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16 BEST Greek Islands for Families to Visit!

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Are you tired of searching for the best Greek islands for families that combine adventure, relaxation and cultural richness? But with so many Greek islands to choose from, it can be overwhelming to decide where to go for your family.

With its pristine beaches, historic sites, and vibrant culture, the Greek islands have something to offer every member of the family. But with so many Greek island vacation spots, how do you know which ones are best for families?

In this blog post, I and my fellow travel bloggers have put together a fantastic list of popular Greek Islands for families to visit, taking into consideration all the factors, such as affordability and kid-friendly activities in Greece. And, highlighted must-see sights for families, the best family-friendly accommodation in Greece and accessibility for each island.

From sandy beaches to historic ruins, these 16 best Greek islands have something for every member of your family. So pack your bags and get ready for an unforgettable adventure in the land of gods and heroes.

Greek Islands For Families

Best greek islands for families to visit,
Keep reading for the best Greek Islands for families to visit,

The Greek Islands cover a large part of Southern Europe and when it comes to looking for family holidays in Greece. I do find searching for the best Greek Islands hard using Google Maps because Greece is one of the few countries that uses its own names for the islands on Google Maps… which I respect, but it does make it hard working out which island is which sometimes.

Map of Greek Islands for Family Holidays

So, here is a map of the Greece detailing all of the 16 best Greek islands for families mentioned in this post to help get your bearings of the country and to help you plan your family holiday to Greece!

1. Serifos

There are so many wonderful Greek islands for families but few offer the peaceful, natural surroundings of beautiful Serifos. Even though it boasts some of the most dramatic and unblemished scenery in the Cyclades, it is often overlooked by people heading to the more popular nearby islands of Paros and Naxos.

So what is it about Serifos that makes it such a great family-friendly Greek island? Well, let’s start with the beaches. Even though Serifos is relatively small (you can drive around the entire island in about 1.5 hrs) it features an impressive 72 beaches!

From bustling Livadi Beach with its bayfront location, volleyball court, soccer field and numerous restaurants to serene, empty Kalo Ampeli with its clear water, picturesque caves and good snorkelling, there is a Serifos beach to match everyone’s tastes.

Of course, the most dramatic aspect of Serifos is the incomparable Chora, the island’s traditional old town that sits perched on a tall hill above Livadi Bay. Kids may not appreciate the fascinating history but they will certainly be intrigued by the bright white village topped by the spectacular ruins of a castle.

Finally, one of the most unique attractions on Serifos is Megalo Livadi, a mostly abandoned former mining town. Although the mines have been closed for years, the remnants of those boomtown days are still everywhere, just begging to be explored, from an epic mining tunnel to rusting ore cars and a “bridge to nowhere” that stops partially across the bay.

Most families base themselves in the main town of Livadi, where you’ll find the majority of hotels, shops and restaurants. Click here to see some nice places to stay in Livadi and book the one that really suits you.

How to get to Serifos?

You might be upset to know that there is no airport in Serifos but you can book a flight to Athens (or most of the Cycladic islands) and book a ferry from there. The ferry daily departs from Athens and it takes 3 hours to reach Serifos making it manageable for most kids.

Suggested By: Dean and Laynni at Routinely Nomadic

Megalo Livadi beach, best place to go in greece for families, best greek destination for families
A fascinating picture of Megali Livadi beach, definitely the best place for a family holiday in Greece

2. Antiparos

Planning a family vacation to Antiparos can be an exciting and memorable experience. From its stunning beaches to its many unique attractions, Antiparos offers something for everyone. With its crystal clear waters and stunning views, it’s the perfect destination for a family getaway in Greece.

Whether you’re looking to relax on the beach or explore the many attractions in the area, Antiparos is sure to provide your family with an unforgettable experience.

The snow-white Chora of Antiparos, a magnificent ancient village full of flowers and white cottages, is a definite highlight.

There are also some of the top restaurants and taverns on the island, such as the Poet, which serves the best fish. The Kastro, a historic Venetian fortification that is now being rebuilt, is well worth visiting.

But there’s more to discover! Absolutely recommended for families is the Antiparos Cave, a massive stalactite cave on the island of Antiparos. The massive stone formations, which are claimed to be 45 million years old, will astound you on a tour.

