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How to Plan a Trip to LEGOLAND Billund in Denmark! Hotels, Passes, Things To Do!

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Visiting LEGOLAND in Billund, Denmark was a huge highlight of our summer and I highly recommend going, especially if you’re a family of LEGO lovers. And yes, you should make the effort to visit the Denmark park even if you live in the UK / overseas because it’s so worth it!

There are many LEGOLAND Theme Parks around the world – Windsor, UK, Dubai, California, but Billund in Denmark is the home of LEGO and that’s a huge reason to go to the Danish LEGOLAND® Billund Resort.

In this Denmark travel blog, I’m going to give you all the information you need to plan a trip to Billund LEGOLAND including how long to visit, flight tips, where to stay in Billund, the LEGO Hotels in Billund, ticket information and things to do in Billund.

Planning a Trip to LEGOLAND Billund

Keep reading for how to visit LEGOLAND Billund!

If you’re reading this post, you probably don’t live in Denmark and therefore you need to travel abroad to visit Denmark. And you may be thinking.. is LEGOLAND in Denmark worth it? So before we get into all the practical information, let’s touch on this,

Is it worth going to LEGOLAND Billund?

The town of Billund in Denmark is in fact the home of LEGO as a Danish carpenter first created the LEGO brick in 1930. So if you’re a LEGO lover, going here feels pretty special.

But it’s not just the feel, IT IS special. So much of the town outside of the LEGOLAND theme park is LEGO-related too which we loved!

Walking from LEGOLAND to LEGO House (which is a must-visit as well!) we passed the LEGO corporate offices which had been designed with LEGO-looking pieces and a huge LEGO man outside.

LEGOLAND Billund, LEGO House from the outside
LEGO House is so cool and unique to Billund!

Accommodation-wise, there’s lots of LEGO-themed accommodation in Billund which range in price and room size and there are far more fun options than any other LEGOLAND location in the world.

Denmark is always rated highly as one of the happiest countries in the world and this is largely down to how well Denmark is looked after and therefore how happy its residents are and we could feel this in Billund.

We found Billund a total pleasure to walk around. It’s clean, tidy and organised and once inside the LEGOLAND theme park where things can often get chaotic, dirty and long, despite visiting on a Saturday in the summer, we found LEGOLAND Billund theme park to be well maintained, the queues were not too long, the staff were nice and the people around us were all polite which had a hugely positive effect on our experience, especially when comparing it to theme parks in the UK.

If you’re visiting Denmark as part of a longer Scandinavia itinerary… I highly recommend a stop in Billund to visit LEGOLAND!

LEGOLAND Billund, Ellie by LEGO Man
Outside The LEGO Group offices!

How long do you need to spend at LEGOLAND Billund?

We landed at 15:30 and flew home the next at 21:00 and it was a really perfect amount of time.

I’m really glad we only stayed for 1 night in Billund, especially as accommodation costs were high. I would have loved it if we could have got a morning flight though so we had 2 full days as by the time we got out of the airport and to the hotel at 16:30, it was too late to enter LEGO House or the theme park.

Instead, we spent time in the hotel which was a lot of fun and then took a walk into town to get dinner and play outside LEGO House so it ended up being a beautiful evening still.

LEGOLAND Billund, LEGO House steps from above with blue skies
Playing on the LEGO House steps once it had closed was actually a highlight of the trip!

1 day at LEGOLAND Billund is totally doable and if you really wanted to push it and the flights worked, you could do a day trip by getting an early morning flight to Billund and a late flight home. Of course, be prepared for a potential flight delay messing up your timing, especially if you fly with Ryanair as we did (although we did fly on time with them this time thankfully!).

LEGOLAND and LEGO House in 1 day

LEGO House and LEGOLAND are 2 separate attractions a 20-25 minute walk / 5 minute bus ride apart. I’ll go more into LEGO House later in this post but if you / your kids love LEGO it’s a must-visit as well as the theme park.

We managed both in one day (just!). We were at the gates of LEGOLAND park at 9:30 am and were therefore one of the first in at 10:00. We left at 13:00 to go to LEGO House getting there at about 13:20. Left LEGO House at 15:30 and getting back to LEGOLAND at 16:00.

LEGOLAND Billund, entry gates in the morning
I suggest getting to LEGOLAND Billund 30 minutes before it opens to get in as soon as it opens!

TIP: You can leave and re-enter LEGOLAND Park within the same day but you must get a stamp on your hand when exiting the gates.

