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20 BEST Restaurants on Curry Mile / Wilmslow Road Manchester From Around the World!

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Curry Mile is a common name for Wilmslow Road in Rusholme, Manchester and where to eat on Curry Mile is a common thought when eating out in Manchester!

Technically not a mile, this street is packed with Asian, Arab and African restaurants serving up some of the best food in Manchester and a melting pot for cultures and tastes.

Visiting Curry Mile can be a bit overwhelming because there’s so much choice.. I tend to go at least once every 2 weeks and am still unsure of where to try next, so lets look at the best Curry Mile restaurants from my experience and from my Manchester based instagram followers who are big fans of the restaurants on Wilmslow Road and visit them regularly!

Best Curry Mile Restaurants

Best curry mile restaurants, Best Wilmslow Road restaurants
Keep reading for the best Curry Mile Restaurants

Before we get into a list of the best Wilmslow Road restaurants, let’s go through how to get there and what to expect!

Where is Curry Mile / Wilmslow Road Manchester?

Below is a map of all of the best curry mile restaurants detailed in this post to help you visit.

There is more than one ‘Wilmslow Road’ in Manchester so it’s important you go to the right street. The ‘Curry Mile’ generally runs from Platt Fields Park to Whitworth Park (there’s a lot of debate about which side it starts and ends.. everyone has their own opinion!).

Wilmslow Road aka Curry Mile Manchester, Best curry mile restaurants, Best Wilmslow Road restaurants
The famous Curry Mile on Wilmslow Road!

Wilmslow Road Parking

Parking on Wilsmlow Road isn’t the easiest thing. There is street parking but it’s limited. There is also side street parking but it gets very tight and people have a thing of parking on double yellow lines with no apparent fear of tickets around here!

So the best thing is to head to one of the car parks like Car Park Manchester Thurloe Street or NCP Parking.

What Restaurants on Wilmslow Road are there?

South Asian Restaurants (Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi) are what started the infamous Curry Mile in Manchester back in the 1970’s and 80’s.

These days the street is mainly focused on South Asian and Arab food but you’ll also find Afghan Food, Turkish Food, Persian Food, Mexican Food plus Burgers and Dessert Shops!

Around the outskirts of Wilmslow Road you’ll find lots of African Restaurants with Eritrean, Ethiopian, Libyan food and more!

When looking for halal food in Manchester you can pretty much guarantee that everything on (and around) Willmslow road is halal because the owners are Muslim and the majority of the clientele are Muslim!

Persian Soup from Walnut Persian Restaurant Wilmslow Road, Best curry mile restaurants,
From delicious Persian food…
Ellie at dessert restaurant on wilmslow road, Best curry mile restaurants,
to dessert shops, there are so many restaurants on Wilmslow Road to try!

The restaurants on Wilmslow Road are such a mix, some offer a nice relaxed dining experience, others are a quick sit, eat and go process and others you might prefer to take-out from altogether.

This really adds to what Wilmslow Road is all about and the fact that because of the different dining styles, it caters to a range of budgets too!

Why is Curry Mile so good?

Curry Mile is like no-where else in Manchester and seems to follow its own set of rules!

Firstly it’s a melting pot for lots of different cultures and people of different backgrounds and this provides a really vibrant atmosphere. It’s also home to student accommodation to one end, which I think also helps the affordability of the food on the street.

With it’s bright lights, smells of food and shisha, car horns blaring (and often manic driving), you easily feel like you’re in a different part of the world.. in a very good way!

Whilst it is a Muslim majority area and this doesn’t go unnoticed, it is a street everyone in Manchester can enjoy and get delicious food from.

Wilmslow Road at night, Best curry mile restaurants,
Wilmslow Road at night has a buzzing atmosphere!

Wilmslow Road Restaurants

Now let’s get into the best restaurants on Wilmslow Road that I love and my Manchester based Instagram followers love!

New around here? As well as travel, I share halal food guides to Manchester on here and my Instagram account! Check out my ULTIMATE Guide to Halal Food Manchester, 14 Cafes for Halal Brunch in Manchester You HAVE to Try and my Instagram account for my #aroundtheworldinmcr posts!

1. Jaffa

It has to be said that the BEST restaurant on Wilmslow Road is Jaffa because I got so many replies for Jaffa to my Instagram question asking ‘what is the best restaurant on Wilmslow Road’!

It is worth noting there’s a Jaffa and Jafra, Jafra is later down on this list but to understand the hype, make sure you go to Jaffa on the corner of Park Cresent.

It’s a very casual and informing dining experience with seating upstairs and downstairs. You order at the counter (I believe they only take cash) and the servers will bring the food to you. They serve a section of fetayer, kebabs, shawarma, pizza and mezze. We really love their fetayer and salads.