The amazing beaches of the island are another attraction. Beautiful bays stretch up along the east coast, providing ideal conditions for a family beach vacation. Especially worth seeing is Faneromeni Beach, a snow-white sandy beach with Turquoise sea.

For a family vacation in Greece, you will find a wide range of fantastic places to stay in Antiparos. Absolutely recommendable for families is the Kouros Village with pool and relaxed atmosphere.

How to get to Antiparos?

The journey to Antiparos island is a wonderful experience. The island can only be reached by ferry, the nearest major international airport is on the island of Mykonos.

Suggested by: Places of Juma

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Walking tour of Antiparos Island, best greek islands to visit
Beautiful streets of Antiparos

3. Mykonos

The popular island of Mykonos is one of the most energetic and is famed for its all-night parties and cosmopolitan vibe, however, there are still plenty of things to do for families in Mykonos on this historic Greek island.

From exploring the Old Town and taking in all the traditional Cycladic architecture, including the whitewashed houses and distinctive paved alleyways to observing one of Mykonos’ most unique draws, the famous 18th-century Windmills. The Mykonos Windmills are lined up along the coastline and can be viewed from any part of the island.

If your kids are interested in having a peek inside, then one of them has been converted into the Agricultural Museum. Or hang out by the beach here and view the Pelicans that stop by daily.

Other great places to visit with kids, includes Little Venice, which has some beautiful balconies that hang over the sea and are perfect viewpoints for sunset (away from the crowds) and one of the stunning beaches in Mykonos.

Popular beaches for families in Mykonos include Ornos Beach and the quiet, Platys Gialos which is 10 minutes away from the town centre (and the parties!). There are plenty of restaurants lined up along the boardwalk, so this is also a great place to stay. Click here to book the best hotel in Platys Gialos to stay with your family.

If you need accommodation recommendations, then these beautiful airbnbs in Mykonos, are favourites amongst visitors.

How to get to Mykonos?

The nearest airport is the Mykonos National Airport, which is located on the island. You can fly to this airport from major cities in Greece and other European countries.

You can also reach Mykonos by ferry from other Greek islands or the mainland. The ferry port is located in the town of Mykonos, and there are regular ferry services to and from Piraeus (Athens), as well as other nearby islands such as Santorini and Naxos.

Suggested by: Roshni from The Wanderlust Within

Visit Gyzi castle on Mykonos, one of the best places to visit in greece for families
Breathtaking view of Gyzi Castle and beach

4. Corfu

Corfu is the perfect family-friendly Greek island. With its stunningly beautiful beaches, peaceful atmosphere, and diverse array of activities, it’s no wonder why Corfu is a popular destination in Greece for families looking to get away from it all.

From relaxing on one of the many picturesque beaches to exploring historic sites and monuments, there’s something for everyone in Corfu.

When it comes to beaches, Corfu is one of the best Greek islands for families. The stunningly clear ocean waters are perfect for swimming and snorkelling, and many beaches also offer beach parks with playgrounds, picnic areas, and other activities for kids. For more exciting adventures, you can book boat tours around the island.

For those looking for more cultural activities, there’s plenty to explore in Corfu. The historic Old Town is full of winding cobblestone streets and old Venetian-style buildings that tell stories about the island’s past. It’s highly recommended to hire a car when on a family trip to Corfu so you can see all the sites at your own pace.

The whole Island is incredibly family-friendly so you will not struggle to find somewhere great to stay. But if you are looking for areas that the whole family will love, stay at Roda. This area in Corfu has many great hotels, restaurants and super safe beaches to explore.

What makes Corfu so great for families is the fantastic weather, endless things to do and welcoming locals. So no matter what your family is looking for in a holiday destination, Corfu has it all!

How to get to Corfu?

The island has its own international airport, Corfu International Airport, which is located near the town of Kerkyra. There are flights to Corfu from major cities in Greece, as well as other European countries. Book a flight to Corfu here at the best rates possible!

You can also reach Corfu by ferry from the mainland city of Igoumenitsa, as well as from other nearby islands such as Paxoi and Antipaxoi. Ferries to Corfu run regularly and the journey can take anywhere from 2 to 6 hours depending on your departure point.

Suggested by: Lowri Thomas from Many Other Roads

Beach in Corfu, best family friendly destination in Greece
Visit Corfu to visit best greek island vacation

5. Lefkada

Lefkada is a Greek island for families that lies in the Ionian Sea and features seaside villages, beautiful blue sea waters, and beaches, as well as a seaside food culture to savour.