LEGOLAND’s closing time changes depending on the time of year. For us, it closed at 19:00 but all rides finished an hour early so we had 2 hours to do rides and spent 30 minutes after the rides finished walking around MINILAND before leaving at 18:30. It was a busy day but do-able with 3 kids aged 7, 10 and 16!

I wish we had 2 days in Billund though because my stepsons loved LEGO House!

We have so much LEGO at home and although they love theme parks and we all loved the LEGO-themed rides and areas at LEGOLAND, they just love building stuff and LEGO House is so amazingly creative, I wish we had been able to spend a whole day / 5-6 hours there just letting them play, and getting our money’s worth from the ticket.

In future, I’d love to fly us all back to Billund, either for the day or for a short 1 day, 1-night trip and just go to LEGO House!

LEGOLAND Billund, tree of creativity in LEGO House
The Tree of Creativity in LEGO House!
how to visit LEGOLAND Billund, LEGO House at MINILAND
What the LEGO House building looks like shown at MINILAND!

How to get to Billund, Denmark?

I love looking at flights on Skyscanner and when searching ‘Everywhere’ from Manchester, I’d often see good flights to Denmark Billund and be like.. but what’s in Billund??

Turns out, LEGOLAND is there and because there are not many other reasons to visit Billund, flights can be reasonably priced.

We paid £35.00 pp for our flights from Manchester, UK which we thought was such a bargain! Also, because we stayed for just 1 night, we only took backpacks and therefore didn’t pay any extra for luggage on the flight.

LEGOLAND Billund, Billund Airport at Mainland
Don’t miss out on seeing Billund Airport at MINILAND!

If fights don’t work for you to Billund, you could look at flights to Copenhagen, hire a car and do the 3-hour drive or go by public transport consisting of trains and buses taking around 4 hours.

How to get from Billund Airport to LEGOLAND RESORT?

Another one of the things we loved about Billund and this trip is just how close everything is.

Billund Airport is just a 10-minute car ride or a 30-minute walk away from the LEGOLAND Theme Park and Hotels. Billund has a regular bus schedule which stops at the airport and around the theme park,. hotels and town centre.

There’s even a free hourly shuttle bus around the town and airport (I believe this is only in July & August) which we got from the airport.

LEGOLAND Billund, free shuttle bus in Billund
The free shuttle bus in Billund

Do you need to hire a car in Billund?

By default, my husband will hire a car when we go away. I had to tell him many times that ‘we won’t need one here’ because everything is so close together and thankfully, I was right.

Technically, we could have, but it wouldn’t have saved us that much time as we got on with the bus just fine and hopefully it saved us some money.

If you do plan to stay longer and visit more of the things to do around Billund, you will need to hire a car or work out public transport.

TIP: Billund is so small, you could arrive, not hire a car from the airport for the day you plan to spend at LEGOLAND then the next day, easily get the bus to the airport and pick up a hire car to explore the nearby areas. It will probably save you money on a day’s car hire and doesn’t take too long to pop to the airport and get the car the next day.

LEGO Accommodation in Billund

Billund is not short of accommodation and there is a variety depending on what you want, from hotel rooms, apartments and cabins.

The majority of the hotel accommodation is LEGO-themed, with some apartments on offer in the town which are privately owned and not LEGO-themed.

We stayed in the LEGOLAND CASTLE HOTEL which we loved! It opened in 2019 and is still really new and well-maintained.

I chose this hotel over HOTEL LEGOLAND and LEGO HOLIDAY VILLAGE because it had the biggest rooms. There were 5 of us with 1 child being a teenager so we needed our double bed plus 2 bunk beds whereas the other hotels offered just 1 bunk bed. I booked the Superior Dragons Knight Room.

how to visit LEGOLAND Billund, LEGOLAND Castle Hotel from the outside
I loved staying at the LEGOLAND Castle Hotel!
how to visit LEGOLAND Billund, LEGOLAND Castle Hotel knights room
Our Knights-themed room at LEGOLAND Castle Hotel
how to visit LEGOLAND Billund, LEGOLAND Castle Hotel knights room with 2 bunk beds
I booked the Knights Superior room so we had 2 sets of proper bunkbeds

Where to stay in Billund, Denmark?

There are 3 main LEGO-themed accommodations:

LEGOLAND CASTLE HOTEL – Offers 3 themes – Dragons Knight, Wizard and Princess. They also offer 2 sizes – standard and superior.

