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What is Plan, Book, Wander?

This is a service I have created, offered by myself, so I can be your travel friend to discuss your upcoming trip with or the trip you wish to take.

Why Speak To Me?

After planning, booking and organising my own trips for the last 9 years I know a thing or two about how to travel, and I want to share that knowledge with you and help you.

I have travelled to 50+ Countries and I’ve been to the most popular places to visit around the world including Australia, New Zealand, all of South East Asia, India, Japan, South America, USA and a lot of Europe too.

I think travel is so valuable and important and I hate hearing that people haven’t gone on a trip because of costs, because they don’t know where to start with booking a trip, or because they have been scared off by their parents or people around them.

I want to be the person that can give you practical advice about itineraries but also the person that encourages and supports you to go on the trip, whether that’s on a weekend trip, a 2 week trip, a 3 month trip or a 1 year trip!

I am a big advocate of solo travel too. I know that some people have questions around it especially if they’ve never travelled solo before so if this is something you are worried about I can put your mind at ease and give you all of my best solo travel tips.

To read more about me and my travel journey head to my ABOUT ME page.

How Do I Help?

I will offer you my practical travel advice and suggestions on a range of topics, including:

My Plan Book Wander Service isn’t just for people who haven’t book a trip yet, maybe you booked a trip on a whim and now it’s getting closer you need to organise the finer details.

And if you don’t quite know what you want to chat about but you have a passion to go away soon, we can just chat and hopefully, you’ll get inspired that way.


How Does it Work?

We will arrange to speak on the phone for 30 minutes to discuss whatever you want to discuss.

The 30-minute call will be £20.00 or the equivalent in your currency payable by PayPal at a time agreed by us both in advance.

If we can’t work out a call time due to time zones, or perhaps you’d rather not talk over the phone, we can speak via WhatsApp or Email sending up to 5 detailed messages back and forth over the course of 1 week.

The WhatsApp / Email exchanges will be £20.00 or the equivalent in your Currency payable by PayPal.


If you want a full travel booking service where I play a big part in organising and booking your trip rather than giving you suggestions, I can help with this too and this will be offered at a tailor-made price.


How To Book?

Email me on thewanderingquinn@gmail.com with the subject line ‘Travel Planning with (insert your name)’ with your availability within the next few weeks including days and times and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Speak to you soon!


Ellie Quinn The Wandering Quinn Profile Photo

I’m Ellie Quinn!

I’m a travel addict who has been travelling on and off since 2010. In the Summer of 2018 I quit my office job in London, left my flat and I now travel and blog full time! Yes, I’m living that dream!

I created this blog to share my best travel tips with you to help you travel better, save money and visit some hidden gems! Be sure to follow me on Instagram and you can read more about me here!




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Wander to India

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