On the island of Lefkada, you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to stunning, white sandy beaches that the whole family will enjoy. One of the most beautiful beaches is Porto Katsiki which is at the south end of the island.

You can reach the best beach on Lefkada itself by walking down a staircase of around 100 steps that winds along the cliffside. At the end, you will be rewarded with beautiful turquoise waters and a serene shore, which your kids will surely love.

Another great beach to visit is Egremni Beach. It is especially beautiful at sunset as the rocks on the beach turn bright red in the evening.

Most kids will be more than happy spending the day on one of the many beaches playing in the sand and turquoise waters; however, when you want a little more adventure from relaxing on the beaches head into Lefkada town.

Here you can indulge in a little shopping and stop for a little drink or bite to eat at one of the many cafes and restaurants perfectly situated along the waterfront.

Another fabulous thing to do in Lefkada is to organize a day trip to the island paradise of Kefalonia. If you have a whole day available, use the entire day to explore the island and then spend the early evening in the beautiful town of Fiscardo.

You can also take a boat trip and visit Kastos, Kalamos, and Skorpios. You will get to visit several beaches and small villages and enjoy a fabulous buffet onboard.

A great central place to stay in Lefkada, look no further than La Casa di Caterina hotel which is just outside Lefkada town and is less than 1 mile from the beach at Agios Ioannis.

How to get to Lefkada?

The nearest airport to Lefkada is Aktion National Airport, which is located on the mainland near the town of Preveza. From there, you can take a taxi or rent a car to reach Lefkada.

There is a regular ferry service from the mainland town of Nidri to Lefkada. The ferry journey takes about 30 minutes. You can also reach Lefkada by ferry from other nearby islands such as Ithaca and Kefalonia.

Suggested by: Wanderlust Storytellers

One of the beaches in Lefkada, top greek islands for families
Add Lefkada in your Greek Islands to visit with kids list

6. Astypalaia

Also known as the Butterfly of the Aegean Sea, Astypalaia is part of the Dodecanese Islands complex even though it looks more like one of the Cyclades. Far from the glamour of the neighbouring Cyclades though, Astypalaia is a small island, ideal for a relaxing family vacation in Greece.

The main attraction of the island is Astypalaia’s Old Town or Chora, which is considered one of the prettiest among the Aegean Islands. Getting lost in the maze of its whitewashed alleys and climbing to the top of Chora, where the Venetian Castle awaits to be discovered, is a unique experience.

Constructed in 1204 by the Querini Family, Astypalaia’s Castle is the best place for family holiday in Greece as the kids will enjoy panoramic views of the island and the Aegean Sea.

Like most Greek Islands, Astypalaia has several beaches with crystal clear waters and facilities that make them ideal for families. Among them, Livadi Beach stands out. Situated just over one kilometre from Chora, Livadi is a long beach equipped with sunbeds and umbrellas and lined by restaurants and cafés.

Although it sounds touristy and loud, Livadi Beach is far from that. It’s the ideal place for an easy-going vacation for families travelling with kids.

A few steps from Livadi Beach, Book Gerani Studios hotel which is the perfect accommodation option for a family vacation in Astypalaia. At Gerani Studios, there’s also an on-site traditional Greek restaurant, ideal for a delicious family lunch or dinner with local delicacies.

How to get to Astypalaia?

Astypalaia has a national airport that connects it to Athens by domestic flights. Alternatively, you can get to Astypalaia by ferry from Piraeus Port in Athens. The ferry journey takes about nine hours, with stops at several Cyclades Islands.

Suggested by: Katerina of It’s All Trip To Me

Astypalaia streets,
Wandered in the streets of Astypalaia, enjoying every bit of it

7. Kefalonia

When looking for the best Greek island for family holidays, how can you forget Kefalonia? Some of the most breathtaking natural wonders can be found in Kefalonia and this unspoiled island is the perfect destination in Greece to explore with the family.

This island’s stunning scenery and the Ionian Sea where kids can spot turtles offer a wonderful vacation in Greece for families.

One of the best things to do in Kefalonia is to visit the capital of the island – Argostoli. This lovely town is ideal for strolling along the water and looking for turtles. Families will also love the variety of cafes, restaurants, and ice cream shops that Argostoli has to offer.