Check out rates and availability at LEGOLAND CASTLE HOTEL here!

how to visit LEGOLAND Billund, outside of LEGOLAND Castle Hotel
LEGOLAND Castle Hotel – one of the LEGO-themed hotels in Billund!

HOTEL LEGOLAND – Offers a few themes – Adventure, Pirate, Treasure, LEGO Friends, LEGO Ninjago, LEGO Movie, and park view rooms. These also differ in size.

Check out rates and availability at HOTEL LEGOLAND here!

how to visit LEGOLAND Billund, outside of Hotel LEGOLAND
Hotel LEGOLAND – another one of the top hotels in Billund!

LEGO HOLIDAY VILLAGE – This village is made up of 3 different accommodation types which are all booked individually too – LEGOLAND NINJAGO Cabins, LEGOLAND Wilderness Barrels & Cabins, LEGOLAND Wild West Cabins & LEGOLAND Pirates´ Inn Motel.

If you are not bothered by a LEGO theme and are only visiting Billund quickly, Billund Airport Hotel is well located within the airport grounds. The public bus stops here after the main airport stop and then continues to run into the town and to LEGOLAND. Billund Airport Hotel is a reasonable price and looks really new!

What is the best LEGO hotel in Billund?

LEGOLAND CASTLE HOTEL is definitely the newest with the most facilities. It looks the coolest from the outside with so many features inside and out from talking LEGO statues, LEGO play areas and LEGO competitions all guests can enter.

LEGOLAND CASTLE HOTEL has 3 playgrounds, a fitness centre, a restaurant and a shop. Reception is filled with areas to play LEGO and we found the rooms and overall hotel really clean and well maintained. It’s also across the road from the LEGOLAND park so the closest you can get.

how to visit LEGOLAND Billund, corridor inside l LEGOLAND Castle Hotel
The corridor inside LEGOLAND Castle Hotel!

If you want a more cost-effective option, during my research for the best accommodation in Billund, I found the cabins at LEGO Holiday Village are the cheapest LEGO-themed accommodation options on offer. These are a bit further from the park entrance (but only by a few minutes) and look smaller inside but they offer a nice indoor-outdoor living option!


LEGOLAND Billund Tickets

LEGOLAND® Billund Resort offers a range of tickets and passes. As a visitor from overseas, you’re likely to just need the 1-day pass or 2-day pass.

Do you need 2 days at LEGOLAND Billund theme park?

To be honest, I don’t think you need 2 days in the theme park. We initially looked at this option but our flights didn’t allow us to spend 2 days there and I’m actually glad because our 1-day ticket was enough!

If you have 2 days in Billund, you should spend one whole day at LEGOLAND theme park and the other day at LEGO House and some of the other things to do around Billund.

Buy your LEGOLAND Billund tickets here:

Is it worth getting fast-track tickets for LEGOLAND Billund?

LEGOLAND offer 3 different fast-track options called Reserve & Ride.

Of course, each day is going to be different but we went to LEGOLAND Billund on a Saturday in August which I presume is Peak Season and we didn’t need fast-track tickets.

We debated getting fast-track tickets but the cost of them is quite high and there were 5 of us so it was pricey.

I’m so glad we didn’t because we were one of the first groups into the park at 10:00 so we headed to the back of the park and had no queues for rides for the first hour.

how to visit LEGOLAND Billund, inside LEGOLAND park
It was so quiet when we first got into the park at 10:00!

We left the park and went to LEGO House at lunchtime, upon arriving back it was much busier with 15-25 minute queue waits but because we did a good chunk of rides in the morning, we didn’t mind.

If you are visiting LEGOLAND in the afternoon and will be very short on time, fast-track tickets will be worth it in high season.

Can you leave LEGOLAND Billund and return?

Yes! You can leave the park and reenter on the same day. You just need to get a stamp on your hand from a staff member at the gate before exiting.

LEGOLAND Billund Rides

The great thing about LEGOLAND Billund is the variety of rides on offer for all ages. My stepsons are 7, 10 and 16 so we spent our time on the bigger rides but we did walk through the DUPLO LAND which is great for younger children.

If you want to know more about what LEGOLAND Billund for toddlers is like, have a read of this post.

Some areas are LEGO themed like LEGO NINJAGO WORLD and LEGO MOVIE WORLD and perfect for LEGO lovers, however, the other areas like Polar Land, Adventure Land and Pirate Land are pretty generic so even if you aren’t into LEGO that much, or your kids aren’t, they will still enjoy the rides and the decoration.

how to visit LEGOLAND Billund, Ninjago Area inside LEGOLAND park
Best Areas and Rides at LEGOLAND Billund!
how to visit LEGOLAND Billund, LEGO MOVIE Area inside LEGOLAND park
There are rides and attractions for all ages!

