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Planning a Trip to India | Travel Guide Step by Step!

December 8, 2019

India is on so many peoples bucket lists and wishlists- it’s crazy, it’s exotic, it’s testing, it’s spiritual, it’s beautiful and it’s huge! You want to go to India too, but where do you start with planning a trip to India? Here is my step by step India blog post and India travel guide on how to plan a trip in India with my first-time travel tips for…

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Places to Visit in Hyderabad | Sightseeing!

December 6, 2019
Hyderabad travel guide | places to visit in hyderabad

Sitting in the middle of India’s Southern peninsula, Hyderabad City is pretty much known only for its Biryani, Pearls and IT industry. But 400 years of history means Hyderabad has so much more to offer travellers to India and would make a great stop in a South India itinerary. Hyderabad is an interesting mix of cultures, with the local Telugu culture historically being combined with…

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The Best Beaches In Goa For Foreigners To Visit!

December 5, 2019

Goa is a state in India and it’s India’s top beach destination. However, when I started looking into where to visit in Goa, it was harder than I thought! It’s not as easy as saying ‘I’m going to Goa’ because Goa is HUGE and there are 48 beaches in Goa! So you really need to know which beach you’re going to visit in Goa and…

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2 Week Goa & Kerala Itinerary | South India | Beaches & Backwaters.

December 3, 2019
kerala backwaters | 2 week south india itinerary

Whether you’re visiting India for the first time and want to visit South India to ease yourself in, or you want a beach holiday on the beaches of Goa and you fancy seeing some of the lush green-ness of Kerala whilst you’re there, you can easily see Goa and Kerala in South India in 2 weeks! Goa and Kerala are two separate states in India…

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The Best Places To Do Yoga In India For Foreigners!

December 2, 2019
Earth Yoga Village Goa Studio | yoga in india

India is the home of Yoga, but how much Yoga does India actually offer travellers? Well, on my trips around India I must say that I have been a little bit disappointed and surprised by the lack of yoga classes in India. I thought that there would be yoga classes in all hostels in India and there would be signs in all cities but this…

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How To Take A Local Bus In India And What To Expect!

December 1, 2019
Travelling by bus in India

Trains are the most popular way to do long-distance travel in India and the most comfortable, however, buses are also a good way to get around India and sometimes they are the only option. For long journeys, tourist buses can be booked with companies like RedBus, Volvo and Laxmi Holidays, these can be booked online on sites like RedBus.in, 12Go Asia, or with local travel…

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Top Tourist Scams In India & How To Avoid Them!

November 30, 2019
india tuk tuk scam

‘India’ and ‘Scams’ are two words that a lot of people think go together. I get that and I understand why India is known for scams because tourist scams in India have been very common in the past. After travelling India for nearly 6 months I have barely been scammed once! Perhaps because I’ve been aware of the popular scams in India, but also because…

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Full Guide To Varkala Beach, Kerala | Things To Do, Where To Stay!

November 29, 2019
Varkala Beach Cliffside travel guide

Varkala is in the very South of India in the state of Kerala, however when I think of Kerala I think of the backwaters of Kerala and the tea plantations of Kerala, not rugged waves, wild beaches and smoothie bowls, but that’s exactly what Varkala Beach offers and this is why Varkala Beach is such a popular place to visit in South India and it…

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Full Guide to Palolem Beach, Goa | Things To Do, Where To Stay!

November 28, 2019
Palolem Beach Goa Trees and Ocean

Even though I had been in India for 2 months travelling the North and had already been to 2 beaches in Goa, it was visiting Palolem Beach that made me truly fall in love with India. As soon as I drove through the small village of Palolem in the taxi and as soon as I walked on the beach I had huge flashbacks of being…

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