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6 Places To Visit on a Day Trip from Mostar, Bosnia!

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When visiting Mostar in Bosnia & Herzegovina, arguably the best place to visit in Bosnia, and one of the most beautiful places in Eastern Europe, there were a few places close to Mostar that I had seen photos of and wanted to visit.

I looked into going to these places on my own and getting the public bus from Mostar but from the research I did I realised it be too much trouble and would take me quite a long time because I only had 3 days in Mostar I didn’t have time to waste, so I knew I had to do a day trip from Mostar which I booked once in the town.

Here are the 6 places we visited on my day tour from Mostar that I recommend you visit in Mostar too, either by hiring a car, going on a day tour from Mostar or trying to take the public bus from Mostar!

Day Trips From Mostar

Day Trip from Mostar
Keep Reading for where to visit on a Day Trip from Mostar!1. An Underground Tunnel!

Day Tours from Mostar

To help you see these places to visit near Mostar on a day trip from Mostar, you can book a tour in advance like this!


Day Tours from Dubrovnik

Although I recommend you spend a few days in Mostar as there are so many things to do in Mostar too, you can also visit Mostar and these places near Mostar on a day trip from Croatia like from Dubrovnik. This is a popular day tour from Dubrovnik to places to see on a day trip from Mostar!


1. An Underground War Tunnel

This one may be tricky to find on your own on a day trip from Mostar, but 10 minutes out of Mostar we visited a huge tunnel running underneath the mountains!

Our guide explained that this was built before the war to hold artillery and the people of Mostar at the time, didn’t even know it was there. It’s huge, high tunnel and goes in a semi-circle for about 200 metres. Our guide said no-one comes here these days apart from him to show tourists around.

We could still see the broken polystyrene on the floor outside from where they covered the two ends for so many years! It has a creepy feeling about it but it was so interesting to see and already a highlight of our Mostar day tour.

2. Blagaj Tekija

Blagaj is now one of the places in Mostar that we see many photos of on Instagram and is one of the most popular places to visit in Mostar and lucky you can do on a day trip from Mostar!

The Blagaj Tekija also known as the Dervish Monastery in Mostar was built around 1520 with elements of Ottoman architecture, it’s a beautiful white house built up the side of a cliff with a bright blue river running right next to it. We were able to enter the monastery to have a look around, not before taking our shoes off and putting a headscarf on though.

It was nice to see the inside of the Blagaj Tekija but I found it more interesting and visually appealing from the outside, to be honest.

day trip from Mostar, Blagaj Tekija in Mostar

3. Pocitelj Village

Pocitelj is a mediaeval village and ancient fortress close to Mostar which only 20 families live in, although I believe more people lived in the village before the war.

On my day trip from Mostar, we dropped off at the top of the village which gave amazing views of the river and mountains and then worked our way down visiting the fort in Pocitelj on the way too before getting picked up at the bottom. Visting Pocitelj was high on my list of things to do in Mostar so I’m so glad we went on this day trip from Mostar!

day trip from Mostar, Pocitelj village and view

4. Kravice Waterfalls

Kravice Waterfalls are the most popular waterfalls in Mostar, or at least, close to Mostar.

They are no way a hidden secret with lots of tourists and locals visiting but it is a nice and relaxing area, this also means that you can visit on your own day trip from Mostar and you don’t have to visit here on a day tour from Mostar like some of the other places in this day trip from Mostar guide!

We had lunch at the restaurant at Kravice Waterfalls and sat right by the water. Even in May, the water was freezing but some brave people on the tour went for a swim!

day trip from Mostar, Kravice Waterfall

5. Medjugorje

Medjugorje is a place near Mostar that I hadn’t heard of before going on the day trip from Mostar that I went on but it’s an interesting place to visit.

It was once a very small village but in 1981 a group of children were said to have seen the Virgin Mary up on a hill. Since then the village has become an attraction for many pilgrims to Bosnia and has increased massively in size to accommodate the people wanting to visit.

There’s a church with a huge outdoor seating area and our guide said people often stay for up to a week with the hope of seeing another sighting and praying to see her.

This is a place you could visit on your day trip from Mostar by getting a taxi, bus or hiring a car in Mostar.

day trip from Mostar, Medjugorje Church

6. Mostar Viewpoint!

The last stop on my day trip from Mostar and Mostar day tour was quite an adventurous one as we drove right to the top of one of the mountains overlooking Mostar which proved to be an amazing Mostar viewpoint!

If you want to visit the viewpoint yourself, we were right next to a huge cross which can be seen from Mostar, and from the top of the mountain we were able to see the road that divided East and West Mostar, and the people of each side, during the war. From the top, we also saw the bunkers on the hill from where the Serbian army fought in the ’90s and the bunkers still there from World War 2. Very interesting!

day trip from Mostar, mostar bridge
(This isn’t the viewpoint, it’s much higher than this!)

I’m so glad I decided to do this day trip from Mostar and that spent 3 days in Mostar. A lot of people visit Mostar from Split or Dubrovnik on a day tour like this to see the town and some of these places but I think Mostar is worth staying in for a few nights rather than just a day trip from Croatia as there are also many things to do in Mostar as well as places to visit on a day trip from Mostar!