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Hello, I’m Ellie. I’m 33 years old from England!

I spent all of my 20’s travelling and living around the world, and when I wasn’t doing that, I was working to save money to do it!

I have been to 70+ countries, all 7 continents, and around the world a few times (here’s where I’ve been)! I’ve travelled most of the world as a backpacker and solo, so I have picked up a lot of good travel tips and ways to travel along the way which I love to share on here!

In 2018, after working hard on this blog for a few years, I took the leap to quit my job in London where I’d been living for 2.5 years and leave my flat to travel full time and work on my blog full time, and what an amazing decision that was!

I spent most of the 2 years in Asia because I have a soft spot for the Eastern side of the world including places that other people don’t want to travel to, or don’t think it’s worth travelling to! Hey Saudi Arabia!

Covid, of course, put a stop to most of my travels in 2020, but because I was nomadic at the time, I was lucky enough to spend 4 months in lockdown on the paradise island of Gili T in Indonesia, and 3 months in the very cool city of Istanbul!

I did eventually come back to the UK in 2021, I lived in Cardiff for a while before moving to Manchester and getting married. I now live in Manchester (very ideally located near Manchester Airport!) with my husband and 3 stepsons.

You’ll find content on my blog from all over the world whether you need some wanderlust or you’re planning a trip!

You’ll also find lots of UK content, especially new and fresh UK content, as that is my focus right now! Hello UK Staycations!

As well as being a content creator, I run group tours. I managed to run my first 2 tours to India just before Covid at the start of 2020 before the rest got cancelled!

Since then, I’ve co-ran 3 retreats for Retreats for Muslim Women and tours to Antarctica, Morocco, Iceland and Pakistan.

I want to offer you the chance to travel the world with a like-minded group of women in a safe, but exciting and authentic way! Read more about my group tours here!

Right now, my tours are on hold a bit as we renovate our new house in Manchester but my independent travels are still going!

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House Instagram: @belhaj_home

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Sunday 10th of December 2023

Hi Ellie, I stumbled onto your site when searching for info on Saudi Arabia. I'm off in a week to Saudi and Oman. I'm female like you and was wondering if you have any tips on inexpensive hotels - I know there aren't any hostels, more's the pity!

Are there any groups (like in Iraq and Pakistan) where locals help out travelers? Any an all help is much appreciated. I'll be away for a month which means cheaper accommodation is a must! Many thanks in advance, cheers, Ani.

P.S. I have a blog as well but only contains photos and stories, non of the practical stuff. Take a look if you wish.


Monday 11th of December 2023

Hello, your trip sounds brilliant! It's annoying to see there are still not any/many cheaper accommodation options in Saudi, I haven't really looked since I was there in 2020 and hoped it might have changed but also I'm not surprised it hasn't! I'm not aware of any groups but there may be some on FB, I know as you said, there's quite a few for Pakistan so looking for a female traveller to Saudi group is a good idea! I did couch surf there which I got on well with, it was my first time doing this but in the interest of getting cheaper accommodation. (no costs) and meeting locals it really helped so that's an option and people have reviews to go by. Sorry I can't be much more help! Enjoy the trip!