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Review | Fawsley Hall Afternoon Tea and Spa! A Heavenly Day!

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A Spa Day at a beautiful Country Manor Hotel consisting of the best facial I have ever had, an outdoor thermal pool, a quiet and relaxed atmosphere, and a Vegan Afternoon Tea in the grandest of Grand Halls, yes my Spa Day and Fawsley Hall Afternoon Tea was pretty heavenly!

Right in the middle of England, just 15 minutes from the A45 and A5, and 20 minutes from the M1, Fawsley Hall Hotel & Spa located in the Northamptonshire Countryside offers it’s guests a luxury stay in 2000 acres of parkland.

I have lived fairly close to Fawsley Hall for most of my life and worked in a few of the nearby hotels however for some reason I had never been to Fawsley Hall Hotel & Spa. In fact, I thought I had been but when I drove through the double gates into the driveway and saw the grand main house in front of me, I knew I definitely hadn’t been here because I would have remembered it!

Fawsley Hall Afternoon Tea!

The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog Fawsley Hall Afternoon Tea and Spa Day
Keep Reading for my Fawsley Hall Afternoon Tea and Spa Day Review!

I arrived at 10:00 am ready for my Spa Day and Afternoon Tea at Fawsley Hall experience to commence, the Spa is well signposted in a separate lodge just a few metres away from the main hotel building.

The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog Fawsley Hall Afternoon Tea and Spa Day
Fawsley Hall Spa.

Fawsley Hall Spa Day

The staff at Fawsley Hall Spa were lovely from the start of the day until the end, and as soon as I arrived I was seated in the conservatory and asked to fill out a Consultation form. Filling out a form isn’t unusual for a spa day but I did find this form to be a little bit different as it asked questions like ‘what’s your stress level right now?’ ‘how much water do you drink daily?’ ‘what do you want to get out of today?’ ‘how do you want to feel when you leave?’.

I knew that most of these questions would be so that the therapists can perform the right massage on me with the right oils etc but I liked that some of the questions were quite irrelevant to the treatments but instead made me think, What do I want to get out of today? How do I actually feel right now?.

We can get so caught up in busy day-to-day life, even when on a Spa Break that it’s important to think about these things and be aware of adjustments we might need to make in our lives.

The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog Fawsley Hall Afternoon Tea and Spa Day
Question time before getting my Spa Treatments at Fawsley Hall!

I was shown around Fawsley Hall Spa, they have a little self-service kitchen for tea, coffee, cold drinks and a few snacks, there’s a gym (in fact I wish I had arrived an hour or so early with gym wear to do a work out before my spa day), a relaxation room, an indoor swimming pool, sauna, steam room, outdoor thermal pool, a secluded garden, and of course changing rooms which are a great size.

I got into my swimsuit, robe and flip-flops and because I was told that for my massage, which was in 30 minutes, that I shouldn’t have a wet swimsuit on I decided to head into the relaxation room- a cosy annex, to read my book for a while and this is when the relaxation of the day really started to set in.

The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog Fawsley Hall Afternoon Tea and Spa Day, Relaxation Room
The relaxation room at Fawsley Hall Spa.

Following this, I met my therapist and became even more relaxed and pampered as I had a 30 minute Back, Neck & Shoulder massage booked, followed by a 60 minute Comfort Zone Facial which was total heaven and not only included a face massage, a double peel and a mask, but also included an arm, foot and head massage.

Fawsley Hall Spa offers and seems to use a lot of Elemis products for their massages, however recently they have introduced Comfort Zone. Comfort Zone originates in Italy and is still a family-run company, just like when it started in 1996. Comfort Zone’s mission is to promote a holistic, soulful, healthy and sustainable lifestyle with conscious products that improve the skin, body and mind. They state that Skin is their Focus, Science is their Guide and Soul makes their offer Unique.

Pretty good right?

If the Facial I had is anything to go by, I can only see their products and massages becoming more and more popular, and with the mission and approach they have, I really do hope so! My skin was the worst it’s been in quite some time and since then it has definitely improved and my acne has reduced.

The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog Fawsley Hall Afternoon Tea and Spa Day, Comfort Zone Treatments
Comfort Zone Products at Fawsley Hall Spa.

