people, sometimes rowdy and incredibly drunk and sometimes chilled and there for a good time and this festival, in Berlin anyway, definitely attracted the latter.

Everyone was polite when queuing for drinks, the toilets and the train back which did get really really busy (which surprised me as I once heard that German’s don’t queue?!). I swear if the train situation had been like it was in London, people would not have been so nice!

So thank you to the people who went for restoring my faith in people!

Lollapalooza Festival Berlin Review

It’s cashless

This made things so much easier! Although there is a process of having to top up your wrist band with money at the start and if you run out you need to top up again, but when ordering food and drink it was so much easier just to put your hand out on the bar and have your wristband band tagged contactless! Whats better is that any money left on the band can be redeemed online after the event, even to an international account!

Lollapalooza Festival Berlin Review

It’s Environmentally friendly & clean!

They also had a cool system of giving out a token when you got your first drink, the idea is to then keep hold of the cup until you get another drink and so on and at the end of the night when you take the cup back money is scanned back onto your money tag! This meant that there were no cups on the floor and all of the cups were washable and not just plastic one use cups!

In fact it was a really clean festival in general, even the toilets weren’t that bad for a festival of this size!

Lollapalooza Festival Berlin Review

Well planned festival!

Overall I thought it was just a very well planned festival! There were plenty of seats, plenty of entry points, (nearly) plenty of toilets. There was enough space and enough going on. There was a VIP area with a great view and good atmosphere away from the main area. There were plenty of staff and as I said, it was clean and responsible! What more could you ask for?

Lollapalooza Festival Berlin Review


I attended Lollapalooza Berlin with Lastminute.com however all thoughts, opinions and ramblings are my own.

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