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18 Places To Stop On A Bergen to Alesund Road Trip.

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I did a 3-day road trip from Bergen to Alesund and I can’t believe how many amazing places in Norway I saw in such a small part of the country!

Deciding where to go on a road trip in Norway was quite hard because there are so many route options!

After seeing good flights into Bergen from the UK, which is Norway’s second-largest city after Oslo, and seeing the incredible view of Alesund city with its beautiful Art Nouveau buildings and islands we decided that we’d fly into Bergen, do the Bergen to Alesund drive and then fly out of Alesund.

Whether you’re doing a Bergen to Alesund road trip only or you’re on a bigger Norway road trip and looking for ideas for the Alesund to Bergen section, here is where to stop between Bergen and Alesund and the best places to visit between Bergen and Alesund that I found and loved!

Bergen to Ålesund

Bergen to Alesund
Keep reading for amazing places to stop from Bergen to Alesund like this!

Bergen to Alesund Route

A quick google search of the Bergen to Alesund route by car says it is a 7.5 hour drive via the E39.

Many people search for the Bergen to Alesund ferry but there is no direct ferry, you will get on ferries whilst in the car to cross small sections of water but you will have to do do a lot of road driving too.

We opted for a longer journey over 3 days (which can also be done in 2 days), leaving Bergen via the E16, exiting the E16 to go into Jotunheimen National Park and then taking road 15 up towards Loen and Stryn.

From here you can get back on the E39 to Alesund, although we decided to go North to the Atlantic Ocean Road before coming back to Alesund to end our trip.

I have noted all of the below places on this Bergen to Alesund map to help you plan where to stop depending on which Bergen to Alesund route you take:

Car Hire in Norway

Before we go into the road trip itinerary from Bergen to Alesund, you will need a car to do this trip!

We hired a car from Hertz via Rental Cars at Bergen Airport. We opted for an automatic which was handy for the long drives we did and a bigger engine which was definitely handy when going up the mountain roads.

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Bergen to Alesund, car hire from Bergen
This is the car we hired from Bergen Airport via Rental Cars

1. Fantoft Stave Church

Located just 20 minutes from Bergen Airport in the middle of Bergen Airport and Bergen City is Fantoft Stave Church.

This is one of the iconic Stave Churches in Norway which is really easy to visit as there is a car park nearby and it’s a short walk up a gravel path.

Bergen to Alesund, Fantoft Stave Church
Fantoft Stave Church 20 minutes from Bergen Airport.

2. Bergen Harbour

Bergen is Norway’s second-largest city and it’s certainly a pretty city and a well loved city with a lot of impressive architecture, views and history.

Bergen Harbour is where I recommend heading first so you can see the iconic buildings along the water’s edge. From here you can easily roam the streets to find cafes and restaurants as well museums and many other things to do in Bergen.

We were short on time in Bergen but I’m glad we at least made it to the harbour to get a feel of this city.

Bergen to Alesund, Bergen Harbour
Bergen Harbour is a great place to start your Bergen to Alesund Road trip.

3. Bergen Observation Deck

Mount Fløyen is where you can visit to see an amazing view over Bergen at the viewpoint. You can either drive up the winding roads to Mirador de Floyen observation deck or take the Floibanen Mountain Cable Car from the city.

At the top there are restaurants, play areas for kids and hiking routes and whether you visit day or night, as long as it’s not too foggy, the view will be amazing!

If you fancy taking a tour in Bergen with a local to understand the city better, check these out:

4. Voss

Heading out of Bergen on the E16, on the way to more popular places in Norway like Flam is Voss / Vossevangen,

We didn’t get into Voss until really late, we stayed at Scandic Voss Hotel which I really recommend if you want to use this as a place to stop too and left really early but Voss is a good touristic place to stop on the Bergen to Alesund drive.

It’s in a lovely location on a lake and has tourist attractions like Voss Gondol to take you up to a viewpoint and Voss Folk Museum.

5. Tvinnefossen

Tvinnefossen waterfall is definitely worth a stop, or at least, it’s worth looking out for it as you leave Voss. It’s one of the bigger waterfalls we saw and drops over 150m.

It’s possible to stop near the bottom and walk around the base of the waterfall.

Bergen to Alesund, Tvinnefossen waterfall
Tvinnefossen waterfall near Voss

6. Flam

Flam is rated highly as one of the most popular Fjord destinations in Norway so it’s definitely worth stopping at, or even staying overnight in as there are many things to do in Flam.

The Scenic Flam Railway should be on your list or doing a scenic boat trip around the fjord.

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7. Stegastein Viewpoint

I love all of the observation decks in Norway to help us take in the most impressive views.

Located 20-30 minutes off the main road from Flam up a windy road is Stegastein Viewpoint offering panoramic views of the fjord and definitely worth the stop and detour if you have time on your drive from Bergen to Alesund.

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8. Laerdalstunnelen

Laerdalstunnelen or Lærdal Tunnel is the largest road tunnel in the world at 24.5km! It starts just after Flam around Aurlandsvangen and finishes near Tonjum.

When planning your Norway road trip, it’s definitely worth keeping in mind the number of tunnels you’ll be in, and keep a note of where this one is as it’s impressive to go through and you’re in there for a long time!