However, kids will also enjoy exploring dark caves and learning about stalagmites and stalactites. Kefalonia boasts of the impressive Drogaratti Cave that reaches a depth of 60 m. Moreover, a short boat trip to Melissani Cave will be a fun activity for families.

Another fantastic place to visit with kids is Assos Village. It is one of Kefalonia’s most picturesque spots with pastel-coloured houses and calm water beaches. Other family-friendly beaches on the island are among others Xi Beach, Gialos Beach, and Gradakia Beach.

Moreover, Kefalonia is also perfect for taking amazing day trips. Island hopping to Zakynthos or Ithaca can be a great travel experience. Both of those neighbouring islands have sandy beaches and plenty of attractions for kids.

Families may find lots of accommodation in Argostoli, which is only 15 minutes from the airport. Make your trip memorable and book Kefalonia Grand Hotel, which is one of the best options that will allow you not only to explore the town on foot but also to book trips from local tour companies. 

How to get to Kefalonia?

The island has its own airport, Kefalonia International Airport, which is located near the town of Argostoli. You can book the flight to Kefalonia from major cities in Greece, as well as other European countries.

You can reach Kefalonia by ferry from the mainland city of Sami, as well as from other nearby islands such as Ithaca and Zakynthos. Ferries to Kefalonia run regularly and the journey can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours depending on your departure point.

Suggested by: Paulina from the UK Every Day

Paradise cave in Kefalonia, best places to visit with kids
Paradise Cave, the best place to go in Kefalonia

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8. Kos 

When you’re trying to choose a family-friendly Greek island, Kos always seems to be the perfect combination: small enough to drive around in a day, but still with lots of things to do in Kos with kids.

If your kids are fascinated by Ancient Greece, the island is home to one of the world’s oldest hospitals, the Asklepion – get a guided tour to discover some of the unexpected medical treatments – plus there’s a great little archaeological museum in Kos Town to amaze your kids and experience the best Greek island vacation.

The island’s capital is also home to the remains of the 15th Castle of the Knights, where kids can let their imaginations run wild and soak up the views, as well as an Ottoman mosque on the main square.

Or discover recent history at the last working windmill on the island at Antimachia, where they still grind flour to make some great biscuits.

Away from the sights, there are two waterparks on the island, boat trips including the chance to sail off aboard a pirate boat, and a string of fantastic beaches.

The beaches on the south coast have gorgeous golden sand, including popular Paradise Beach, or there are quieter coves with black volcanic sand to discover too and Blue Flag Tigaki beach in the north.

You’ll find lots of family-friendly hotels and resorts around Kardamena, also on the south coast, which makes a great base to explore – it’s around 30 minutes from Kos Town at one end, and pretty Kefalos at the other, plus just a 10-minute drive from the airport. 

How to get to Kos?

The island has its own airport, Kos Island International Airport, which is located near the town of Kos. There are flights to Kos from major cities in Greece, as well as other European countries.

You can reach Kos Island by ferry from the nearby islands of Rhodes and Kalymnos, as well as from the mainland city of Piraeus (Athens). Ferries to Kos run regularly and the journey can take anywhere from 2 to 8 hours depending on your departure point

Suggested by: Cathy from Mummy Travels

Aegean Sea,  most family friendly greek island
Aegean sea in Kos making it the best greek islands to visit

9. Zakynthos

Zakynthos is one of the best Greek islands to visit and top Greek island for families. The beautiful island of Zakynthos is mainly known for its famous shipwreck beach (called Navagio Beach), but it’s also the most family-friendly Greek island that belongs on everyone’s bucket list.

If you’re travelling with children, you can visit Zante Water Village or the Tsilivi Water Park, and there are also many wonderful beaches scattered across the island, including kid friendly beaches like Argassi, Kalamaki, Alyakanas, and Gerakas beach.

Another good one is Banana Beach, which has nice facilities, including restaurants and luxurious sun loungers. Some of the best areas for families to stay on the island include Tsilivi and Zakynthos Town.

Snorkelling is another fun activity in Zakynthos, and the water is incredibly clear like glass. In some places, you can even see wild sea turtles, but remember to give them plenty of space since they’re protected animals.  Even though it’s becoming a very popular island, it’s still pretty affordable and now is the time to visit!

