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7 of the Coolest & Best Cafes in Mirissa Beach, Sri Lanka!

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Mirissa on the South Coast of Sri Lanka is one of the most popular beaches to visit in Sri Lanka! The beach is good, the surf is good and it’s home to that oh so famous coconut tree hill that you’ve probably seen many photos of on Instagram!

What Mirissa is also known for, as I found out when lots of recommendations came my way on social media, is the cafes in Mirissa and the good food in Mirissa on offer.

I spent one week in Mirissa catching up on work and finding the coolest cafes in Mirissa Beach because an iced coffee helps productivity right? So here are what I found to be the best cafes in Mirissa for coffee, brunch and lunch in my Mirissa Travel Blog.

Cafes in Mirissa

cafes in Mirissa

Keep Reading for the best cafes in Mirissa to visit!

And here’s what the coconut tree hill in Mirissa looks like if you haven’t seen it before: coconut tree hill mirissa | best cafes in mirissa

Map of Cafes in Mirissa


1. Shady Lane

Shady Lane in Mirissa was recommended to me a number of times so it was the first place I went and if you only have time to go to one cafe in Mirissa, go to Shady Lane!

Located just off the main street is a little oasis, a Bali style oasis you may say.

They keep the menu simple but delicious with coffee’s served in jars, a selection of smoothie bowls and chia seed puddings with fruit toppings, plus the classic toast with toppers such as eggs, smashed avacado, tomatoes, feta, spinach etc, and the portion sizes are good!

If you’re in need of a smoothie bowl in Mirissa or avocado on toast in Mirissa, get yourself to Shady Lane!

They have a limited number of seats so in high season you may need to wait/get here early but they’re open from 8:00-15:00 every day except Tuesday.

With the chill music, chill vibe and cool staff you’ll probably want to stay awhile.

Prices at Shady Lane:

Coffee’s are around £1.60 / $1.95 USD.

Smoothie Bowls are: £3.10 / $3.75 USD.

Toast with 2 toppings is: £2.75 / $3.35 USD.

Opening times of Shady Lane Mirissa:

8:00-15:00 every day except Tuesday

The wifi wasn’t that strong when I went and the seats are benches so it doesn’t work that great as a cafe to work from in Mirissa.

They also offer yoga in Mirissa every day except Tuesdays from 7:00-8:00 for 1000Rs / £.60 / $5.60USD on their rooftop and the money goes back to the street dogs! I’d double-check that this is still on with them before getting there at 7:00 am though!

View their Instagram here!

outside of Shady lane cafe mirissa | best cafes in Mirissa

Outside of Shady Lane Cafe in Mirissa.

smoothie bowl in Shady lane cafe mirissa | best cafes in Mirissa

Smoothie Bowl at Shady Lane

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2. Aloha Coffee Gallery

This is another cool cafe in Mirissa and it does have an Aloha / Hawaiian feel to it.

Aloha Cafe in Mirissa has an open indoor area with a row of tables and seats meaning they can fit quite a few people in, you may just need to share a table with other people, but let’s face it when you travel that’s how you make friends!

They also have a smaller area of seating outside which is covered and has some shabby chic looking furniture. Overall, Aloha in Mirissa is decorated simply but really beautifully and perfect for brunch and or a coffee in Mirissa between time at the beach.

Menu wise they have a selection of coffee’s and ‘nice cream bowls’ aka smoothie bowls with all different fruits to cool you down.

They also have 3 different avocado on toast options. I went for the ‘local avo’ which came with 2 pieces of thick, nice, white bread, avocado, and the local coconut sambol, which I love so much, it went well with the avocado and gave it a bit of a kick.  Overall, a really tasty and filling meal.

Prices at Aloha Coffee Gallery:

Coffee’s are around £1.60 / $1.95 USD.

Smoothie Bowls are: £3.40 / $4.15 USD.

Toast with 2 toppings is: £2.75 / $3.35 USD.

Opening times of Aloha Coffee Mirissa:

9:00-15:00 everyday except Sunday.

They didn’t have wifi when I went so keep this in mind but they did have 2 cute dogs!

Also note that on my map ( they had 2 locations showing on the same street – Sunanda Road, but they are in the location just off the main road. Google Maps has the right location.

View their Instagram here!

Inside of Aloha Coffee Gallery Cafe in Mirissa | best cafes in mirissa

Inside of Aloha Cafe in Mirissa

avocado on toast Aloha Coffee Gallery Cafe in Mirissa | best cafes in mirissa

3. Wood Space

This is the perfect outdoor cafe in Mirissa with a rustic feel. It’s right on the main road but once inside it’s a little haven.

They offer healthy food like smoothie bowls and big breakfasts! This is definitely a cool cafe in Mirissa! They even have an art shop.

Opening times of Wood Space Mirissa:

9:00-16:00 everday.

View their Instagram here!

outside garden of Wood Space Cafe in Mirissa | best cafes in mirissa

4. Palms Coffee

As the name suggests, Palm Coffee is located close to Coconut Tree Hill in Mirissa so it’s a great cafe to go into before or after you have been there.

They serve a range of coffee’s and baked goods like cakes and energy balls and they’re a good vegan cafe in Mirissa to go to!

Opening times of Palm Coffee Mirissa:

8:00am to 16:30pm every day, they are closed during the low season though.

Outside of Palms Coffee Cafe in Mirissa | best cafes in Mirissa

5. Jungle Soul

I stumbled upon Jungle Soul Pancake Club by accident when walking along the jungle back round of Mirissa and from the outside, it looks seriously cool!

Jungle Soul is a hotel with a cafe dedicated to pancakes! It was closed when I went but if you want somewhere off the main road in a jungle setting to have some pancakes, get yourself here. Afterwards, I’d recommend continuing to follow the road all the way round in a loop back to Mirissa’s main road as it’s a seriously nice and quiet walk in Mirissa through the jungle!

[easy-image-collage id=13962]

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6. Starbeans Cafe

Located ideally along the main road in Mirissa, if you want more than smoothie bowls and avocado on toast, and to get some air con this is the place to go. It’s not as funky and cool as Shady Lane or Aloha Coffee but you do get a big coffee menu and a good food menu with decent seats to sit at so it still makes for a good cafe in Mirissa!

outside chairs in Star Beans Cafe in Mirissa | best cafes in Mirissa

7. Pinki Cafe

Pinki Guesthouse close to the beach has a really cool looking cafe which is in the centre of a lot of different hostels in Mirissa. They offer lots of breakfast options and you can’t miss it with their pink whale street art either!

outside menu and street art of Pinki Cafe in Mirissa | best cafes in Mirissa

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