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How to Use Japan Rail Pass To Get The Most Out Of It? Is Japan Rail Pass Worth It?

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When planning a trip to Japan, one thing you’ll come across a lot is the JR Pass, aka the Japan Tourist Rail Pass. This is a pass that you buy in advance (more on that below) for a set price and it covers all your train travel through Japan including those fancy Shinkansen / Bullet Trains you’ve probably seen photos and videos of online and on TV.

It is quite expensive so a lot of people ask ‘is the JR Pass worth it‘ and wonder how to use the JR Pass! In this Japan travel guide and Japan travel blog, I’m going to share with you which is the best Japan Rail Pass to buy for your trip, how and where to buy a Japan Rail Pass and how to use Japan Rail Pass once in Japan!

How to Use Japan Rail Pass?

The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog How to Use Japan Rail Pass
Keep Reading for How to Use Japan Rail Pass

Is the Japan Rail Pass worth it?

Is the JR Pass worth it?‘ is a common question for those visiting Japan because the Japan Rail Pass is expensive. I say YES! If you are planning on visiting many places in Japan you will need this pass otherwise you will spend much more money on individual train tickets.

Trains are the most popular way to get around Japan because the infrastructure of the railways is so great. Japan does have buses connecting many of the cities but these take much longer.

How To Use Japan Rail Pass BEFORE getting to Japan?

How to Buy a Japan Rail Pass?

  • You NEED to get the JR Pass BEFORE you arrive in Japan.
  • Decide whether you want a7 Day, 14 Day or 21 Daypass.
  • Order it at least 5 days before you leave for your holiday to Japan!
  • Have it delivered to your home address.
  • Have it in your hands when you leave for Japan!

Are you going to Japan in the next 1-2 days and need you pass NOW??

Japan Rail Pass can issue passes within 24 hours depending on your delivery location so get onto their website now!

What if you’re not at home before going to Japan to order a JR Pass?

This is the situation I was in. I was travelling around Asia so I had to plan to get my JR Pass in advance. Luckily you don’t need to have the JR Pass delivered to your home address, it can be delivered to any address OUTSIDE Japan.

I was in Taiwan before Japan so I got my JR Pass delivered to one of my hostel’s in Taiwan with the help on this service. (If you do this, be sure to contact your hostel or hotel before and ask them if it’s ok, ask for the official delivery address, and for them to keep a lookout for it when it’s delivered).

My delivery was tracked and arrived by the date promised so I really recommend them as they deliver all over the world.

These days you can get the JR Pass delivered to a hotel in JapanJapan Rail Pass offer this service, however, it’s not the official way and will probably cost a lot more money.

The reason the JR Pass has to be sent to an international address is because it is a tourist pass and they do not want locals using it. This is also the reason the JR Pass is highly recommended for tourists visiting Japan as it is designed for tourism uses.

Side Note – If I have helped you in this post I would appreciate you using the links provided like this link to purchase your JR Pass through as I get a small commission at no extra cost to you.

The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog JR Pass for Japan
Order your JR pass for Japan now and travel free!


Stay connected in Japan by ordering a sim card in advance and picking it up at the airport you land in. There a huge range of sim card options in Japan which you can see and buy here!

If you prefer eSIM’s these days, here’s a great option for an eSIM Mobile Data Plan in Japan so you’re connected as soon as you land without the hassle of swapping sims and waiting for connection.


I’m sure you know, or have heard, that the Japan Rail Pass is the best value for getting around Japan!

There are many providers for the JR Pass but this is the official provider and the one I used.

You need to get your JR Pass ordered BEFORE your trip and sent to your home address, so look into buying one here!

Not sure how the JR Pass works and wondering if it will save you money?

Read my JR Pass guide here!

How to Save Money on a Japan Rail Pass?

In order to save money on your JR Pass, because they are not cheap, when you are working out how to plan a trip to Japan, have a good think about your Japan itinerary because you may not need a pass for the whole length of your trip.

For example, I was in Japan for 18 days and I got the 14-day pass rather than the 21-day pass as I didn’t need to use the JR Pass on my first or last few days as I stayed in the Cities I was in. You mainly only need it when travelling away from your base Cities so think about ways in which you can work your itinerary so you don’t buy a pass and have days either at the start or end of your trip when you don’t use it.

How To Work Out if a JR Pass is worth it for your trip to Japan?

If you’re still struggling to come to terms with how expensive the JR Passes are, if you know the route you’re going to take around Japan or have an idea, go onto HyperDia and search for some trains, they’ll bring up the costs that you need to pay if you do not have a JR Pass so you can get an idea of how much you will actually spend.

