Quad Biking Around Santorini – 6 Places to Visit, Tips & A Map!

July 17, 2018

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Hiring Quad Bikes to explore the Greek Islands is a pretty popular thing to do and hiring a Quad Bike / ATV in Santorini is no different. I visited Santorini on a Travel Talk Tour around Greece, we spent a day fully exploring the island by quad and it was the best day of the 10 day trip I think!

All you need is a driving license, a bit of confidence, a lot of common sense and you’re good to go!

We were staying at New Haroula Hotel in Fira, Santorini (which I would recommend) and we hired our bikes from Zervakis Rental which was just up the road from our hotel in Fira. There are so many Quad Bike rental / ATV rental, Moped rental and Buggy rental shops in Fira and in Santorini but as our tour guide uses this shop all the time I fully recommend it and they were very helpful in getting us out on the road.

To see my 2 days in Santorini including a day hiring a quad bike to explore Santorini, have a watch of my YouTube vlog here and keep reading for my Santorini Travel Guide and Santorini Travel Blog:

We visited some really great places in Santorini on our Quad Bikes and driving around the island taking in the volcanic mountains, the wineries and the bright blue ocean was also just as good as the places we visited! They say it’s the journey that counts and this is definitely the case when hiring quad bikes in Santorini!

So here are some places I would recommend for you to visit that you can see in one day in Santorini, along with some tips and information for hiring a quad bike in Santorini and hiring an ATV in Santorini, plus a map to help you plan your day!

Quad Biking around Santorini Greece

Places to visit in Santorini on a Quad Bike


Fira, also called Thira is the Capital of Santorini. It’s a beautiful town overlooking the ocean and it has a totally different feel to that of Oia so if you are hiring a quad bike from Oia I would recommend making sure you check out Fira too.

Although Fira is located on the edge of the island like Oia and spills down the steep cliff side too I was surprised by the many inland streets of the town. I was also surprised to see a McDonalds, but either way, make sure you spend a bit of time here exploring it all. Although Fira get’s busy, I found it to be a lot less busy than Oia. Plenty of people park their bikes on the street but look out for the car park signs too.

Quad Biking around Santorini Greece Fira


A visit to Santorini is not complete without a visit to Oia. Seen as we weren’t staying in Oia, Oia was our first stop from Fira on our quad bike tour around Santorini. The drive from Fira to Oia was probably the best out of the whole day whilst enjoying an ATV Santorini and on arrival in Oia we found plenty of places to park the moped and they were all signposted really well.

Oia is extremely busy, at least it was in June when I visited, so on arrival into the town I would suggest getting away from the crowds by heading straight down one of the promenades that are built into the side of the cliffs, the further you get from the centre the less crowded the streets become. There are plenty of side streets to take that are really quiet and plenty of churches, shops and cafes to dip into to take a break in before heading back out on your quad bike!

Quad Biking around Santorini Greece Oia

Quad Biking around Santorini Greece Oia

Quad Biking around Santorini Greece Oia

If you’re a bit worried about going out on a quad bike on your own in Santorini or you want a guide to follow and explain where you’re visiting, these quad bike tours in Santorini look great:



Profitis Ilias Mountain Peak

For an awesome view of Santorini head up to Profitis Ilias Mountain Peak, the islands highest mountain at 567m / 1860ft. Pass through the town of Pyrgos and then take the steep road up the mountain. Be careful of the narrow roads, hairpin turns and coaches that also venture up there. At the top you will be treated to an amazing view!

Quad Biking around Santorini Greece Mountain peak

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Perissa Beach

Perissa is the second largest coastal resort on Santorini and is perfect for a spot of lunch, sunbathing and a swim before getting back on your quad bike to explore Santorini. The beautiful church of Timiou Stavro is a good place to head to as there is plenty of parking and from here it’s just a minute walk to the beach, or you can park up on the road along the beach too.

There are plenty of restaurants which have sun loungers on the beach, some charge even if you eat there, others are free if you eat there so be sure to ask before sitting down. The water on this beach is so gorgeous and very salty too so expect to be able to float more than usual. The beach is more black pebble with a mix of black lava sand than being completely sandy but its a beautiful spot to relax at.

Quad Biking around Santorini Greece Perissa Beach

Quad Biking around Santorini Greece Perissa Beach

Quad Biking around Santorini Greece Perissa Beach

Paralia Kokkini aka Red Beach

This is Santorini’s famous Red Beach and is one of the most famous beaches on Santorini and one of the best places to visit on Santorini. It’s more the backdrop of the cliffs that are red and where the beach gets its name from as the sand a grey and brown colour of lava pebbles, reminding you that once again that Santorini is a volcanic island.

The beach is lined with loungers and will be very busy in the high season due to it being such a popular beach.

Note that this beach can be accessed via boat from Atrotiri Beach or by the coastal footpath from the car park at the end of the road from the Akrotiri Excavations which will take about 15 minutes.

Quad Biking around Santorini Greece red beach

(Photo from Santorini-View website)

Lighthouse of Akrotiri

Finally, if you’ve been to the highest point of Santorini you should probably go to the tip of the island too. On arrival to the lighthouse there is parking alongside the road. After this the lighthouse and then peninsular is just a minute walk away. The views here are incredible, and if you squint you can see the buildings of Fira balanced on the cliff edge in the distance. The only downside is that when I went it was extremely windy which meant we only stayed for amount 3 minutes taking in the view however the views on the drive there were also gorgeous so I’m still glad we went!

Quad Biking around Santorini Greece lighthouse

Map of Places to visit in Santorini by Quad Bike

Tips and Information on Hiring a Quad Bike / ATV in Santorini








Quad Biking around Santorini Greece

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