Last, but not least, you can’t visit the island of Zakynthos without doing at least one boat tour of the coastline, seeing sights like the Blue Caves, Keri Caves, and of course the shipwreck at Navagio Beach. You can even land on the beach and see the rusty old shipwreck up close!

How to get to Zakynthos?

The island of Zakynthos can be reached by flight or ferry, with daily nonstop flights from Athens that are quite short and affordable. You can also fly directly to Zakynthos from some international cities like Amsterdam or Rome.

Suggested by: David & Intan from The World Travel Guy

Navagio Beach of Zakynthos Island
The beautiful Navagio beach of Zakynthos island makes it the best greek destination for families

10. Milos

Boasting a chilled vibe, uncrowded beaches and quaint towns with plenty of Cycladic charm, Milos is a perfect family-friendly destination in Greece.

You may not find here the vibrant nightlife of Santorini or Mykonos, but on Milos, you will enjoy unspoiled nature and plenty of relaxing time with your loved ones making it the best place to go in Greece for families.

Apart from enjoying the quiet beaches of Milos, more active families can go kayaking, explore the famous white cliffs of Kleftiko on a boat tour or rent a small motor boat and organise their own family boat tour along the shores of Milos.

Other things to do in Milos include visiting the colourful fishing village of Klima and exploring the Catacombs of Milos.

If you’re looking for a family-friendly town on the island, you should stay in Pollonia, which is located on the northeastern side of Milos. Pollonia is super quiet and has a sandy beach with shallow access to the sea, but despite being small and chilled, Pollonia also has a fantastic range of family-owned restaurants.

Stay in one of the Airbnb style apartments in Pollonia that feature self-catering facilities and suitable space for the whole family. A great choice is Venia’s Guesthouse.

How to get to Milos?

Getting to Milos island is simple, and the easiest mode of transportation is a ferry from Athens or, if you’re island hopping, other Cycladic islands such as Santorini or Mykonos.

The ferry ride is an adventure in its own ride, especially for the little ones. It is also possible to fly to Milos from Athens international airportCheck out flights here!

Suggested by: Mal of Raw Mal Roams

Milos Island, best greek destination for families
Peaceful Milos Island

11. Rhodes

From thrilling watersports to wandering through ancient ruins, Rhodes is an easily accessible Greek island for families. It’s only 80km long, meaning it’s easily explorable, yet has plenty to offer.

Base yourself on the eastern coast of the island where you’ll find numerous charming villages with a swathe of kid-friendly accommodations, activities and restaurants available.

Here, you’ll also find the best beaches in Rhodes to enjoy snorkelling, swimming, sandcastle building and paddle boating fun.

Away from the shore adventure awaits too, with jeep safari tours ready to whisk you along off-road trails into the hills, a hidden butterfly valley that also provides a welcome escape from the heat, and a toy museum where kids can play with interactive exhibits, including an old-school arcade.

Fascinating sights will wow even the smallest of visitors to the island, like the impressive Acropolis of Rhodes, and the stunning Lindos Acropolis.

And if you fancy heading out on a day trip, everything from underwater submarine adventures and speedboat rides to sightseeing tours are available and easy to book direct from the stalls lining the Mandraki Harbour in Rhodes town.

It’s also here that you can jump on a ferry to nearby islands such as Symi, Tilos, and Halki.

For a low-key seaside stay, head to Charaki beach where self-contained holiday apartments sit right on the beachfront.

For a busier atmosphere, choose Lindos, where you can embark on activities and tours straight from the small harbour port. Or if you don’t want to hire a car, choose one of the beachside resorts surrounding Rhodes town

How to get to Rhodes?

There is an airport on Rhodes, known as Rhodes International Airport (RHO), you can also book a flight from various cities in Greece and Europe.

Rhodes is well connected by ferry to the mainland of Greece, as well as to other Greek islands. Book a ferry ride from Piraeus (Athens) or other nearby ports to reach Rhodes.

Suggested by: Le Long Weekend

Haraki Beach of rhodes,  best place to go in greece for families
Haraki Beach in Rhodes is the best place to go in greece for families

12. Santorini

While Santorini is generally thought of as a place for honeymooning couples, there are still family-friendly things to do in Santorini. It’s worth a stop for a few days, giving your kids a chance to see some of the beauty of the Greek Islands.

