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Ellie. 29. British. 50+ Countries. 6 Continents. Travel Addict Since 2010. 2 Years Living in Oz. 2.5 Living in London. Blogging Since 2014. Quit My Job To Travel Again & Blog Full Time in Summer 2018. Travelling Right Now. Solo Female Traveller. Digital Nomad. Backpacker. Lover of Less Visited Places. Lover of the Moon. Veggie. Starting a Tour Company. Big Dreams. Bigger Plans.

The Long Story

Hello, I’m Ellie Quinn, I’m 29, from England and travel is my life, it has been for a long time, but right now it is more than ever!

The travel bug bit me in 2010 at 20 years old when I went to work at a Summer Camp in South Carolina teaching children how to ride horses for 3 months. The Summer before I had broken up with my boyfriend of 2 years and decided I wasn’t going to spend another Summer at home because I knew there was a big world out there to explore and I was itching to see it (such a cliche I know!). I didn’t go to university so I had no debt and at 20 years old my job gave me a sabbatical to leave and come back to, perfect!

After an incredible Summer living the true American life, eating all of the American food and seeing some of the US I went back to work, saved money and the following year in 2011 at 21 years old I went to Australia to do my 2-year working holiday visa. I spent a month in Thailand on the way which was a total culture shock but I loved it and I’ve been obsessed with Asia ever since.

In Australia, I moved around every few months and I did a lot of bad jobs, including yes, my farm work- I worked on a banana farm for 3 months in Queensland! Fun times! I met a lot of incredible people, fell in love with Melbourne and saved a good chunk of money.

I left Oz and with that money, I travelled South East Asia for 5 months. I started travelling on my own and then I met and travelled with a group of people, one of which is now my best friend! Unfortunately, my trip ended abruptly because I stood on a broken beer bottle at the Jungle Party on Koh Phangan.. ouch but I believe everything happens for a reason and it was time to go home.

My foot took a few months to heal so I went home for 5 months to work and save money for my next trip.

2015 was a great year for travel for me as I travelled for 7 months of it. I spent 3 months backpacking around South America solo, a month in Europe, a month in the Middle East and then I went back to South East Asia for 3 months with my besties. I did all of these trips between living at home with my Mum, working (bad) temporary jobs, saving my wages and then leaving again!

After South East Asia and after bringing in 2016 on the beach in Thailand, I decided to move to London. I was meant to go to New Zealand after Asia but I met a guy, realised many of my friends were in London and I knew no-one in New Zealand. I’d always liked the idea of living in London so in February 2016 I moved there and lived there until July 2018!

I didn’t expect to live in London for that long to be honest especially as before that I hadn’t stayed in one place for more than a few months at a time. But I settled, I got a flat I loved, I got a job I enjoyed. Money was hard to start with because London is expensive, but a year later I got a better job which I enjoyed even more and meant I could actually save.

I lived in a beautiful area of London called Hampstead which made me very happy. Pus I was going on a trip to Europe on average every month which was either booked by me or was via my blog because moving to London was when I decided to take my blog seriously and it paid off. I was getting to go on trips to Europe for free, or in some cases, being paid, whilst also working full time in another job, so it wasn’t that bad and I’m really glad I moved to London and I stayed for as long as I did. 

From a blogging point of view moving to London enabled me to meet so many amazing people, get into the travel blogging community and gave me many opportunities. 

On a personal level, I grew a lot in London, some times were good, some were not and involved a lot of heartache, but it definitely grew me as a person and I learnt a lot.

In the Summer of 2018 at 28 years old I left my job and I left London to travel solo and blog full time. My travels took me to India first. I had been dying to visit India for years but I knew I never wanted to rush it, so I spent 4 months in India starting 2019 there too.

The start of 2019 was all about visiting bucket list countries for me, although I wasn’t earning that much from my blog and I was using my savings I knew I had the time and I had to go to the countries I really wanted to go to. So I spent 2 months travelling through Taiwan, Japan, China and South Korea. I’d dreamt of doing a trip like this for years and I did it.

I spent 2 months back in the UK during the summer of 2019. It was here that I realised ‘home’ isn’t really home anymore and that blogging full time really is what I want to do because I don’t want to move home and get a regular job again anytime soon. I’m grateful I have a home and base to return to with my mum but that isn’t my home, my home is out on the road. I’m thankful that I got to go back and realise this.

So in August 2019, a year after I quit my job and left London, I started travelling again and went straight back to Asia which is where my heart lies. This time it was different, I made more money from my blog each month that Summer I than I made at my job in London and I shifted from blogging being a hobby to being my business.

In 2018 I went into full-time travel and full time blogging not knowing if I could make it work, but in 2019 I went into it knowing I could, and I had to because I don’t want this life to end.

Here’s my blog post on my 1-year review from blogging full time.

In mid-2019 I also released my first group tour to India which sold out in just a few weeks, so I released another one and now I’ll be running 2 women’s group tours to India in 2020 with more in the pipeline and I’m so excited to see where this can take me, and the people I’ll be taking!

Here’s the page for my group tours.

2019 also took me to Pakistan which was a big wake up call for me. This was another country I’d wanted to visit for years, it’s surrounded by negativity and I didn’t know many people who had been which is what appealed to me most. Here I realised, a bit like in India, that so many of the fears we have around countries and what the media tells us is wrong. I loved Pakistan, I loved the people there and I was safe.

This trip was a catalyst and a confidence builder into what 2020 is going to hold for me. I will be running my group trips in India and visiting more countries in Central Asia and the Middle East that are feared, not particularly visited or just opening up for tourism and I can’t wait!

If you are still reading this then thank you! 

I wanted to write in detail about my travels because travel is such a huge part of my life and has made up pretty much all of my adult life. It’s changed my life and if you travel a lot I know you’ll be able to relate. If you don’t but you want to, I hope I have encouraged you to do a trip, because to travel doesn’t always mean going to the other side of the world. It can mean taking the train to a new nearby town, jumping in the car and heading for the sea or a national park that you haven’t been to.

I also wanted to tell you about my travels because I’m proud that I am a travel blogger who started travelling first. Even when I started my blog and knew nothing about blogging I wanted to share my knowledge and experience with others so I did. I want you to know that my recommendations and ideas are based on a true traveller’s thought and decisions.

I also wanted to tell you about my blogging journey because I know that so many people have a blog, or want to become a blogger. My blog is by no means big compared to many of the other travel blogs out there but I know not to compare myself and I can see the growth from 2017 to a point where I now make enough money from it to sustain my travels, and I know there’s the potential to earn a lot more.

I don’t have an SEO background or a marketing background, I learned everything I know myself, and I still have a lot to learn. But if I can learn it and do it, you can too! I have been honest about quitting my job because I don’t want you to think that I was making loads of money and that’s why I felt ok quitting, because that’s not true. I had savings to last me travelling for a while but my plan was, and is, to make enough money to sustain those travels to a point where I don’t have to be a ‘budget backpacker’ or worry about money and I can save money as well as spending money on my travels.

I know this is long but I wanted this ‘About me’ page to give you my full story, because I’m just a normal girl from the middle of England who has made travel her priority since 2010 and because of this I have had the most amazing adventures and I have met the most wonderful people.

I know not to fear life, not to fear strangers, not to fear countries, and now I’m living the life I had been working towards and dreaming off for quite some time.

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