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How Much Money I Spent Travelling South East Asia for 3 Months!

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In 2014 I travelled South East Asia for 5 months and I wrote a blog post detailing exactly how much I spent in each Country which you can view here. And with my love of South East Asia ignited from this trip it wasn’t long before I was heading back there to fill in the gaps from where I had missed last time so here is a post on how much I spent Backpacking around South East Asia for 3 months.

I was still on a backpacker budget but I didn’t watch what I was spending too much and what I love most about South East Asia is that you can spend as much or as little as you want and it’s very budget friendly if you make it like that.

South East Asia Cost of Travel 3 months

My favourite quote!

Here is a breakdown of what I Spent in Each Country in South East Asia in 3 months!

Days Spent: 25
Money Spent: £600.00

Myanmar (Burma)
Days Spent: 13
Money Spent: £237.00

Days Spent: 32
Money Spent: £1180.00

Days Spent: 15
Money Spent: £453.00

Overall I was really happy with how much I spent. Vietnam was definitely the cheapest Country, followed by Myanmar which I was pleasantly surprised by. I knew the Philippines was going to be a bit more expensive than other South East Asian Countries but I thought i’d spend more than I did and I was in Thailand over Christmas and New Year so I paid more on accommodation than normal plus I had a lot of nights out which increased how much i spent but thats what i was there for so it was ok!


Extra things to note when travelling South East Asia on a Budget:

The total costs for Vietnam and Myanmar includes their visa costs- £40.00 for Vietnam and £34.00 for Myanmar.

I visited Thailand over Christmas and New Year so accommodation was a lot more expensive than i would of usually paid so on any other month other than December this would be a fair few hundred pound less.

In all countries i could of done the accommodation cheaper, i barely stayed in hostels and instead shared a private room with friends which cost a bit more.

In the Philippines i paid for 4 internal flights which are included in the above cost and in Vietnam i paid for return internal flights to Phu Quoc island from HCMC which are also included in the above price.

The above totals do not include flights between countries, I  was pretty flexible with the dates i could go and only booked them a week or so before i left but if they had been booked further in advance they could of been cheaper.


HCMC, Vietnam- Yangon, Myanmar: £43.00

Yangon, Myanmar- Bangkok, Thailand: £50.00

Phuket, Thailand- Manila, Philippines: £75.00

Manila, Philippines- Bangkok, Thailand: £70.00


I hope this helps you budget when it comes to planning your South East Asia trip!

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