One of the most exciting things to do is take a boat tour of the caldera. You’ll get a chance to see the expanse of the caldera and the island from afar, visit the volcano up close, and swim in volcanic hot springs. Often cruises include a meal or drinks.

Good swimming options in Santorini for families include jumping off low rocks near Ammoudi Bay or playing in the sand and waves at Perissa Beach.

The archaeological site of Ancient Thera and the prehistoric village ruins of Akrotiri are fascinating places where your kids can let their imaginations run wild, dreaming up what the ancient world was like. It really is one of the top attractions in Santorini.

Also, don’t miss out on wandering through the cobblestone streets of the small towns, best done while eating an ice cream cone. Oia is the most iconic town on Santorini, but that also means it is very crowded and accommodations are often geared towards couples.

Consider staying in a more family-friendly town like Fira, which is conveniently located in the middle of the island and has a range of accommodation options.

How to get to Santorini?

The quickest way to reach Santorini is by plane. There is an airport on the island, Santorini National Airport (JTR), which receives flights from various cities in Greece and Europe.

There are surprisingly cheap flights to Santorini from the UK during the school holidays. Have a look on Skyscanner here!

Santorini is also connected by ferry to the mainland of Greece, as well as to other Greek islands. You can take a ferry from Piraeus (Athens) or other nearby ports to reach Santorini.

Suggested by: Megann Star

Red Beach, top destinations to visit in Greece with family
Red Beach hopping in Santorini

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13. Naxos

Here comes the next best Greek island for family holidays, Naxos. Naxos is the largest island by landmass in the Cycladic Island group but by no means its busiest. This laidback underrated Greek island is a hot spot for large expansive golden beaches and crystal-clear azure waters.

Small family-friendly beach towns dot the southwest coast of the island, with amenities to suit any length of stay. Not a party island whatsoever, Naxos provides the calm and serenity of a true holiday but also packs in a fair amount of activities if you so choose.

If you’d like the convenience of a nearby ferry port, you can book a white-washed Greek villa by St Georges beach (a family apartment at Kalergis Studios fits the bill), just south of Naxos Chora, a 15-minute walk from the port or a short taxi ride.

For the best place to stay in Naxos a bit more remote, head to Agia Anna, one of Naxos’s most family-friendly beach towns.

For a day of fun with the kids, rent a car and drive to the Aqua Fun Waterpark, only a 10-minute ride away. Hunker down in a shaded lounge chair, grab a cocktail from the tiki bar and let the kids frolic in the water and check out the park’s waterslides.

Alternatively, you can book a windsurfing class at Laguna Beach Park – fun for the whole family. Spend a couple of hours in the safety of the bay, while you try your hand with a board and sail.

For sunset, either head to the Temple of Apollo in Chora and watch the sun dip below the horizon, or take a 3-hour sunset horseback riding tour, a unique way to see the island.

How to get to Naxos?

The quickest way to reach Naxos is by plane. There is an airport on the island, Naxos Island National Airport (JNX), which receives flights from various cities in Greece and Europe.

Naxos is well connected by ferry to the mainland of Greece, as well as to other Greek islands. You can take a ferry from Piraeus (Athens) or other nearby ports to reach Naxos.

Suggested by: Haley of Haley Blackall Travel

Agia Anna Beach of Naxos, most family friendly greek island, top greek islands for families
Agia Anna Beach is the best greek destination for families

14. Paros

The Cycladic Island of Paros is one of the best Greek Islands for families for those looking for a peaceful family getaway with some of the best food in Greece!

Paros is an up-and-coming island known as a more affordable alternative to the eye-wateringly expensive Santorini and best place to stay in Greece for families. With so many stunning beaches, cute hilltop villages and family-friendly activities, it’s easy to design a family-friendly Paros itinerary. It’s the best Greek island for a relaxed family holiday.

One of the best family-friendly things to do on Paros is a boat tour of the island’s gorgeous coastline. Many different companies offer this, and most of them do the same thing.

You’ll get to sail around the island, making numerous stops for swimming, snorkelling and jumping off the boat into the sea, before having a BBQ lunch of freshly caught fish. In the afternoon, you’ll make a few more stops and check out a cave before the boat inflates its huge slide, so you can slide off the boat into the sea!

There are also more beautiful beaches within walking distance of Parikia than Naoussa, and Parikia’s nightlife is far less rowdy, so your family won’t be kept awake at night!

