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10 Positive Things To Do Whilst You Can’t Travel Because of COVID-19!

by TheWanderingQuinn

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I don’t need to tell you that things have suddenly got crazy! From a travel perspective, travel has, and is, about to come to a standstill!

So what should we do whilst we can’t travel, whilst our future travel plans have crumbled and we have NO idea what will happen in the next few weeks and months?!

I like to be a source of positivity so here are a few things I think we can all do to help pass the time, from trying something new, self-development, and how to plan your travels once Coronavirus is over!

So whether you’re at home in quarantine, still going to work but trying to stay home as much as possible, or have a lack of work because of Coronavirus, I hope you find this helpful and uplifting!

Things to do instead of travelling during the COVID-19!

things to do during coronavirus

Keep Reading for things to do during COVID-19 when we can’t travel!


I know a few people who have had to postpone their backpacking trips and plans, it SUCKS, it really it does, but I’ve said to them what I’ll say to you – the positive is that you can now save more money!

Keep focused on your trip, it will happen, and keep saving for it! This way you’ll have even more money to travel with and can probably travel for even longer in the future!

If you don’t have a trip booked or planned, I will be running more 2-week group tours to India in 2021 which I’ll be announcing in a few months, and later in the year I’m co-hosting a blogging retreat in South Africa in October 2020 so keep those in mind!

Look how beautiful South Africa is:

South Africa blogging retreat


Just because we can’t travel right now, it doesn’t mean we can’t plan and dream!

Trust me when I say that a lot of bloggers are suffering because people are not, understandably, researching travel-related content right now.

So in a bid to support your favourite travel bloggers, still binge-read travel blogs and still watch youtube travel videos! You can still be entertained by travel even if you can’t fully plan it!

Here is my YouTube channel if you want to watch my travels! My recent Saudi Arabia videos give a really good insight into this previously closed-off country, and maybe you fancy seeing what Pakistan is really like!

Here are some of my blog posts you might like to check out too:

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Whilst a lot of people are losing money and earnings, especially if they work online in the travel industry, my best friend who is from the UK and lives in Indonesia teaching English to children online in China is KILLING IT right now because all the children are off school and their parents still want them to learn.

She is so busy right now with back-to-back lessons, on the weekend she did 20 x 25-minute lessons in one day! It’s tiring but she’s making ALOT of money!

If you are a native English speaker there is no reason why you can’t teach English online and start making really good money, fast!

PalFish is a great application to teach English on and it’s what my friend Sarah uses, click here to apply for PalFish now! Best of all you can teach on your phone or iPad!

You do need a TEFL (Teach English in a Foreign Language) Qualification in order to teach but you can get one really quick and easy so get on it NOW whilst children in China are still off school!



What language do you wish you spoke? Now is the time to learn it before you travel again!

Duolingo is a great app to learn a new language on, it’s especially great for Spanish.

Personally I want to learn Arabic although I’m having trouble finding a good platform, so if you know of one for Arabic, let me know!


I am working with Starling Bank at the moment, I have used their bank card for the last few months at home and to travel with, I love it so I was very pleased when they reached out to work with me.

If you are a UK resident you can apply for a Starling Card Bank here! 

A Starling Bank Card is so great to travel with because you can use contactless without ANY fees wherever you are in the world and they do not charge withdrawal fees in ATM’s which is totally revolutionary! It’s all app-based which is so handy and it’s not just a travel card, it’s a great bank card to use at home too to manage your money!

Why not get the card now by clicking here whilst you’re thinking about it, then you’ll have time get used to it at home before you take it away travelling once the Coronavirus and travel restrictions are over and it will save you money on your trips whether it’s a weekend trip or a year trip!

starling bank card for travel


Ladies, I know this is a random one but after being on my period this week I once again realised how AMAZING and life-changing a menstrual cup is instead of using tampons or pads!

I also had this conversation with the girls on my group tour around India and some of them said they were scared to use one

Using a menstrual cup when you travel is so handy in so many ways, it means you only carry it and not lots of tampons etc, you can insert it before you even come on your period so you know you’ll be safe when you do, and you don’t need to change it regularly which is great for long travel days.

Before you start travelling again, get a cup, try it out at home so you can get used to it, and you’ll be set to be an eco-friendly traveller once you can travel again.

I used this Lily Compact Travel Menstrual Cup that I really recommend, you can buy it on Amazon here!

It’s also one of my top Backpacking Essential Items That Will Save You Space, Time & Money!

Travel Menstrual cup!


If you are a blogger you are probably really upset by your declining traffic! As I said in point 2, it’s understandable that people are not searching for travel-related content right now, however, people are definitely still watching travel content! At least I know I am!

We watch youtube for entertainment, not always for travel tips and advice so if you are upset by your declining blog traffic, why not edit that footage you’ve been meaning to edit for a long time or start filming some sit-down travel videos with old footage added in at home!

It is hard to make money on YouTube so don’t expect to see the money coming in just yet but you should be pleased to see increasing views and in a year from now, you’ll be glad you started now!

8 – READ!

We all want to read more books but have very little time. Now is a great time to start that book you’ve been wanting to read, especially if it’s a travel-related one!

Here are my top books for backpackers to read that will take you from India to Thailand to Bolivia and they will certainly keep you entertained whilst you can’t travel!


I have constant annual travel insurance cover since quitting my job to full time in 2018 but before that, I would only take out insurance a few days before my trip.

One thing Corona, and all the changes and cancellations have taught us, is that you need to get travel insurance out much earlier! If you had to cancel your trip 1 week before you were due to go but were yet to buy travel insurance, you’re not covered and no one will cover you now.

Having a constant cover with a company like World Nomads Travel Insurance, who I am with,  is expensive but you can pay for as many months as you like in one go.  I really recommend them if you travel a lot too to ensure you will be covered for all future trips if they get cancelled because you will already have the insurance in place  (although always read the fine details to ensure it is the right cover for you!).

Another great thing about World Nomads is that you can start your cover wherever you are in the world, you do not need to be in your home country which is the case for many travel insurance providers!

You can get a quote for World Nomads by clicking on this link or filling in this form:



The positive out of this horrible situation is that communities are coming together to help each other out and that’s really special.

Is there anyone you can call or text for a chat to see if they are ok?

If you work online, it’s also the time to call friends who work in the same industry as you and see if they are ok and together discuss ideas of what you can do going forward.

I’m part of a Mastermind group with 3 amazing ladies and I can’t wait to speak to them soon and discuss freely how Coronavirus had effected my online travel business and talk through ways I can come out of it on the other side.

Have a think if there is anything you can start now to bring people together over the phone and online and to make yourself feel better too!


I know it’s so hard, but stay positive that things will change, you will be able to travel again soon and go to the countries you want to visit!

None of us know when but it will happen and I think when it does we will all be more appreciative of it and of other people which is the good out of this bad situation!

So keep those dreams going, keep planning and keep saving money!

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