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5 Bucket List Worthy Holidays to see the Northern Lights!

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I’m yet to see the Northern Lights as my travels have not taken me further North than Southern Scandinavia and even then that was a City Break Trip. Seeing the Northern Lights is of course high on my never ending bucket list and nowadays with so many incredible photos on social media it makes them feel a lot more attainable because every time I see a photo it reminds me that they can be seen in a few different Countries and places like Iceland, Finland and Norway.

Along with the dreamy photos on social media I have been checking out The Aurora Zone who offer holidays and trips purely based around the Northern Lights!

The one thing I have heard and know is true is that the Northern Lights can never be guaranteed, this is mother nature’s gift to us after all. However The Aurora Zone are very confident in fact that you will see the Northern Lights and will not go home disappointed thanks to their knowledgable and expert guides.

So now we know that there are a number of places where the Northern Lights can be seen and there’s a company who offer this bucket list item so confidently, I have gone through their site with my dream hat on and come up with 5 trips that I think are The Aurora Zone’s best Northern Lights Holidays that I would like to go on and I think you would too!

Northern Lights Holidays

1. Rovaniemi – Aurora Hunting at the Arctic Circle Wilderness Lodge – Finland  – 4 Nights

The name of this holiday caught my attention as I really want to go to the Arctic Circle, it just sounds so cool to be able to say that you’re going and that you’ve been to the actual Arctic Circle.

This 4 day Northern Lights Holiday in Finland is aimed at Nature Lovers and offers a real authentic Finnish experience, which is exactly what I’d want if I was to travel all the way to Northern Finland.

On this trip there is the chance to see the Northern Lights not once but 3 times!

Once on a trip via snowmobile where you’ll get the chance to see them whilst sitting next to a fire, then whilst on an evening snowshoe hike, and finally after going on a reindeer-pulled sleigh ride!

View Holiday Here.

Northern Lights Holidays

2. Tromsø – Autumn Auroras And the Crystal Lavvos – Norway – 3 Nights

This Northern Lights Holiday in Norway offered by The Aurora Zone is actually their lowest priced holiday that is not tailor-made, I think that’s because its 3 nights and it’s based around Tromsø which is a popular City in Norway and not as remote as many of the other destinations their tours go to therefore it attracted me straight away.

Tromso is also one of the best places to see the Northern Lights in Norway.

The Crystal Lavvos is what also attracted me to this Northern Lights holiday and the fact that it’s in Autumn.

A Crystal Lavvo is a glassed roof traditional tepee which you sleep in and can see the sky from your bed offering the warmest and cosiest viewing of the Northern Lights! I’ve seen photos of these on Instagram and this would tick two bucket list items in one!

Secondly I can only imagine how beautiful the colours of Autumn are in Norway and as well as seeing the Northern Lights, this holiday takes you on a RIB wildlife adventure exploring an archipelago of islands around Tromsø, the opportunity to spot various whales, the chance to really explore the City of Tromsø and see some of its best views, plus a visit to see some Huskies!

The itinerary of this trip a long with the price really makes me want to go on this trip!

View Holiday Here.

3. Reykjavik, the Golden Circle And the Northern Lights Inn – Iceland – 4 Nights

Iceland is high on my bucket list in general because everyone seems to have been there and I haven’t!

I also know that it’s a popular and common place to see the Northern Lights and I really want to do the iconic Golden Circle of Iceland so this trip seems perfect.

If I was to go to Iceland independently I think I’d worry about whether I’d be in the right place to see the Northern Lights and I’m sure the place I’d pick would also be the place many other tourists in Iceland would pick, however on an organised Northern Lights Holiday like this I would be confident that the locations we would attempt to see the Northern Lights from would be unique locations in Iceland.

For example The Aurora Zone include Videy Island which is free from light pollution, an evening coach tour to various locations, and the Northern Light Inn as locations to see the Northern Lights from over 3 nights.

View Holiday Here.

Northern Lights Holidays

4. Northern Lights Hunting In The Yukon – Canada – 7 Nights

I’ve seen a few people visit the Yukon in Canada in the last few years and it seems like a really interesting part of Canada because it is so remote and untouched.

Obviously seeing the Northern Lights is a big part of this holiday but because it’s over 7 nights the days are filled with fun activities too like a Husky Safari, Ice Fishing, Skiing, Hiking, and Wildlife watching.

Despite the Yukon being very remote I think you’d leave feeling like you’ve well and truly seen the Yukon!

View Holiday Here.

5. Pine Bay Lodge – Archipelago Auroras – Sweden – 3 Nights

Sweden is another great place to see the Northern Lights from and another Country I want to visit, plus the idea of going to Swedish Lapland sounds very exciting!

This is an active paced Northern Lights Holiday including a snowmobile trip exploring the pack ice and islands of the Luleå archipelago, a Husky safari, dinner on ice experience, a lakeside sauna, and a snowshoe hike to Brando Forest to see the Northern Lights!

View Holiday Here.

Northern Lights Holidays

I hope this helps you decide on the best Northern Lights Holiday or at least adds the Northern Lights to your bucket list even more!

This post is written in collaboration with The Aurora Zone but all thoughts, opinions and dreams about the trips are my own.