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Afternoon Tea at Bafarat Cafe! A Unique London Experience!

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London does Afternoon Tea well and the options it offers are only getting better, tastier and more unique! After visiting Bafarat Cafe in London for a coffee and seeing other guests enjoying the full Bafarat Afternoon Tea experience I knew I had to go back to try it for myself and wow, is it delicious!

Let me tell you in this post what to expect from an Afternoon Tea at Bafarat Cafe London and why you should visit too!

Bafarat Cafe Afternoon Tea

The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog Bafarat Cafe
Keep Reading to hear more about this amazing Bafarat Cafe Afternoon Tea!

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About Bafarat Cafe

Located in Soho London, not far from the popular streets of Oxford Street, Regents Street and Carnaby Street is the trendy, fairly-new cafe, Bafarat.

I was first attracted to Bafarat Cafe because of its ties with Saudi Arabia and found it when searching for Arabic Coffee in Soho to add to my Arab places in London to visit post!

Bafarat has a long-standing cafe in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia which opened in 1952 and it’s second cafe came to London in 2016.

When entering Bafarat Cafe, the first thing that hit me was the incredible decor in Bafarat cafe, it’s Middle Eastern-inspired yet modern and clean looking. The Arabic menu on the wall and Arabic Coffee Pots really took me back to the Middle East, all whilst being in the buzzing area of Soho London!

Bafarat London offers it’s guests high-quality Coffee and French Patisserie’s to sit in and take away, and now they offer a luxury and delicious afternoon tea menu handmade by Thomas Alphonsine who is a French Pastry Chef.

The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog Bafarat Cafe Outside
The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog Bafarat Cafe Inside decor
The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog Bafarat Cafe, Afternoon Tea Menu
Bafarat Cafe Afternoon Tea Menu

Bafarat Cafe Afternoon Tea

Without a doubt, the Afternoon Tea at Bafarat Cafe is a sweet one. Although 3 savoury items are included in the menu, the rest are sweet, sweet desserts!

I asked for vegetarian savoury options which wasn’t a problem. If you opt for meat you’ll get 2 seafood-based savouries (Lobster and Salmon) and a Truffle Croque with Turkey. Note that the Turkey is not Halal so if you are Muslim, make sure to tell them you want a Halal option and the Turkey will not be included in the Truffle Croque making it vegetarian as I had.

All of the sweets are Halal and are made without any Pork gelatine, however for Vegetarians, you will find a tiny percentage of Fish gelatine in some of the sweets, personally, this was not a problem for me.

My friend has a nut allergy and Thomas gave us a detailed guide of what she could not eat. There were about 4 things she couldn’t have but she still has more than enough to eat!

Let’s get into the tasty details now!

The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog Bafarat Cafe Afternoon Tea
Talk about an instagramable afternoon tea in London!

After our Afternoon Tea was laid out in front of us, Thomas the Pastry Chef told us what order to eat the foods in to get the best experience from them which I was very impressed with!

The Truffle Croque Monsieur was certainly my favourite of the savoury options and I could have eaten double what they gave us, however, like I said, this Afternoon tea at Bafarat Cafe really is all about the sweets, and chocolate to be precise!

I quickly moved on to have a scone which tasted more like shortbread than it did a traditional scone and it was delicious, topped with cream and jam of course!

The following 6 sweets were exquisitely made! I loved the mango and passionfruit cheesecake and the pistachio eclair most I think, although it was hard to choose.

An additional extra to the standard Afternoon Tea menu at Bafarat Cafe is the Chocolate tree (more details on prices below). Now, the chocolate tree isn’t an edible chocolate tree, it’s just a really unique chocolate looking tree which holds even more sweets if you can believe it!

These sweets were even richer and luxurious in taste I thought so if you if you are visiting for a special occasion, it’s probably nice to add this on. My favourite was definitely the Yuzu x Chocolate Sweet!

The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog Bafarat Cafe, Savoury options
Delicious Savouries!
The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog Bafarat Cafe Afternoon Tea
Here you can see the savouries, scones and all of the 6 sweets included in the main menu.

The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog Bafarat Cafe Afternoon Tea
The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog Bafarat Cafe Afternoon Tea
The Colombian Coffee tart on the left is what Thomas suggests to finish with. And I loved the extra details on the Macaron.

Afternoon Tea Price

If the above has not yet convinced you to go for the Bafarat Afternoon Tea then I hope the price will.

For £25.00 per person you will get 3 Savouries, 2 Scones, 5 Desserts and 1 Drink of your choice which is such a good price, not only for this luxury and trendy cafe but for a London Afternoon Tea overall. You won’t find many other Afternoon Tea’s in London for as low as this.

The Chocolate Tree for an extra £8.00 per person gives you 4 more chocolatey Desserts and adds even more uniqueness to the Afternoon Tea however without it, you will still enjoy the experience and have plenty of food.

Remember that the staff will give you a takeaway box if you can’t finish it. We definitely couldn’t and therefore I enjoyed having a scone and the remaining cakes the next day which was also a treat!

To book:

Contact them on Instagram here!

Please note that I was invited as a guest to try the afternoon tea at Bafarat Cafe in London however all opinions and thoughts are my own.