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Keen Shoes Review – The Perfect Adventure Shoes for Travel!

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In the last year, I’ve kindly been gifted 4 pairs of Keen Footwear Shoe’s so I have a lot of experience to base this Keen Shoe Review and Keen Footwear Review on!

I’ve tried a pair of Keen hiking boots, a pair of Keen snow boots, a pair of Keen summer shoes and a pair of Keen summer sandals.

As someone with incredibly sensitive feet, aka most shoes or boots, always rub me to the point where sometimes I simply cannot wear them again in order to wear them in, I am so pleased to say that all 4 pairs of Keen Shoe’s have been incredibly comfy and nice to wear, plus they have been the perfect shoes to take with me on my travels.

So here is my Keen shoe’s review post based on the 4 pairs of shoes I have tried from Keen to show you why buying a pair of shoes, boots or sandals from Keen Footwear will be a great decision!

Keen Shoe’s Review

The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog Keen Shoes Review

Are Keen Shoe’s Comfy?

Yes they are! I’ve not had any blisters or any cuts. I have found Keen shoes to be well padded with good underfoot comfort, as well as being waterproof and breathable. All the ingredients needed for a comfy pair of shoes.

Are Keen Shoe’s Good for Travel and Adventure?

Travelling with hiking boots and shoes can be hard, especially if you’re not on a specific hiking trip and you may only use them now and again because they can be big, bulky and heavy, but I’ve found the Keen Shoe’s to be really light and therefore really good to travel with which is why I wanted to write this Keen Shoe’s Review so much!

I took the Terradora Leather Mid Waterproof Boots with me on lots of my Winter European City Breaks last year, either wearing them on the plane because it was cold in London when I left, or packing them easily in my carry on suitcase and wearing them around the City. Even though I wasn’t hiking and I was just walking around the City these Keen Terradora Boots quickly became my go-to rather than wearing fashion leather boots because of how comfy they were and easy to pack!

They are also really versatile. In fact, this is what Keen’s Terradora range is all about. They are for people who like to go out on walks, have adventures and enjoy the outdoors whether that’s on a trail walk, a mountain walk, or a city walk!

In addition to this, all 4 pairs of shoes I have tried have been really high quality and therefore the Keen shoes are a great investment and really good for adventure sports and an adventure led life!

The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog Keen Shoes Review, Keen Womens Terradora Ethos Shoe
Keen Womens Terradora Ethos Shoe in Antigua!
The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog Keen Shoes Review, Keen Womens Terradora Leather Mid Waterproof Boot
Keen Womens Terradora Leather Mid Waterproof Boot in the Peak District UK
The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog Keen Shoes Review, Keen Womens Hoodoo Snow Boots
Keen Womens Hoodoo Snow Boots in Austria

What Keen Shoes Do I Recommend?

Based on my experience I can recommend the following Women’s shoes (and Men’s that are a similar style) to you and I know that you will not be disappointed with them:

For Summer City Walks: Keen Elle Backstrap for Women & Keen Newport Sandal for Men

For Summer Hikes & Adventures: Keen Targhee III Water Proof Shoe for Women & Keen Steen Waterproof Shoes for Men

For Autumn and Winter City Walks and Hikes: Keen Terradora Mid Waterproof Boots for Women & Keen Targhee III Waterproof Boots for Men

For Winter & For Snow – Keen Hoodoo III Lace Up Boots for Women

What’s also worth noting is that I’ve found the sizes to come up quite big, for example I am a 5 usually but I find that a Keen 4.5 fits me better.

For more options, because Keen has a huge range, shop all Keen Women’s Footwear here & Men’s Footwear here.