What are the best rides at LEGOLAND Billund?

  • Polar Express
  • X-treme Racers
  • Ice Pilots School
  • The Temple
  • Pirate Splash Battle
  • LEGO Ninjago Ride
  • Pirate Carousel
  • Fire Brigade
  • LEGO Canoe
  • The Haunted House
  • Flying Eagle

There are no huge roller coasters. The biggest is the Polar Express which has a lot of turns, drops and is pretty fast but my youngest stepson at 7 years old just reached the height limit and went on it fine so it’s not too scary (although I realised at that age, they have no fear anyway!).

The next biggest roller coaster is X-treme Racers, this has a steep drop at the beginning and feels really unique because you’re in a small cart of just 4 people rather than a long train like roller coasters usually have!

Flying Eagle is the next biggest after that if you’re looking for the best roller coasters at LEGOLAND Billund!

how to visit LEGOLAND Billund, Pirate Splash Battle inside LEGOLAND park
Pirate Splash Battle!

Talking of unique rides at LEGOLAND Billund, Ice Pilot’s School is really cool! You design your own ride before you get on by choosing a choice of turns and moves on a screen using a key card.

Aside from adrenaline rides, we really loved the competition of rides such as The Temple, Pirate Splash Battle and LEGO Ninjago Ride.

Make sure you also go to The Haunted House because the maze mirror in there is soo crazy and good!

How wet do the water rides at LEGOLAND Billund get you?

We went on nearly all of the water rides and we didn’t get AS wet as expected. Of course, it always depends on where you sit. When you sit at the front of the Canoe you are likely to get pretty wet.

Pirate Splash Battle can get pretty wet, it just depends if the other boats are full and how many people are trying to squirt water at you.

It rained when we entered the park so we were big tourists and bought Ponchos because I didn’t bring any waterproof jackets so we put these on for the water rides which helped but as it was a sunny day, we would have dried off okay.

Plus, they do have driers you can stand in!

how to visit LEGOLAND Billund, Ellie in poncho on canoe water ride
Keeping dry with my Poncho on the Canoe ride!

TIP – The greatest tip for LEGOLAND I read was that the rides close an hour before the official park closing time. You still have the last hour to walk around and MINILAND is a great place to spend this time because it’s still open. If your priority is all the rides like it was for us. Do all of these first and then end at MINILAND, don’t waste time there earlier in the day.

how to visit LEGOLAND Billund, MINILAND of Copenhagen inside LEGOLAND park
Wait until the end of the day to visit MINILAND!

Things to do in Billund

Aside from LEGOLAND, what is there to do in Billund Denmark?

Well, if you’re not going for LEGO, there isn’t a huge amount to visit but there are still quite a few attractions in Billund and attractions near Billund.

1. LEGOLAND Theme Park

Of course!

2. LEGO House

LEGO House is a creative and immersive LEGO experience with 25 million pieces of LEGO inside! Aside from LEGOLAND, it is the top tourist attraction in Billund.

It is known as Home of the Brick due to LEGO originating in Billund and is great for adults and children who love LEGO.

You need to buy a separate ticket and it’s around the same price as the LEGOLAND theme park entry ticket so make sure you give yourself enough time here to get your money’s worth.

how to visit LEGOLAND Billund, Dinosaurs at LEGO House
There are lots of things to see and areas to play at LEGO House!
how to visit LEGOLAND Billund, Green Area at LEGO House
LEGO House – one of the top things to do in Billund!

You can enter LEGO House for free, but you can only access the ground floor which has 1 small area to play but nothing else.

You can also play outside the building at any time of the day. There are 2 sets of steps which we saw people having a picnic and playing on. There are also big pieces of LEGO you can climb on!

LEGOLAND Billund, LEGO House from the outside
LEGO House is so cool and unique to Billund!

There are many different areas within the building with different LEGO pieces giving different creative ideas. There are also many areas for young children to play with DUPLO in a safe environment.

The staff are really great too I found, they are very interactive giving ideas and advice to people.

LEGO House has a cafe and restaurant on the ground as well as a shop (that we spent wayyyy too long in!). You can also exit and re-enter within the same day so you really can spend a full day here.

