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Halal Fresh Review! Delicious Halal Recipes To Your Doorstep in the UK!

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What is Halal Fresh?? It’s a UK recipe box delivering fresh, halal food straight to your door. I tested it out recently and I’m here to give you my Halal Fresh Review!

Meal delivery boxes are becoming more and more popular, and you’ve probably heard of the big companies like Hello Fresh and Gousto.

What with people having busy lives with not enough time to cook and shop. Or, on the polar opposite, when restaurants are closed like they are right now and you don’t want an unhealthy takeaway option, getting exciting meals that you probably never thought to cook delivered to your house is a pretty good middle ground!

I came across Halal Fresh on Instagram and I instantly loved what they offer. It seems that a lot of people are searching for ‘Hello Fresh Halal’ online and if that’s you, let me tell you about my experience with the UK’s first halal non-subscription recipe box so you can get your halal meat home delivery in the form of a meal delivery box that you put together at home!

My Halal Fresh Review!

Halal Fresh Review
Keep reading for my Halal Fresh Review!

About Halal Fresh

Halal Fresh was created by Saima in 2016 when she saw a need for recipe boxes including halal food.

As a keen cook, she created the UK’s first non-subscription halal recipe box! Although their website states they are ‘more than just a recipe box’

It is important to Halal Fresh that they are ethical and responsible in how they source ingredients, including the halal meat, and that they are of the highest quality.

They only work with suppliers who share the same values as they do and I like this a lot!

Halal Fresh Box from side

How It Works

Choose from a traditional box that gives you recipe options including meat, fish and vegetarian, or a vegetarian box.

Choose how many people it’s for, 2 or 4.

If you are 1 person like me, you can choose 2 people and use the meals for lunch as well as dinners and you won’t have to think about what food to make for a long time!

Then choose how many recipes you want this week, 3, 4 or 5. 

Now the fun part comes and you get to pick your halal fresh recipes with fresh halal meat options!

Your box will arrive on a set day given to you in advance. Mine arrived at about 10:30 am.

Inside the box, each meal comes bagged together with the dry foods and an additional bag with all the refrigerator items making it really easy to start cooking your meals because you just need to get the correct bag out and you’re good to go.

Halal Fresh Box of Food inside
Halal Fresh Recipes and bag

Of course, there are also easy-to-follow recipe cards inside so you know exactly how to make the dish.

For me, not only are these boxes easy and convenient but I also think they are a great way to LEARN how to cook!

For example, one of my friends often gets a subscription box and she says that she loves it because it means she and her husband can share the cooking as he can easily make the meal using the recipe card and he is getting more confident in his cooking!

Is Hello Fresh Halal?

Wondering ‘Is Hello Fresh Halal’ seems to be a common question, which makes sense, as Muslims you have probably heard about Hello Fresh however you want fresh Halal meat in your recipe boxes!

The answer is – NO! If you want Hello Fresh Halal you need to order the Vegetarian box and order Fish as your only meat from them. At least in the UK anyway!

This is why Halal Fresh HAS to be what you order so you can get 100% certified halal meat (chicken, beef and lamb) from UK farmers along with many yummy recipes to choose from!

Halal Fresh About Leaflet

Halal Fresh Recipes

The recipes offered by Halal Fresh are from around the world! You can make and eat Thai food, Turkish food, Indian food, Mexican food, Italian food and more!

I love the options range too, some are really healthy, others are more like comfort food like the Halloumi Burger, and because you get to choose your options you can opt for mostly healthy with 1 comfort meal if you want for a good balance!

I got the Sweet Chili Chicken FajitasThai Beef and Halloumi Burger with Country Potato Wedges and wow they were so so amazing!

The Sweet Chilli Chicken Fajitas had far more taste than a usual Fajita kit you get at the supermarket and I later found out thats because Halal Fresh get the spices pure and don’t mix them!

My only issue was that it was very spicy so I suggest not putting all the spices into the chicken and veg to start with and then top it up as you go!

Fajita Ingreditents laid out
The Sweet Chilli Chicken Fajita Ingredients
Halal Fresh Sweet Chilli Chicken Fajitas
The completed dish!

The Thai Beef Chilli was something I’d never had before and something I definitely wouldn’t have thought to book myself.

It had so many incredible flavours. I loved the texture of the mince and grated carrots and it was perfect with a hint of lime on top!

Spicy Beef Thai Completed

Finally, the Halloumi Burger with Country Chips! I would have honestly paid good money for this in a restaurant because it was better than many restaurant Halloumi Bugers I’ve had.

What made it so perfect (aside from the chunk of Halloumi) was all sauces and pastes that were given for the burger and spice powders for the Country Chips.

I would have never have put a burger together like that with so much effort and so many ingredients normally at home but because all the ingredients had been sent to me, I did, and it was so so good!

Halal Fresh Halloumi Burgers

Halal Fresh Review Summary 

My Big Positives:

  • Non-subscription so can order as you please!
  • Recipes are from around the world so you’ll never get bored!
  • Plus, new recipes are made every week!
  • Meat is from renowned UK based farmers that are 100% Halal Certified by the HMC!
  • Vegetables are grown in the UK!
  • Fish is from British shores!
  • All suppliers are detailed on the website so they are not hiding anything!
  • Box and packaging are recyclable and other items are sustainable where possible!
  • All meals take just 30-45 minutes to cook!
  • Female founded and ran business!
  • Muslim Business!
  • Set delivery days each week.
  • Not only is it an easy and convenient way to cook, but also a great way to improve cooking skills using the simple to follow recipe guide!
Box from side

Thank you for reading my Halal Fresh Review, I hope it has helped you work out how to get your halal meat home delivery to your house in the UK!

Visit Halal Fresh here!

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