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5 Autumn Walks in London & Parks To Visit in London in Autumn!

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I love Autumn and London in Autumn is particularly beautiful! There are so many places to visit in London in the Autumn but one of the best things about London is its many parks!

Come Autumn the parks turn golden as the leaves change colour and fall off of the trees and they make for great Autumn Walks in London!

Often we’re lucky enough to get a few days in late September and October where the sun is shining, the temperature is low, but by no means too cold, meaning you can put on your boots, Autumn woollies and jacket on, grab a coffee (probably a pumpkin spiced latte) and go for a walk in the crunching golden leaves.

If this is your plan for this Autumn, be sure to check out these 4 parks for great Autumn Walks in London. They’re my favourite!

Parks To Visit in London in Autumn!

Autumn Walks in London
Keeping Reading for my Favourite Autumn Walks in London!

Hampstead Heath

I love the neighbourhood of Hampstead, it’s pretty all year round but Autumn in Hampstead is my favourite I think and therefore my favourite out of these Autumn Walks in London.

I’ve spent 2 Autumns in Hampstead wandering the huge park that is Hampstead Heath, seeing the colours change and wandering the narrow streets of the Village.

Plus Hampstead has lots of cafes and restaurants so it’s a great place to visit to have a walk around and then warm up with that coffee afterwards.

Autumn Walks in London, Hampstead Heath in Autumn
Hampstead Heath is so pretty in Autumn!
Autumn Walks in London, Hampstead Heath in Autumn
And it’s my favourite in this list of Autumn Walks in London!

Hyde Park

Hyde Park is huge and in the centre of London so it’s a great park to visit in London in Autumn as it has so many trees that are changing colour.

For this Autumn Walk in London, its lovely being able to walk around the ponds and use the park as a connection between places like Kensington and Oxford Street.

Hiring a bike is also a popular way to see Hyde Park. It’s flat and easy to get to so I’d really recommend visiting Hyde Park this Autumn.

Autumn Walks in London, Hyde Park in Autumn
Look at the colour of these trees in Hyde Park in Autumn!
Hyde Park in Autumn
And these ponds are great to walk around for an Autumn Walk in London!

Holland Park and Kyoto Gardens

For another great park to visit in London in Autumn and Autumn walk in London, Kyoto Gardens is a hidden gem in West London located in Holland Park. It’s a Japanese Garden and although it’s only small, come Autumn this place really turns into a golden paradise.

Pick up a coffee nearby and head for a walk through Kyoto Gardens checking out the waterfall, pond and seeing if you can spot a peacock or two, then continue into Holland Park.

If you’re looking for things to do before or after your walk around Holland Park and Kyoto Gardens, have a look at this post: A Guide to the Perfect Day in Kensington, West London.

Autumn Walks in London, Kyoto Gardens Holland Park in Autumn
Look at this for a Autumn Walk in London at the Japanese Gardens in Holland Park!
Autumn Walks in London, Holland Park in Autumn
There are so many sections of Gardens in Holland Park!

Green Park

Another very central London Park is Green Park. It’s also great as it’s only quite small but easy to visit, with plenty of tree’s changing colour. Afterwards, you can continue your Autumn Walk in London by Buckingham Palace and then head down to the Southbank.

Autumn Walks in London, Green Park in Autumn
Autumn Walks in London

River Thames

The River Thames has tree’s lining the river for a lot of the way as well as a footpath making it not only a really pretty Autumn Walk in London but also a great walk to see so many of London’s top attractions, this is great whether you live in London or you’re visiting as a tourist.

Here’s my recommended London walk on how to walk from London Bridge to the London Eye!

I hope this post gives you some inspiration for the best London Parks to visit in Autumn!

If you’re not in London already and need to book train tickets to London, be sure to check out The Train Line. I use them all the time to compare the best train times, journey lengths and prices!



Saturday 15th of September 2018

I've been to all of these (albeit not in Autumn!) except Kyoto Gardens before. But looking st your photos I'm going to have to pay it a visit! So pretty. ?


Tuesday 18th of September 2018

Kyoto Gardens is really nice, it's only small but very unique and beautiful! :)