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How to Get Around Doha as a Tourist Easily in 2024!

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Looking for help on Doha public transport? I found it much easier getting around Doha using taxi’s and public transport than I thought so let me give you my tips and things I’d wish I’d known about Qatar transport from my trip.

I’ve been to my fair share of Gulf and Middle Eastern cities and one thing they often lack in is good public transport.

The Doha public transport options are fantastic, however, and I found it so easy to get around a lot of Doha city using the Doha Metro and Doha Bus, and I found the taxi’s in Doha easy to get as well! Plus, it was all really cheap!

So let me give you my tips for getting around Doha using public transport and other Doha transport options as a tourist.

Getting Around Doha

getting around Doha, Doha public transport
Keep reading for my post on getting around Doha and Doha public transport as a tourist!

Doha Metro

The Metro in Doha covers a lot of the city from Hamad International Airport in the South to Lusail in the North of Doha and inland to Aspire Park and Education City.

As a tourist in Doha on your Doha itinerary, you’ll probably use the Red line going along the coast and a bit of the Gold line around the museums and Souq’s the most.

It’s worth noting that as you go North towards Lusail, there is also a tram system which is different to the metro, however the metro stations are within the same stations.

Doha Metro Map

I suggest saving the below image to your phone and then you will have easy access to the Doha Metro map on your trip.

Doha Metro map, getting around Doha, Doha public transport
Doha Metro Map to help you with getting around Doha

Doha Tram Map

Here is the tram map for Doha, not to be confused with the metro, although the stations are within the same stations as the metro.

Doha tram map, getting around Doha, Doha public transport
Doha Tram Map to help you with getting around Doha

How to use Doha Metro

The metro stations in Doha are all really big, clean and from my experience, efficient!

All stations I saw had toilets and prayer areas in them and most had a small supermarket shop of some kind.

If you get intimidated by working out public transport in new cities, don’t be intimidated in Doha! There are staff on hand to help and generally, the stations are quiet and a total pleasure to be in.

Same with the trains. They do get busy during peak times but nothing like the London Underground!

Lusail Central Metro Station next to Vendome Mall, getting around Doha, Doha public transport
Lusail Central Metro Station next to Vendome Mall
inside Doha Metro Station, getting around Doha, Doha public transport
The stations are so clean and cool!

Doha Metro Seating

One thing to note when you board the metro in Doha is that there are 3 types of carriages.

  • Gold – this is reserved for gold members only, kind of like 1st class
  • Standard – this carriage can be used by everyone
  • Family – this carriage can only be used by families, couples and women. Basically not by solo men or groups of men with no females or children with them.

As a solo woman on my trip to Qatar, I felt safe everywhere in Doha, including on the metro but I did like sitting in the family carriage more because I found the seating arrangements in there better and they had a nice vibe.

Doha Metro seating in family section, getting around Doha, Doha public transport
Doha Metro seating in family section

Doha Metro Opening Times

As I share in my guide to Doha, the weekend in Qatar is Friday and Saturday and if you are in Doha on a Friday you should note the metro does not operate until 2:00 pm on a Friday!

From Saturday to Thursday the metro is open from 6:00 am. On Thursday and Friday night it is open until midnight, and Saturday to Wednesday until 11:00 pm.

Doha Metro Card

You’ll need to get a Doha Metro Card which you’ll use to tap in and out at the metro stations (and on the buses in Doha). You can purchase one of these from all Metro Stations in the city at a cost of 10 QAR and then you need to add on credit.

One of the things I loved about the metro in Doha and getting around Doha was how many staff there are in the stations and how friendly they are, so if you get stuck at the machines, just ask for help!

How to pay on Doha Tram

The only thing I found different between the tram and metro in Doha was the way of paying.

The tram stations are within the metro stations, the carriages are different but essentially everything is the same, expect for the fact that you need to tap your travel card when you get on the tram. Whereas the metro has tap barriers before you go down the escalator to the metro.

outside of Doha Metro Station, getting around Doha, Doha public transport

Cost of Doha Metro

The Doha Metro ticket costs are really low which is another huge benefit so getting around Doha using public transport. Each journey is 2 QAR (about £0.44p at the time of writing this) and there is a daily cap of 6 QAR so you can use the metro all day for such a reasonable price!

Metro from Doha Airport

Outside of Europe it doesn’t seem like many cities Airports are connected to the city by metro but thanks to the size of Doha, Doha Metro is!

As you can see on the Doha Metro map above, Doha Airport metro line is the red line connected via T1 at Hamad International Airport. This is an efficient and budget way to get from Doha Airport to Doha city, especially if you have a hotel around Souq Waqif, West Bay or Lusail.

If you haven’t booked a hotel in Doha yet, look at the best hotels in Doha on here!

Doha Bus

I only used the bus in Doha once during my 3 days in Doha, mainly because I found the metro system so good and it connected almost everywhere I needed to go.