With that being said, keep in mind that once you have the JR Pass, you feel very free. You can go wherever you want in the Country by train and not pay any more money for it!

It also depends where you’re visiting in Japan, if you’re going to one of the lesser-visited islands and places like Naha on Okinawa island, you won’t need the JR Pass.

The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog Japan Shinsanken Train
Traveling via Japan Train Lines is the biggest money saving tip as it’ll cost nothing if you have JR pass

How To Use Japan Rail Pass When you ARRIVE in Japan?

Exchange JR Pass Letter for JR Pass

Before you book or catch a train in Japan using your JR Pass you need to exchange your JR Pass Letter which was delivered in the post to you for the actual JR Pass. To do this you’ll need to visit a JR Exchange office in Japan.

I saw a JR Exchange Office in Kansai Airport which serves the Cities of Osaka, Kobe and Kyoto however there was a pretty long queue and I didn’t want to use my JR Pass from the airport anyway.

I started my trip in Osaka so I went to Osaka Station to exchange my JR Pass Letter. The JR Exchange Office in Osaka Station is on the first floor of the Central JR Gate, next to the JR Information Counter.

I confirmed what date I wanted my JR Pass to activate, aka the day I wanted to leave Osaka (it doesn’t have to be on the same day, it can be in the future). The lady at this office was also able to make train bookings for me so I booked the first train of my Japan Backpacking Trip with her.

The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog JR Exchange office in Osaka Station
JR Exchange office in Osaka Station to exchange your JR Pass Letter for the actual JR Pass

How To Use Japan Rail Pass DURING your trip to Japan?

Using the JR Pass on Trains in Japan

Trains in Japan cannot be booked online, or at least not with the JR Pass (which is a bit annoying and behind the times in my opinion but there we go), however, you can check timings online so you have an idea of what times the train leave. Many apps are available or you can use HyperDia.

As part of the JR Pass, you are allowed to reserve seats on trains in advance. To pre-book a train in Japan and reserve a seat on a JR Train you need to go into a Train Station and to the Ticket Office with your JR Pass.

You do not have to pre-book a train and seat in Japan, you can just turn up on the day, however, if you are travelling Japan during high season or a popular time of year like Spring and Cherry Blossom Season, I would recommend booking your train and seat in advance using your Japan Rail Pass.

I found that the best thing to do when you arrive in your new destination by train is to head the ticket office straight away and book your train to leave if you know when you’re leaving to save going back to the train station whilst there.

Alternatively, if you know your Japan Itinerary in advance and have it all organised, you can book all of your trains in advance in one go with one ticket office if you wish.

When it comes to getting on the train, the train tickets you have been issued by the ticket office do not work in the entry and exit barriers to the platforms.

Instead, there is a ticket inspector gate/room to the side of all of the barriers where they check your ticket and JR Pass instead of using the gates.

The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog JR Pass Shinkansen
Book Japan Rail Pass through Shinkansen Train in Japan


Japan isn’t the cheapest country to travel but you can save money in Japan, here are my budget tips for Japan:

How to Save Money in Japan!

Free Things To Do in Japan!

Save Money with the JR Pass!


Here’s my 2 week Japan itinerary for first time visitors which will help you plan yours and you can adapt it whether you’re in Japan or longer or less time.

Tips for Saving Money When Using a JR Pass in Japan

The JR Pass covers all Japan Rail Lines and these lines do not only run from city to city on the super-fast Shinkansen / Bullet Trains, but they also run within and through cities too.

The JR Pass does not work on the Subways, Metros or Trams, you’ll need to buy loadable cards to use these like the ICOCA card for the Kansai area of Osaka, Kobe and Kyoto to use those meaning extra money spent.

So to save money in Japan with the JR Pass be sure to always keep your JR Pass on you in your bag and get the JR lines through the cities where possible. For these trains you do not need to get a ticket in advance as you are not reserving a seat, you just show your JR Pass to the ticket inspector at the window by the barriers and get on the train to wherever you want!

For example, in Tokyo, I stayed in a hostel near a JR Station with a JR Line running through it which meant I didn’t spend any money on transport in Tokyo as I made sure to ways go to JR Stations on the JR Lines. 

Buy Your JR Pass Here!


Monday 27th of July 2020

Thank you for this info, Ellie!

I'm planning a trip to Japan next year and I was searching where to buy it and how to use it, so your post was perfect for me!

Excited to visit Japan! Thanks again!


Tuesday 28th of July 2020

Hi Julie, I'm so glad you found my post and it helped you! It is easy to use once you know how but there are some tricky bits to it and ways to save money that aren't obvious at first I think so I wanted to write everything I wish I knew before I went. Enjoy your trip and enjoy planning it! :)