As I said, with LEGO-loving boys, I’d definitely consider a trip back to Billund just to visit LEGO House and spend the full day there!

how to visit LEGOLAND Billund, lunch at LEGO House
Panini and Drink.. with LEGO Flowers, at LEGO House!

3. Lalandia

Lalandia can be seen from LEGOLAND. It’s a Danish holiday centre with 3 different locations in Denmark.

In Billund, with accommodation onsite but also lots of activities like an Aquadome, paddle courts, crazy golf, climbing courses and restaurants.

If you’re looking for things to do in Billund with kids, visiting here will give you a few more activity options and is easy to walk to from LEGOLAND and the nearby accommodation.

4. Teddy Bear Art Museum

Located next to LEGO House is the Teddy Bear Art Museum, another one of the things to do in Billund.

It’s home to 1200 teddy bears dating back to 1906 and is a place of art as well as play.

It’s one of the cheaper things to do in Billund and children aged 0-11 enter for free.

how to visit LEGOLAND Billund, outside the Teddy Bear Art Museum
The Teddy Bear Art Museum – another one of the things to do in Billund with kids!

5. Skulpturpark Billund

We came across Billund Skulpturpark whilst walking to dinner from LEGO Castle Hotel. It’s only a small park but has a few things for children to sit and play on.

how to visit LEGOLAND Billund, Skulpturpark Billund
One of the places to visit in Billund – Skulpturpark

What’s really cool though is it’s next to THE LEGO GROUP corporate offices. They have a giant LEGO man outside the office entrance and the building is made from LEGO-looking bricks!

They have a sign which says ‘play on the grass’. To us, this summed up what Billund is all about

how to visit LEGOLAND Billund, outside the LEGO Group offices
Outside the LEGO Group offices!

6. WOW PARK Billund

Located on the outskirts of Billund is WOW PARK Billund. It’s an amusement park for the whole family where you can challenge yourself on everything from giant Tarzan swings, and high-hanging suspension bridges to wild slides and underground caves!

We didn’t go but here’s a great post from a family who have been!

The Guardian called it ‘Go Ape goes Viking!’

Get your ticket for WOW Park Billund here:

Things to do near Billund

For more things to do in Billund, there are many attractions near Billund that are worth visiting and will enhance your trip, especially seeing and learning more about the history of Denmark.

These attractions are not in Billund, they are things to do near Billund, so you will need to hire a car or work out public transport to get to them:

  • The Living Museum Karensminde
  • Kongernes Jelling – Home of the Vikings
  • Vorbasse Market – Biggest Market in Denmark 
  • Givskud Zoo
  • Hiking in Syvårssøer

Here are more attractions near Billund:

If you like visiting Castles, here are great Castles in Denmark worth visiting!

Where to eat in Billund

Finally, after all this activity, where can you eat in Billund?

LEGOLAND CASTLE HOTEL where we stayed has a restaurant onsite called the Knights Tavern. They offer a 2-hour buffet, all-you-can-eat window every day. I believe this concept is common in other LEGO-themed hotels here and in other countries.

The only thing is that it’s expensive. A buffet in the Knights Tavern is 449 DKK / £50.00 pp and from 199 DKK / £25.00 per child.

how to visit LEGOLAND Billund, Knights Tavern Restaurant at LEGOHOUSE Castle Hotel
For where to eat in Billund, you can eat in your hotel like at the Knights Tavern,

The best place to go for restaurants in Billund is the town centre where LEGO House is located. Here, there are a number of places to eat in Billund.

We went to Billund Pizza Steakhouse. They were really busy on a Saturday night for people eating in and ordering take-out. We found the food to be good so I could see why they were busy.

how to visit LEGOLAND Billund, outside Billund Pizza Steakhouse Restaurant
I recommend checking out the restaurants in Billund,
how to visit LEGOLAND Billund, burger and chips at Billund Pizza Steakhouse
We really liked Billund Pizza Steakhouse!

If you’re looking for halal food in Billund, Billund Pizza Steakhouse offers many halal meat options but check with the server first as not everything is halal.

I hope this guide to LEGOLAND Billund and how to visit LEGOLAND Billund has been helpful and you are now ready to book!


Wednesday 27th of March 2024

Loveee the post. I'm researching for a trip this summer so it's really helpful. Didnt realize youre a muslim too, so the halal shout out there is a surprise. Much appreciated!


Wednesday 27th of March 2024

Ah that's so great! We had such a great time. I actually enjoyed it the same, if not more than the kids lol and glad the halal recommendation helps! Hope you make it!