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Epic 11 Day Discover Antarctica Group Tour – November 2021! With 20% Discount!

by TheWanderingQuinn

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Yes, you read this right, I am running a once in a lifetime group tour to Antarctica in November 2021 and I want you to join me and an amazing group of people on this bucket list trip! Keep reading for all of the details, prices, covid assurance and how to book!

11th – 21st November 2021

11 Day Tour. Starting & Ending in Ushuaia, Argentina with 9 nights at Sea visiting the South Shetland Islands and Antarctic Peninsula via the famous Drake Passage and 1 night in Ushuaia.

With Ellie Quinn, in collaboration with Chimu Adventures!

Ready to book? If so, Fill in the enquiry form here!

Antarctica Tour
Fancy seeing one of these guys next in 2021??

11 Day Discover Antarctica Group Tour

Why Come on this Tour?

This epic, once in a lifetime, bucket list trip is happening in collaboration with Chimu Adventures who are Polar and Latin America Specialists and they have run hundreds of Antarctica Tours. They have the best polar expedition vessel available to sail us through the frozen wilderness. They have knowledgeable staff to take us out on Zodiac boats to explore the natural environment and get closeup encounters with wildlife! They have a passion for environmental and social responsibility, and they’re Aussie so they know how to have fun!

I know travelling solo can seem daunting, especially to this Southern Corner of the world and you probably don’t have many friends willing to do the trip with you! But I promise you will not be alone on this trip. Myself along with Chimu Adventures are here to help you get to the meeting town and help you see more of South America before or after the trip if you wish to do so!

Once you arrive you’ll be greeted by myself and welcomed into a group of like-minded travellers. We’ll have a group dinner, organise some optional activities, and that’s before you’ve got on the boat! Onboard there will be so many travellers to speak to, experienced staff to ask questions to, I’ll be there to help you get all of the photos you want and you’ll leave feeling like you have an Antarctic Family.

That’s the beauty of group tours, why I love them so much and why I decided in 2019 to run my own tours!

I will set up a Facebook Group for us so we can chat about the trip, our excitement and our plans before and after the 11 day Antartic Tour because I’m sure a few of us will end up travelling from the same cities and having layovers in the same place so you can use the Facebook group to make plans to meet up which is another way you will not be alone.

Antarctica Tour
Dreaming of sitting in a Zodiac boat here? Keep reading!
For a complete and detailed look at this 11 Day Discover Antarctica Tour with me, have a look at this PDF.

Highlights of the Tour

We are going to see so much on this tour and feel so many emotions too. I always hear from people who have visited Antarctica that Antarctica changes them! Yes, many of us are going there to tick off that last 7th continent or tick off this once in a lifetime trip but you’ll come back with way more than just a bucket list tick trust me!

Here are some highlights we’ll get to see and experience together:

  • 4 days of exploring the South Shetland Islands and Antarctic Peninsula with AM and PM off-ship activities!
  • Being in small Zodiac Boats cruising past icebergs!
  • Wildlife sightings like penguin rookeries, seal and bird colonies!
  • Taking a Polar Plunge off to ship into icy waters, only if you wish though!
  • In November Penguins will be nesting so we’ll be there to witness this!
  • Witnessing the famous Drake Passage to and from Antarctica!
  • Educational lecture programs onboard about wildlife, flora and legend explorers!
  • A Captain pointing out wildlife to us all day and night onboard on the ship.
  • Complete disconnection and presence for 10 days due to no wifi or data! (although enough data to check emails and send a message home if you need to)
Antarctica Tour
Antarctica Tour

Tour Price, Inclusions, Exclusions

$6716.00 USD* pp!

This is an incredible 20% Discount Black Friday Offer and this offer finishes on 1st December 2020!

After 1st December the price of the tour full price is $8,395 USD* pp.

Ready to book? If so, Fill in the enquiry form here!

*Both prices noted above are subject to availability and have been held at this price for our group based a certain room type (Cat 5 Twin Window), once this room type is gone there will still be availability but the price will increase because the room specification has had to increase.

Here are all of the room types and prices currently available with the 20% discount. Twin rooms will be shared by the same gender.

Ready to book? If so, Fill in the enquiry form here answer the questions, pick the room type you want and Kieron a Polar Specialist from Chimu Adventures will get back to you asap!

Antarctica Tour

To see what the rooms look like, click here to go through the images!


As part of Chimu Adventures Covid Assurance policy a deposit of $1000.00 USD pp is required no matter what room type you choose!

Previous to this the deposit was 25% of the total trip cost so this is a fantastic saving of over $1000.00 on a up front deposit!

Remaining Amount

This will need to be paid 95 days before departure which is 8th August 2021. If you wish to pay instalments throughout the year you can do this.


