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Review | LEVEL8 Luggage & Textured Luggage Set! What’s Great About it!

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Looking for a full LEVEL8 luggage review? Or looking for some great new luggage to buy? You’re in the right place as I’m going to be sharing my experience with the LEVEL8 Textured Luggage Set!

It really is amazing how a good set of luggage can provide so much ease before and during a trip.

Having a case that gives maximum space within the airline weight rules, a case that’s light but sturdy and of course easy to push, pull and walk with makes all the difference! Throw in having a case that looks tidy and stylish and you’re in for a great trip with cases that are going to last a long time!

LEVEL8 Luggage Review

LEVEL8 luggage review
Keep reading for my LEVEL8 luggage review!

What LEVEL8 is all about

LEVEL8 is an NYC born brand specialing in travel luggage and bags.

They realise that these days many of us are travelling all the time! Whether that’s for work, seeing family or friends for the weekend, a quick city break or a big international holiday. As they say ‘Traveling has become an integral part of daily life’.

LEVEL8 Luggage has created sets of luggage perfect for all of our adventures, no matter what type of traveller you are or what type of trip you are on. They want you to focus and enjoy your trip without worrying or thinking about your luggage and they want your luggage to last!

‘Sleek and simple in design’ ‘always functional and always reliable’ is how LEVEL8 describes its luggage sets which I can vouch for based on my experience using the textured luggage set.

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LEVEL8 luggage review, textured set from the side
The Textured Set in Black 20″ & 24″

Textured Luggage Set Features 20” & 24

So let’s go into my LEVEL8 Luggage review! I ordered the textured luggage set in black.

Although initially, a coloured case seems fun and pretty, black is always my suitcase colour preference because although some marks show up on the black, especially after retrieving it from the baggage carousel, I think black shows fewer marks and it’s a classy and stylish colour for years to come.

Shape and Design

This LEVEL8 luggage set is crafted with diamond-shaped textures combined with anti-scratch surface technology, this is another reason I choose it because cases can get so easily scratched when flying!

These cases in 20″ and 24″ are considerably deeper in size compared to other cases I have of the same size in height inch, this extra depth really gives me more space inside and I found them so much easier to pack for my recent trips!

LEVEL8 luggage review, textured set from the side showing depth

The 20″ is the carry-on cabin friendly case great for shorter trips and when you don’t want to pay for checked-in luggage.

The 24″ is a medium size and a size I really love. It’s definitely not a huge case but I love it for week-long trips as it fits a lot in due to its 67.9 L capacity but it’s not big enough to over-pack!

LEVEL8 luggage review, textured luggage set 20" and 24" side to side
The 24″ is bigger than the 20″ cabin case but not by a huge amount!

It feels like suitcases are getting lighter and lighter these days which is great for us because of the stricter weight limits when flying. The textured cases are made from Germany Bayer Makrolon® Material making them durable but also incredibly lightweight.

Inside, each side has a zipped mesh pocket divider. I find this lining really helps compress clothes so I can fit more in. One side also 2 zipper pockets to help with organisation and compression.

The only downfall I can see in the cases and an annoyance to me is that the lining of the cases is quite baggy and loose!

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LEVEL8 luggage review, textured set inside with mesh pockets
I like these 2 additional pockets for extra compression and storage!
LEVEL8 luggage review, inside of the case
The inside is a bit baggy but that’s the only negative I see in the cases!


The wheels of a suitcase are a huge factor in how streamline and easy the case is to use and the wheels on my LEVEL8 luggare on honestly the best I have used!

They are durable ultra-quiet 360° spinner wheels designed to glide over even the bumpiest surface like the cobblestone streets of New York City!

LEVEL8 luggage review, 360 ultra quiet spinner wheels
Durable ultra-quiet 360° spinner wheels designed for gliding!

Other features include a TSA approved combination lock which is handily located on the top of the case, a durable telescopic handle, and top & side carry handles.

LEVEL8 luggage review, TSA Lock on the textured luggage set
TSA approved combination lock & durable telescopic handle!

Other great LEVEL8 Luggage sets

LEVEL8 Vintage Set

To be honest, I choose the textured luggage set so my husband could use the cases too as this set is definitely suitable for Men and Women, however, if I knew the cases were just for me, I probably would have opted for the Vintage Luggage Set which is featured in the women’s luggage section on the LEVEL8 website.

The Vintage carry-on and check-in cases have rounded corners giving them a much more feminine, stylish and elegant look and the black set has a brown zip which looks extra fancy!

LEVEL8 luggage review, vintage set in black
Vintage set in black. Photo from

LEVEL8 Voyageur

For families or a longer trip, the Voyageur check-in is perfect, especially in the colour Yellow which screams adventure!

The biggest size is a whopping 28″ which is LEVEL8’s largest case and it has been finely crafted in design and functionality to offer a larger capacity for longer trips and more luggage.

The Voyageur case is made with the best Bayer Makrolon material to ensure a lightweight and durable scratch-resistant hard-shell along with ultra-quiet 360° spinner wheels to give ease and smoothness!

LEVEL8 luggage review, large voyageur case in Yellow
Large voyageur case in Yellow. Photo from

LEVEL8 Case with Laptop Pocket

These days so many people are working on the road and quick access to your laptop is really important (between my husband and I we travel with 3 laptops!), you can actually get so much work done whilst waiting at the gate as there are usually delays, waiting for everyone to check in first whilst you finish a few things off and on the plane.

LEVEL8 have a few carry-on cases with really handy laptop pockets in the front of them which of course are padded for protection along with a USB charger. The Pro Carry-On With Laptop Pocket 20” is one of these and is one of their Red Dot award-winning luggage pieces.

LEVEL8 have created this Pro Carry-On Case to be water-resistant, lightweight, and durable with a hard-shell casing to protect your most expensive items. They have combined confidence, intelligence, and sophistication to complement its excellence in functionality.

LEVEL8 luggage review, pro carry on with laptop pocket
Pro carry on with laptop pocket. Photo from

LEVEL8 Aluminum Case

Finally, a case I love because of its modern but retro look and for its durability due to the material is the Aluminum Luggage Case.

This is one of the best-selling and Red Dot award-winning luggage sets by LEVEL8!

LEVEL8 luggage review, aluminum case features
Aluminum case and its features. Photo from

This Gibraltar Aluminum luggage is finely crafted with Aerospace-grade aluminium magnesium alloy!

To me, this case looks so so cool but I think it’s a bit too cool for me and not the right look for my trips and myself but maybe it’s right for you??

I hope you have found this LEVEL8 luggage review helpful and it has helped you decide on your LEVEL 8 suitcase!

Full disclosure – this is a sponsored LEVEL8 review but all thoughts, opinions and experiences using the luggage are my own.