Bergen to Alesund, Laerdalstunnelen
Laerdalstunnelen will connect you from Bergen to Alesund

9. Borgund Stave Church

Another Stave Church in Norway on the Alesund to Bergen route is Borgund Stave Church.

This is one of the really famous ones, built around 1180 and I saw it in so many photos when researching where to stop in Norway between Bergen and Alesund.

It is a bit of a detour off the main route which is why we didn’t visit as we were tight on time but if you have time, it looks like it’s worth it, and whilst you’re there you can do the walk up to Vindhellavegen to see the church from above.

10. Sognefjorden

Sognefjorden is apparently known as the king of the fjords in Norway because it’s the longest fjord in Norway!

Driving along here is a spectacular drive and was one of the highlights for me of our road trip through Norway, we had to stop multiple times to take photos!

Especially of all of the huge waterfalls falling into the fjord.

In the summer there are lots of activities on Sognefjorden to do if you decide to stop in the area.

Bergen to Alesund, Sognefjorden
Sognefjorden from my car window

11. Jotunheimen National Park

Our Bergen to Alesund route was decided because we wanted to do a hike in the Jotunheimen National Park.

There are lots of hiking routes in Jotunheimen that you can do and there are so many places to stop to take in the views.

Whether you want to hike or not, I really recommend driving through the National Park because it was so amazing climbing higher and higher in our hire car and see the changing seasons.

We went at the end of September so autumn was showing at sea level but as we drove higher we got a burst of golden and then we saw so much snow before descending back to the start of Autumn again as we got back onto the main roads.

Bergen to Alesund, autumn in Jotunheimen National Park
Autumn Colours in Jotunheimen National Park
Bergen to Alesund, driving through Jotunheimen National Park
Jotunheimen National Park as we got really high to do our hike
Bergen to Alesund, Ellie Quinn hiking in Jotunheimen National Park
Hiking in Jotunheimen National Park

12. Nedre Oscarshaug Viewpoint

One scenic spot in Jotunheimen and viewpoint in Jotunheimen National Park that I recommend you look out for is the Nedre Oscarshaug Viewpoint which has a glass structure on top with all of the peaks around on it and the views from here are insane!

Bergen to Alesund, Nedre Oscarshaug Viewpoint
Nedre Oscarshaug Viewpoint is a great place to stop on your Bergen to Alesund route

13. Loen

We didn’t make it to Loen but we met a local in Geiranger who lives there and said we should have gone!

The most popular thing to do in Loen is the Loen Skylift which says it gets you from the fjord to the sky in 5 minutes via a Cable Car taking you 1011m high.

They have a restaurant at the top and offer activities such as a Via Ferrata. You will need a few hours in Loen if you wish to do the Via Ferrata and explore the top so this is best if you are planning a longer Bergen to Alesund road trip.

14. Stryn

One of the places we saw on Instagram that we wanted to see and gets shot of was the winding river in Stryn.

To be honest, this is only worth visiting if you have a drone and like getting cool shots like this because from the ground it doesn’t look overly special.

Bergen to Alesund, Stryn River Drone shot
Stryn River form our Drone

15. Geiranger & Geirangerfjord

Geiranger is a popular stop for tourists on cruises and fjord tours so it is catered for tourists with activities and things to do in Geiranger like kayaking and biking.

The season had just finished when we arrived in late September so everything was closed or closing but summer in Geiranger definitely offers a lot and it’s buzzing with activity. It’s a good place to stop for a coffee and pastry or lunch.

Bergen to Alesund, Geiranger Port
Geiranger Port
Bergen to Alesund, Geirangerfjord

16. Storsaeterfossen Waterfall

If you’re looking for a bit of a walk and to see a really unique waterfall that you can walk behind then visit Storseterfossen from Geiranger.

17. Ørnevegen Viewpoint

As we left Geiranger up some very tight hairpin bends we reached Ørnevegen which is a viewpoint overlooking Geiranger & Geirangerfjord.

The viewpoint offers a really iconic look at Geirangerfjord and it’s literally on the side of the road as you leave the area so you can’t not stop!

Bergen to Alesund, Ørnevegen Viewpoint over Geirangerfjord
Ørnevegen Viewpoint looking over Geirangerfjord

18. Alesund Viewpoint

Finally, as you approach Alesund be sure to head up to the viewpoint called Aksla Viewpoint. It offers an amazing view over Alesund and the surrounding islands and it’s where you’ll get the iconic view of the city and its colourful buildings.

You can either drive to the top as we did through residential streets, or you can walk from the city centre through a park and up 418 steps to the top, the view is worth the climb!

Bergen to Alesund, Alesund Viewpoint
View from Alesund Viewpoint
Bergen to Alesund, Aksla Viewpoint over Alesund Drone
The Aksla Viewpoint over Alesund from our drone

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I hope this helps you plan your Bergen to Alesund route and Bergen to Alesund road trip!

Eric O

Tuesday 14th of May 2024

What a great write up! I am seriously considering this trip. Did you do a one-way rental? Did you get a good rate?


Wednesday 15th of May 2024

That's great to know. Yes we did a one way rental, it cost more but we lacked on time to get back to Bergen so it was our only choice.