Most visitors to Paros stay in either Parikia or Naoussa. Although both towns are fabulous options, the obvious choice for families would be Parikia. This is the town where the ferry arrives, meaning getting to your accommodation will be far easier than navigating the island’s bus system to get to Naoussa

Elevate Your Next Trip with a Stress-Free Hotel Booking and book the hotel in Parikia here!

How to get to Paros?

Paros doesn’t have an international airport, you can either fly to the island from Athens or catch a ferry from Athens or one of the other Cyclades islands.

Book your flight via Skyscanner to Athens. Once you reach Athens, book your ferry ride to Paros to start the adventure!

Suggested by: Ella from Many More Maps

Beach of Paros, popular greek islands for families, most family friendly greek island
Paros Island hopping

15. Crete

Crete is the largest of the Greek islands and offers an array of experiences for families with children of all ages which makes it the best Greek island for family holidays. Crete is divided into four prefectures, each unique in its own way.

Those who wish to explore a lesser-known side of Crete are invited to spend some time in Lassithi, with its capital city Agios Nikolaos characterized by its beautiful lake Voulismeni that crowns the central part of this town. Merely an hour’s drive from the capital city of Heraklion it is connected both by an airport and a port.

The Lassithi region also has its own airport and port located in Sitia.  The port serves routes to mainland Greece as well as the Dodecanese and the Cyclades.

This magical part of Crete has everything from pristine beaches like Chryssi island to breathtaking natural beauty such as Richtis Gorge and centuries-old history. In terms of accommodation, Lassithi offers a wide choice of hotels and apartments ideal for a family getaway.

Candia Park Village is a perfect example of a family-type hotel which not only features a spectacular location overlooking the Mirabello Bay but also has an extensive selection of family friendly activities designed solely with families in mind making it one of the best places in Greece for families.

Rethymno is another wonderful destination that is ideal for a family escape, its long stretch of sandy beach is lined with four and five-star resorts which are perfect for a carefree vacation. The region of Rethymno offers a wide range of experiences for all types of travellers, from beautiful mountainous villages to impressive monasteries and stunning beaches.

Its charming Venetian Old Town is a wonderful place to enjoy a leisurely evening, wandering around the picturesque alleyways lined with blooming bougainvillaea and jasmine The Cretan hospitality is one of a kind and your family will most certainly enjoy a vacation of a lifetime

How to get to Crete?

You can fly to Heraklion (HER) or Chania (CHQ) airports, which are the main airports on the island. From there, you can take a taxi, bus, or rent a car to get around.

You can also book yourself a ferry from Athens or other nearby islands to the port of Heraklion, Chania, or Rethymno. This is a great option if you’re already in Greece and want to explore the islands.

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Mirabello Bay in Crete, best greek beach to visit, best greek island to visit
Stunning view of Mirabello Bay in Crete

6. Hydra

One of the best family-friendly Greek islands is the island of Hydra. Hydra is a beautiful island that you can find very close to Athens and it is possible to do a day trip to the island from the capital city by ferry, which takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes. Also, there are ferries from other places in the country.

One of the reasons why Hydra is a family-friendly island is that this beautiful picturesque island is completely car-free. This makes travelling to the island with children a much more relaxing experience.

Also, what makes Hydra perfect for families is that it is a very small island that is easy to explore on foot. When you go to the island by ferry, you arrive immediately in the center of the main town as that’s the place where the ferries go, so you don’t have to walk a lot from the ferry. In this town, there are a lot of restaurants, shops, and sights.

Another reason why Hydra is family-friendly is that you can see a lot of mules in the main town. These animals can be great to see for kids. Also, there are beautiful beaches on the island that can be reached by water taxi. And it is possible to do boat cruises that start in the main town of Hydra.

Through these cruises, you can explore the coastline of Hydra, which can be a lot of fun to do. If you decide to stay in Hydra for more than one day, the main town, Hydra port, is the most convenient place to stay as most accommodations can be found there.

How to get to Hyrdra?

Hydra is fairly close to Athens so it is best to fly into Athens Airport and then take a ferry from Athens to Hydra which takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes. Also, there are ferries from other places in the country.

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town of Hydra from water, Best greek islands for families to visit,
Hydra is a great Greek Island to visit from Athens with kids

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