From the top Doha attractions, the only place I couldn’t get to my metro was The Pearl, and this is a must visit on your Doha itinerary!

Where there is no metro, like getting onto the Pearl, there will be a bus connection.

Legtaifiya station is the closest metro station to the pearl so I exited here, used google maps to help me work out which bus to take and the bus station was right outside the station.

There is a big bus connection and bus schedule in Doha though, check out this page for the Doha Central Bus system.

Karwa bus in Doha, getting around Doha, Doha public transport
Look for the Turquoise buses in Doha

How to use the Bus in Doha

I used Google Maps to help me work out which bus to take in Doha rather than trying to search the Doha bus schedule.

In a new country, as I get on, I always double check with the driver that they are going where I want to go.

Then, as with many bus systems around the world, you just tap your metro card on the machine when you get on.

Doha Hop-On Hop-Off Bus

A great option if you are limited on time in Doha or don’t want to figure out the metro, is to buy a ticket for the Doha Hop-On Hop-Off bus which will visit all of the top things to do in Doha like Souq Waqif, the National Museum of Qatar and Katara Cultural Village.

The ticket is valid for 24 hours so you can spend a full 1 day in Doha sightseeing in these places easily, and you’ll get an audio guide to help understand where you are visiting.

Check out the ticket now on Get Your Guide here!

Taxi’s in Doha

I did use get a taxi in Doha a few times as I stayed further our of the tourist centre of Doha with a friend.

I found getting around Doha by taxi really easy, and also inexpensive. Especially compared to other Gulf countries and cities, including Abu Dhabi and Riyadh.

Sometimes I got a taxi from the road, especially if I was outside a station or in a tourist area like Souq Waqif, and other times I ordered one using the Karwa app (more on that below).

One thing I did encounter was walking out of a metro station or mall and being asked by a few men if I needed a taxi. I believe they are official taxi drivers but both times I nearly took one I asked if they took card and they only took cash.

Firstly, I paid for 95% of things in Doha by card so I didn’t have much cash and it made me more cautious of their pricing, would they put the meter on for example.

That’s why I always opted to use Karwa when ordering a taxi via their app or getting a taxi on the street. Their taxi’s are easy to identify as they are Turquoise cars and even if you get one outside of a mall, the drivers wait in the taxi queue and are not standing by the door asking if you want a taxi.

Best Taxi App’s in Doha

Because of the reasons above, I got on really well with the Karwa app. I was able to pay for my journey by card every time and the price was always the amount estimated in the app, or correct on the meter if I got one from the road.

Download on Apple here / Download on Android here

Karwa taxi app logo, getting around Doha, Doha public transport
Karwa taxi app logo

I couldn’t add my UK bank card to the app but as mentioned, I paid with my card (it wouldn’t accept my Apple Pay contactless) every time with no issues.

Although one thing to note is that the cheapest option on Karwa is usually a white taxi and not directly associated with Karwa, this means they probably won’t take card, only cash. So if you have no cash, be sure to get the turquoise taxi option when ordering. They are also nicer cars.

back of Karwa taxi in Doha, getting around Doha, Doha public transport
Look out for the Turquoise Karwa taxi’s for getting around Doha

Uber in Doha

There is Uber in Doha, I only used it once and that was when a taxi driver outside a mall said I couldn’t pay by cash so I ordered his taxi via Uber. I’m sure the taxi’s that accept cash only are still legit but I found Karwa more comfortable to use.

Taxi Costs in Doha

Below is a screenshot of my taxi costs in Doha. The £2 rides are from a 10-15 minute journey. The £5-6 rides are from a 30 minute or so journey which I think is reasonable for a big and modern city like Doha.

my taxi costs in Doha, getting around Doha, Doha public transport
My taxi costs in Doha

Doha Dhow Boats

For a unique way to see Doha and mix transport with a tourist attraction, why not take a Dhow Boat.

You can take a Dhow Boat from various places on the Corniche including around the Museum of Islamic art which is close to Souq Waqif and you can either do a round trip to end back here or you can be dropped off in West Bay and vs versa.

traditional dhow boat in corniche Doha, getting around Doha, Doha public transport
Why not get a traditional Dhow boat to take you across the water!

Qatar Transport

Doha is most likely where you will base yourself and spend most of your Qatar itinerary but for getting around Qatar to other cities and towns within the country, it seems like there are limited options.

If you are visiting more rural cities, areas or desert camps in Qatar, it will probably be best to check with your accommodation how to travel to the desert in Qatar using public transport, or if they offer a pick-up service from Doha.

Karwa in Qatar

Karwa, also called Mowasalat will get you around most of Doha via taxi and the public transport system!

I hope my guide to getting around Doha as a tourist has helped you on your Doha trip, or plan your trip to Doha!