I really didn’t want the Facial to end but of course, it had to and before I left, my lovely therapist came back into the room with a recommended product prescription based on what my skin was like. This is a total optional extra but it was nice extra touch and definitely helpful if you did want to buy a product as it was recommended by the person who has just spent a long time looking at your skin!

I spent the next hour getting in and out of the indoor swimming pool, the sauna, steam room and the outdoor thermal pool which I can imagine is divine on a cold winters day.

The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog Fawsley Hall Afternoon Tea and Spa Day, Pool
Fawsley Hall Spa Pool!

I also noticed at this point that a lot of people using the facilities weren’t Spa Day guests, this is because these facilities are also the main Health Club for Fawsley Hall which is popular with locals. I mean, I wouldn’t mind being able to pop in and out of here every day!

I also had a chance to speak with the Leisure Manager who told me that Fawsley Hall cap off the numbers for the number of Spa Breaks they sell each day. In terms of treatment slots, they could certainly take more Spa Days but they don’t want the public areas to be too busy and they want the staff to remember you, especially if you go for a Spa Break at Fawsley Hall and have treatments over two days.

I really appreciated this and definitely noticed it because there was enough seating for everyone and it was very relaxed and by no means, a Spa Day machine like some hotels can be.

I got changed and said my farewells to the sanctuary of the Spa at 14:00 but my relaxing and wonderful day wasn’t over yet as I was taken into the main building and Manor House for my Afternoon Tea at Fawsley Hall!

The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog Fawsley Hall Afternoon Tea and Spa Day, Manor House
The Manor House for Afternoon Tea at Fawlsey Hall.

Fawsley Hall Afternoon Tea

Fawsley Hall’s main building holds some incredible history. It was a royal manor from as early as the 7th Century and built for entertaining- Henry VIII, Elizabeth I and other monarchs all enjoyed its fine hospitality. Before you go into the restaurants, just past reception are some photos of what the building looked like not too long ago when it was derelict, before it was brought back to life and transformed into a Luxury Hotel. I definitely recommend having a look at the photos.

I worked in the hotel industry a few years ago and I’ve seen some pretty amazing Manor Houses and Grand Halls in my time but that didn’t stop me gasping when I saw Fawsley Hall’s Grand Hall, it’s incredible, I’ll let this photo do the talking:

The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog Fawsley Hall Afternoon Tea and Spa Day, Grand Hall
The Grand Hall where you have Afternoon Tea at Fawsley Hall!

To my delight, I was seated in the Grand Hall for my Afternoon Tea at Fawsley Hall. There are quite a few Afternoon Tea options available which range in price and fanciness and can include Tea or Prosecco. When I confirmed by Spa Day at Fawsley Hall I was happy to hear they did a Vegan Afternoon Tea and when it arrived I was very impressed with it!

I had a few finger sandwiches, some of which were filled with Peppers and Hummus, a lovely Scone with Jam and Clotted Cream that tasted no different to ‘normal’ cream, I literally had no idea Vegan Cream could be made this well!

I also had a couple of Cakes, a Brownie, a Chocolate Pot with Honeycomb and a Chia Pudding! The Chia Pudding was incredible, as was the Brownie and Honeycomb, the 2 cakes were a little bit dry but I was very full by the end anyway and totally appreciate how hard it can be to replicate Cakes with no dairy.

The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog Fawsley Hall Afternoon Tea and Spa Day, Afternoon Tea
Fawsley Hall Afternoon Tea!
The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog Fawsley Hall Afternoon Tea and Spa Day, Vegan Afternoon Tea
So many vegan treats for my Fawsley Hall Afternoon Tea!

I took my time eating my delicious Afternoon Tea, drinking a whole tea-pot of Darjeeling & Elderflower Loose Leaf Tea and then left Fawsley Hall feeling exactly as I had written down on my Consultation form 6 hours earlier – Relaxed but Energised.

I hope this Review of Fawsley Hall Hotel & Spa convinces you that you need to book Fawsley Hall Afternoon Tea and a Spa Day or Spa Break with accommodation in this Luxury, Country Hotel.

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For Fawsley Hall Tea Vouchers and Fawsley Hall Afternoon Tea Deals, speak to the hotel direct to see what they can offer!

I was invited to Fawsley Hall Hotel & Spa as a guest but all thoughts and opinions are my own.