  • 1-night twin share hotel accommodation in Ushuaia pre-cruise
  • 9-nights twin share cabin accommodation on board the ship
  • All meals whilst on ship
  • All scheduled landings/excursions
  • Polar Plunge activity
  • Guiding and lectures by English-speaking expedition leader and team
  • All port fees
  • All landing fees
  • A pair of expedition boots for use during the voyage
  • Group Airport departure transfer in Ushuaia


  • Transport to or from Ushuaia
  • Transport from Ushuaia Airport to Ushuaia Town on arrival
  • Visa fees (if applicable for your nationality for Argentina)
  • Travel insurance (which is compulsory)
  • Beverages (other than coffee and tea)
  • Personal expenses such as laundry, onboard communication
  • Gratuities for the crew (recommended US$15 per person per day)
  • Pre or post-cruise travel expenses
  • Optional activities (subject to availability)

How To Book

Are you interested? Are you ready to get the incredible 20% off Black Friday offer for $6716.00 USD?? Which by the way, is the best price I have ever seen an Antartica Cruise sold at and remember it’s only available until 1st December 2020!

If so, Fill in the enquiry form here and Kieron, a Polar Specialist from Chimu Adventures, will get back to you asap to discuss payment details, send you the full terms and conditions, and answer any other questions you have.

For a complete and detailed look at this 11 Day Discover Antarctica Tour with me, have a look at this PDF.

How to Get To Ushuaia?

Ushuaia is at the most Southernly tip of South America in Argentina and is a tourist town for people to go to Antarctica from! Buenos Aires is the Capital of Argentina and there are regular internal flights from Buenos Aires to Ushuaia as well as from many other cities in South America. Buenos Aires is an incredible city, I went in 2015, it’s one of the best places to fly into from UK/European Countries so I would recommend stopping in Buenos Aires for a few days before and then booking an internal flight to Ushuaia, or the other way round. This is something myself and Chimu Adventures can help you with. Alternatively you can get there from elsewhere in South America. It’s remote but it’s well connected because it’s so popular for Antartica Tourism. This is a photo of it, just look at it’s incredible location (!!):

Antarctica Tour
This is Ushuaia which is an incredible destination in itself!

What Do We Wear??

This was a concern I had, however, Chimu Adventures assured me that it isn’t actually that cold in Antarctica, at least, not where we’re going, can you believe it! Skiwear is appropriate when outside and onboard the heating will be on full blast! You will not need to buy Polar specific clothing that you’ll never wear again and instead, winter clothes suitable for snow are enough. Expedition boots are included for each of us and there will be the option to hire a big coat if needed. The town of Ushuaia is set up for tourists travelling to Antarctica so you will also be able to buy everything you need there if you travel South America before and do not want to carry snow wear with you!

Antarctica Tour
Antarctica Tour

Cancellation and Covid Assurance

Chimu Adventures and myself are taking Covid seriously, in fact, when the world closed in March 2020 they were out at sea in Antarctica with a group and had to help people get home. They made this incredible YouTube video about it so I know they are taking it seriously.

We are of course really hoping that borders will be open by November 2021 and there will be a higher level of safety, however if this tour does have to be cancelled or as an individual you cannot attend due to government travel restrictions, a virus-related illness or local ship and port authorities, you will be re-accommodated on a future voyage of the same value later in the 2021/22 season or in the 2022/23 season.

How will a cancellation and transfer work? If the whole trip is cancelled I will find a future date that suits as many of the people booked on the tour as possible giving you enough notice to take time off work etc first. If this second date does not work, you are able to pick a departure date yourself from any date available when Chimu is running the same value tour in the future. This will also apply if the tour happens but you as an individual can’t attend, you can pick another date to go on a same value tour, so you will not miss out.

As mentioned above, Chimu Adventures usually take a 25% deposit to guarantee your place ($2100.00 when the tour is full price) however they have reduced this to $1000.00 as part of their Covid Assurance.

Do you still have questions?

It’s no problem if you still have extra questions, I know this is not your average tour and a big decision. If you have more questions you can email both Kieron and myself at kieron@chimuadventures.com & thewanderingquinn@gmail.com with your questions and we will get back to you asap. You can also contact me on @thewanderingquinn on Instagram.

Antarctica Tour
Ready to spend 9 nights on here?!

Want to come but can’t make the 11th to 21st November 2021 dates??

The 20% Black Friday offer applies to many of Chimu Adventure’s tours, so if you can’t make this group tour because of the dates, or you want to do a different itinerary, that’s ok, it’s a shame you can’t join me and my awesome group but you can still go as a solo traveller with Chimu Adventures and meet friends onboard!

Contact kieron@chimuadventures.com still, tell him you’re interested but can’t make my tour, especially if you’re interested in the 20% Black Friday offer and he will be able to talk you through other options and prices!

I hope to see you in South America next November to experience this once in a lifetime with you! I’ll leave you with these incredible photos to help show why you need to join!

For a complete and detailed look at this 11 Day Discover Antarctica Tour with me, have a look at this PDF.

Ready to Book? Fill in the enquiry form here and Kieron, a Polar Specialist from Chimu Adventures, will get back to you asap.


Antarctica Tour
Antarctica Tour
Antarctica Tour
Antarctica Tour
Antarctica Tour
Antarctica Tour
Antarctica Tour
Antarctica Tour
Antarctica Tour
Antarctica Tour
Antarctica Tour
Antarctica Tour

Ready to Book After Seeing Those Photos?? Fill in the enquiry form here and Kieron, a Polar Specialist from Chimu Adventures, will get back to you asap.

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