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5 Easy Things We Can Do on a Long Flight to Feel Fresh Afterwards!

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The more I’m learning about the elements of the Earth and the elements that are within us, the more I realise that flying and being up in the air is not natural to us, otherwise we would be able to fly ourselves right?!

However us travel addicts need to see the world and flying is the easiest and most convenient way but sometimes these flights can be very long and draining. They’re worth it, but they’re still hard.

The dream is to get off of a long haul flight feeling fresh and ready to explore your new destination, or landing at home and feeling like you actually had a holiday isn’t it?

So here are 5 easy ways we can ensure we feel as fresh as possible next time we step off the plane!

Don’t rely on the In-Flight Entertainment for Entertainment

Unless you’re flying with a super budget airline long haul there will be in flight entertainment but I say to take extra entertainment to keep you occupied for a reason.

One because sometimes even the hundreds of films and TV shows can get boring, especially if you’re like me and don’t usually watch TV for entertainment, or if they are catering to the local Country of the airline.

Two because what if your inflight entertainment goes down? It does happen! It happened on my Virgin Flight from London to Antigua earlier in the year actually, we knew about it as we took off and we didn’t have it for the whole flight! I’ve had it happen when it’s gone off half way through too.

If you end up really bored, or really annoyed because the in flight system has gone down, you’re going to get off of the plane in a bad mood which isn’t a good start, or end to your trip.

That’s why you should never rely on just the plane’s entertainment for entertainment, take a book, your laptop, an iPad with games on for example so you know that what ever happens you’ll have a well entertained flight and will land feeling happy.


Drink Plenty of Water 

The simplest trick in the book perhaps but it definitely makes a difference. We get so dehydrated being up in the air, as I said at the start of this post, it’s not normal for us. So drink lots of water and you’ll feel much more fresh when you land.

Fill up your water bottle before you get on the plane so you have a good amount of water to start with and then just annoy the staff once it’s gone for more water, ask them if they can refill your bottle too instead of giving you small plastic cups, one its less plastic use, two it’s less time spent annoying them!


Do Not Drink Any Alcohol

It still surprises me that it’s so common and the ‘done thing’ to drink and get drunk on a plane! I find it crazy, especially on a long haul flight, as I said, we get so dehydrated flying, and alcohol dehydrate’s us, so why mix the two??

Plus, you don’t want to get a hangover before you’ve even landed, or go through security and get to your destination drunk or hungover, that’s one sure way not to feel fresh after a flight!



If you’re a nervous flyer meditation will really help, if you’re not a nervous flyer, meditation is a good idea anyway. If you don’t usually meditate I would recommend doing some meditation before your flight so you’re comfortable with it.

Once you’re on the plane all you need to do is pop your head phones in, put on some relaxing music- I use the Calm app and their nature sounds (make sure the music and tracks are downloaded in advance), sit tall, close your eyes and breathe.

We often feel like we don’t have time for meditation, I try to meditate each evening but I’m bad for thinking I’m too busy, but when we’re on a plane we have no where else to be, nothing else to do, so breathe and relax and you’ll feel much better once you land. I’m going to ensure I start meditating on flights from now on.


Get Some Sleep

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably been rushing around the day or two before your flight, getting things sorted, saying hellos and goodbyes. By the time you board the plane to go away on that trip or holiday you’re already exhausted. Well, use your time on the flight wisely and get a good dose of vitamin Zzzs.

Now, some people can find it a little tricky to fall asleep on planes, myself included but luckily there are many little tricks you can use to increase your odds of nodding off on a plane like taking an eye mask, ear plugs and travel pillow, not having caffeine before the flight, wearing comfortable and warm clothes, and overall just staying relaxed. If you can get some sleep on your flight, you’re bound to get off the plane feeling much fresher!


I hope these points help you, now I just need to remember my own advice and put them into action! 

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