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5 Cool & New Street Food Markets in London You Need to Visit!

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London Street food markets seem to get better, more unique and more quirky as each year goes by! London is home to so many food markets, some are long-standing markets like Camden, Borough, Greenwich and Broadway Market whereas other New Street Food Markets in London seem to pop up for a Summer or Winter and then leave again.

The popular markets I’ve just mentioned above are great and worth a visit but there’s nothing like visiting a cool, new, quirky street food market in London with friends on the weekend or a weekday evening to remind you what a great city London is!

The following 5 markets in London are so cool and definitely worth a visit very soon so get them on your list, get a date booked in the diary with your friends (we know that no-one is free in London without a months notice!), and get to one of them, or all of them as soon as you can!

New Street Food Markets in London

The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog New Street Food Markets in London

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Mercato Metropolitano

Where: Elephant & Castle

When: All Day, All Week, All Year

What: Mercato Metropolitano is a new street food market with an Italian flare. It offers plenty of delicious Italian food (I can vouch for the Pizza) but it also has independent street food stalls from all round the world!

There’s an inside area which is mainly where all of the food stalls are, but if it’s a nice day or evening don’t fear as there is plenty of outside seating and standing areas, consisting of over 3 courtyards and a large outdoor bar. An old red double-decker bus used for plant lessons for children really tops off the uniqueness of this London street food market.

I went in Summer which was a great time to visit but I have been told that it’s really nice in Winter and at Christmas too!

Oh and it’s also home to Backyard Cinema, and regular events and workshops are held in the market!

Visit Their Website Here

The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog New Street Food Markets in London

Mercato Metropolitano is one of the really cool and newer New Street Food Markets in London!

Photo from The Upcoming’s website

The Prince

Where: West Brompton

When: All Week, All Afternoon & Evening, All Year

What: Talk about creating an ‘Instagrammable’ street food market in London! The Prince is officially the ‘in’ place to go. It used to be just a pub and now it’s been converted into one huge area which includes the pub, a street, 2 bars and 4 restaurants/ food markets.

It’s all indoors and covered with a retractable roof, but its been decorated with flowers and greenery to give the effect of being an open, outdoor, woodland pergola garden, very clever for the unpredictable British weather!

The 4 restaurants selling a range of foods from Burgers, Chicken, Thai and Bao Buns are street facing one side but open into the dining area of The Prince the other side.

There’s plenty of seating on long rows of tables, perfect for whether you’re going with a group of friends or just a few and there are standing areas next to the 2 bars. Although if you do want a seat and you’re a big group I would recommend booking in advance!

Visit Their Website Here

The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog London Street food market The Prince

I loved The Prince and it’s such a cool and new Street Food Market in London!

Photo from The Prince’s website


Where: Shoreditch

When: All Day on Weekends, All Evenings Wed-Fri, Closed on Mon & Tues, All Year

What: This is Shoreditch so of course Dinerama street food market was once a truck yard. Today however it is very quirky and an awesome compilation of buildings that create a large downstairs food hall with lots of seating and food stalls catering well to vegans and big meat eaters, an outside area with a retractable roof, plus 8 bars split over 2 levels.

The upstairs is a bit of a maze thanks to its many different rooms and each one has a totally different feel to it, think Winerama Wine Bar, German Sex Dungeon Craft Beer and Whisky Shot Bar, and a Rooftop Cocktail Bar! You could visit Dinerama again and again and see a different section and eat a different cuisine each time, which I may just have done!

It’s also catered for the all-year-round British weather. It’s nice and open in the summer but cosy and well heated in the winter.

Just be aware that after 7pm, on weekends at least you need to pay an entry fee!

Visit Their Website Here

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The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog New Street Food Markets in London

Photo from Dinerama’s website

Hackney Downs Vegan Market

Where: Hackney Downs

When: Saturdays Only 11:00-17:00am, All Year

What: Hackney already has the very popular Broadway Saturday Market but seen as Hackney is a hub for vegan food it makes sense that there’s a separate vegan market. Located a 10-15 minute walk from Hackney Downs overground station and right next to Hackney Downs park the market is quite small but it benefits from not being too busy. Queuing for good food is a normal in London but here, I didn’t have to queue which was a novelty. It has a few food stalls selling Pasta’s, Mexican, Hot Dogs, Chinese and Ice Cream. It also has a Cake stalls and a Pastry stall which is awesome for vegans with a sweet tooth. On top of that there are stalls selling vegan candles and other vegan products which I really liked.

Next door is Temple Goods which is an inside cafe selling vegan food and coffee. It’s the perfect place to meet a friend and go to for a chilled out Saturday afternoon.

Even if you’re not vegan you should consider visiting this market for good food and a good vibe.

How To Visit Hackney Downs Vegan Market!

The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog New Street Food Markets in London, Hackney Downs Vegan Market

Hackney Downs Vegan Market is one of the Cool New Street Food Markets in London

Pop Brixton

Where: Brixton

When: All Day, All Week, All Year

What: I couldn’t do a list of cool and quirky street food markets in London and not include one that’s made out of shipping containers could I? Brixton Pop is exactly that, it was once disused land and has since been transformed into a community project and village made out of shipping containers full of independent shops, restaurants, street food stalls and bars.

Independent sellers are at the heart of Pop Brixton as it was created in reaction to high street brands dominating storefronts across London, so if that’s not a good enough reason to go I don’t know what is, except for the fact that it’s free to enter all day and not only is it home to lots of food, there’s also regular entertainment and music, a ‘Pop Farm’ and it’s been designed to look open-air like in the summer, and covered in the winter, perfect!

Visit Their Website Here

The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog New Street Food Markets in London, Brixton Pop

Photo from Pop Brixton’s website

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