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How To Get To Church Door Cove & Skrinkle Haven Beach.

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Church Door Cove is a hidden gem in Pembrokeshire along the Wales Coastal Path! I had seen photos of a huge door shape cut into the cliffs on Instagram and I knew I had to visit!

There are a few ways to get to Church Door Cove and Shrinkle Haven Beach which is a hugely impressive beach next to the cove where Church Doors Cove is.

I walked from Manorbier Beach to Church Doors Cove so let me explain where to park, what the Church Door Coves walk is like and how long it took to visit!

Church Door Cove & Shrinkle Haven

Church Door Cove
Church Door Cove

Parking for Shrinkle Haven & Church Doors Cove

The nearest town to Shrinkle Haven and Church Doors Cove is Manorbier and this is where I walked to the coves from.

I parked at Manorbier Beach Car Park which has plenty of spaces and takes cash to pay for parking or you can pay using the Pay By Phone app.

Manorbier Beach, Church Door Cove & Shrinkle Haven
Walk to Manorbier Beach from the car park

However, there is a small village just off the B4585 with a few streets and country lanes where it is possible to park.

The nearest accommodation is the YHA Manorbier has a cafe called Shrinkle Cafe. They have a car park which is the nearest car park to Shrinkel Haven Beach and the nearest car park to to Church Door Cove.

I would imagine their car park is for guest use only but the YHA cafes are usually open for the public so if you purchase something, they might let you park.

From the YHA Manorbier both coves will just be a 10 minute walk.

Manorbier to Shrinkle Haven & Church Door Cove Walk

The walk from Manorbier Beach to Shrinkle Haven and Manorbier Beach to Church Door Cove is stunning!

I’ve seen a lot of the Coastal Path in Pembrokeshire and this is up there in my top favourite area!

The walk from Manorbier to Church Doors Cove took me 45 minutes and I did walk quite fast and only stopped for photos. To be on the safe side, I would give yourself at least 1 hour to walk each way.

The walk isn’t too hard but there are a few steep inclines that will take your breath away!

Luckily, the footpath is clear and easy to follow, it also opens up into a field at some points.

Coastal Walk, Church Door Cove & Shrinkle Haven

How to Get To Shrinkle Haven & Church Door Cove

After parking at Manorbier Beach Car Park, walks towards the beach and at the beach turn left to the start of the footpath right in the corner of the beach.

Manorbier Beach, Church Door Cove & Shrinkle Haven
Look for the footpath on the left of the beach in this corner.

The footpaths inclines up slightly and provides an amazing view over Manorbier Beach which is easily one of the best beaches in Pembrokeshire!

Manorbier Beach, Church Door Cove & Shrinkle Haven
Stunning views over Manorbier Beach

The footpath follows the edge of the coastline which is really beautiful and if you look behind you at the other side of the coast you can just see the popular beaches of Barafundle Bay, Broad Haven South, Freshwater East and St Govans Head.

Just as the single path footpaths ends and you start walking through the fields you’ll come across a stunning cove and bay.

I can’t find the name of this beach anywhere online but there are some steep steps leading all the way down to it from the footpath so I definitely recommend checking it out on your way to see Church Doors Cove!

unnamed beach, Church Door Cove & Shrinkle Haven
In a way its a shame this beach doesn’t have a name, but maybe its good that it’s secret!

Continue diagonally across the fields and along side some buildings. I believe these buildings are something to do with the defence that base themselves in Pembrokeshire.

Coastal Walk, Church Door Cove & Shrinkle Haven
Coastal Walk, Church Door Cove & Shrinkle Haven

The footpath on the fields ends, you have to walk on the road for a little bit but it soon takes you around the corner onto another field.

From here you’ll have a clear view of the YHA Manorbier and their cool glamping accommodation and if you follow the footpath you’ll see steps leading down to Church Door Cove.

Top of Church Door Cove
View from the top of Church Door Cove before walking down the steps

You’ll have to go back on yourself a bit and follow the footpath to Shrinkle Haven Beach because although these are 2 coves next to each other.

I don’t believe there is direct access between them.

Church Doors Cove

I couldn’t see why this unique cliff formation is called Church Door but it definitely looks like a huge rectangular door!

Although, it was a bit smaller in real life than I imagined it to be.

What’s really cool is that you can walk through the door at both sides when the tide is out.

I think if you were to go when the tide is in you might be able to access it a bit from the front side but maybe not from behind without going in the water!

Church Door Cove Door in Cliffs
Church Door Cove
Church Door Cove
Church Door Cove

Where to go next??

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