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How to Walk From Canal Saint Martin to Luxembourg Gardens via Le Marais in Paris!

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The Eastern Side of the City of Paris is a really good area to explore! This is how I spent a few hours in Paris exploring this area dnw walking from Canal Saint Martin to Luxembourg Gardens via Le Marais which are all really pretty and popular places to visit in Paris!

Canal Saint Martin to Luxembourg Gardens

Canal Saint Martin to Luxembourg Gardens

Keep Reading to see how to walk from Canal Saint Martin to Luxembourg Gardens!

Canal Saint Martin to Luxembourg Gardens Distance and Time Walking: 2-4 hours.

Canal Saint Martin

First off, spend some time enjoying the canal. I loved walking down it, there are lots of restaurants and cafes down here, perfect for a morning coffee, you can also get a boat tour if you wish!


The next stop is Republique, as Place de la République is one of the largest squares in the city. This is also a great metro station to arrive at if you’re not staying in this area as its well-connected to the rest of the city so you can start your walk from here.

Le Marais

Now this is where it gets interesting and very pretty! From Republique you want to head South into an area called Le Marais. Le Marais is a historic district of the city and is often referred to as the Old Paris. It has quaint little streets with lots of boutique style shops as well as an endless amount of cafes where you can sit outside and watch the world go by and it has some nice green squares too.

Paris walking guide la marais

Paris walking guide la marais

We enjoyed a lovely lunch at Camille right in the middle of La Marais where we felt very French and its a place I would recommend going. Also, a very popular place is Au Petit Fer à Chevel which is a small cafe/bar, it translates as The Horse Shoe as its bar is in a huge Horseshoe shape! We managed to get a seat outside and were able to watch the world go by with a €5.00 glass of red wine.. Perfect!

Spend some time in Le Marais relaxing and taking any little street that takes your fancy. Unfortunately, it was raining on the day I was there so i didn’t get to take too many photos of Le Marais but it just means you’ll have to see it for yourself!

Paris walking guide la marais camille

Hotel De Ville

Once you have walked through Le Marais, start heading South towards the river but before you get to the river be sure to check out the Hotel De Ville to admire its beautiful architecture. In this summer there is a hive of activity in this area however when we visited (in the rain) it was very quiet but still worth seeing and taking a picture of!

Paris walking guide la marais

Rue de Rivoli

Rue de Rivoli is also very close by here which is one of the main commercial shopping streets in the city with all the high street stores so if you need go shopping then this street is where you should head!

Cathedral of Notre Dame

Next up is the Cathedral of Notre Dame on Île de la Cité island, where the famous film The Hunchback of Notre Dame is based and this is another beautiful building although it can get very busy directly in front of it so you’re best bet is to appreciate it from a bridge like I am below!

You can also go right to the top and get an amazing view of Paris but both times I have been the line has been very big so be sure to get there early if you want to go to the top!

Paris walking guide la marais

If you want to do a tour or pre-book a ticket ready for when you do this walk in Paris, the below options would work really well!


River Seine

The Island that you’ll be on is one of two natural islands left in the river Seine within Paris and is the location where the medieval city was refounded so be sure to explore this island too before heading fully over the other side of the river.

Paris walking guide la marais

After crossing the river and the main road after it you’ll probably sense that you’re in a different part of the city as you would have found yourself in the Latin Quarter and in St Michel. Some of the streets in this area are incredibly touristy with restaurants selling every cuisine that you could ever want which are more than likely very overpriced. It’s certainly aimed at tourists over locals with its bright lights and waiters trying to get you in their restaurant but its part of the city so its worth seeing.

Paris walking guide la marais

Then make your way down the streets to the station Odéon and be sure to keep an eye out for cute side streets here, again with plenty of cafes, restaurants and shops.

Luxembourg Gardens

Your final stop is the lovely Luxembourg Gardens, again due to the weather I didn’t get to see these properly during my visit in November but when I visited in the summer they were a lovely place to walk around, relax in and enjoy the sun. (see blue sky picture below!) They feel a million miles away from the city and a great place to recharge your batteries before exploring the next part of the city!

Paris walking guide la marais

If you’re arriving or leaving Paris by train, be sure to book tickets in advance on The Train Line EU for the best prices!