I think what most people love about Jaffa is its consistent quality and reasonable prices. You know what you’re going to get there, the quality is always good and the portions are big. Many people comment on how friendly the staff are and how good it is for families to dine together in a casual setting without it costing a fortune!

2. Afghan Cuisine

My personal favourite restaurant on Wilmslow Road / Curry Mile is Afghan Cuisine! We go here a lot either eating in or getting take away.

It’s fairly informal and casual with seating downstairs and a large seating area upstairs. You order at the counter (they only take cash) and the servers will bring the food to you.

We always order the same thing – Chicken Al Faham, Lamb Kobeda, Pilau Rice which I can’t get enough of and bread which they cook fresh in a clay oven! They offer many other options too though and I like that there are photos at the counter to help you order.

chicken, kebab and rice from Afghan Cuisine, Best curry mile restaurants,
This is our favourite order at Afghan Cuisine, one of the best curry mile restaurants!

I know a lot of people love Afghan Cuisine on Wilmslow Road and it’s always busy for a reason. People mainly love it for the consistent high quality, reasonable prices and big portions. This is another one of the best restaurants on Wilmslow Road to go with the family and young children as it is very relaxed.

Here’s my Instagram reel to help you see what Afghan Cuisine on Wilmslow Road is like:

3. MyLahore

One of the most popular Asian restaurants on Wilmslow Road is MyLahore and they have a number of restaurants around the country.

MyLahore offer British Asian food with the typical curries, biryanis and sides you’d expect from a South Asian Restaurant but they also serve burgers and ‘healthy bites’ helping everyone find something they like on the menu.

Whilst not an overly fancy place to dine, the restaurant is more formal than many of the other restaurants on Curry Mile and I suggest you book a table in advance.

People love the consistent high quality food here and the good service.

4. Mughli Charcoal Pit

Mughli has been named as ‘One of Manchester’s Best Restaurants’ and the top “Curry House to Visit Before You Die”, so it’s no surprise many of the followers on Instagram recommend Mughli as one of the best restaurants on Curry Mile.

Not to be confused with Mowgli Street Food, a new chain of restaurants, Mughli is a family-run restaurant that has been running for around 30 years offering a taste of the kitchens of Mughal India and ‘Indian Soul Food’.

They are known for their Street Food dishes but also serve a range of curries and sides.

People love the authentic flavours here, the comfortable seating and the attentive staff.

5. Walnut Persian Restaurant

When I moved to Manchester, so many people told me to go to Walnut Restaurant on Wilmslow Road and I’m telling you the same too, just make sure you pre-book as they get busy!

Walnut Persian Restaurant is known as one of the best restaurants on Wilmslow Road and best Persian restaurants in Manchester. They offer a really good sized menu with options like Kebabs, Chops, Stews, Soups and Rices. Don’t miss their Saffron Ice Cream!

kebab and rice from Walnut Persian Restaurant, best curry mile restaurants
A delicious and well presented from Walnut Persian Restaurant

I found their portions to be huge so you can definitely share dishes and people love it for it’s delicious, fresh and authentic tastes.

This is one of the restaurants on Wilmslow Road for more a fancy dinner. It’s warm and welcoming and perfect for a date night or nice meal out with family.

6. Don Tacos

You don’t often find halal Mexican food but at Don Taco’s on Wilmslow Road you do!

This is one of the top restaurants in my halal food in Manchester guide because they offer a wide range of dishes like tacos, birria tacos, burritos, quesadillas and much more with beef, lamb, chicken or veggie fillings and a range of spices to suit everyone.

tacos from Don Tacos on Wilmslow Road, best curry mile restaurants
Halal Mexican isn’t hard to find but you can find it on Wilmslow Road!

The restaurant is informal with only a few tables but its bright and fun and we enjoyed dining in, take out is popular too!

Here’s my Instagram reel to help you see what Don Taco’s on Wilmslow Road is like:

7. Pitmaster

I love Pitmaster! Surprisingly, not many people recommended it as their favourite restaurant on Wilmslow Road on Instagram which makes me think they might not have tried it!

Pitmaster is a BBQ and Smokehouse serving high quality, brisket, ribs and burgers, and it’s all halal!

halal restaurants in manchester, Pitmaster Brisket Burger, best halal burgers in Manchester
The Brisket Burger from Pitmaster has to be top of the list of the best halal burgers in Manchester!

Their 16 hour smoked brisket really is some of the best meat I’ve tasted and the quality is really high. Eating it in a burger with cheese and jalapeño’s makes you feel like you’ve had a really naughty greasy burger but because the meat is so good, you don’t feel rubbish afterwards and it actually fills you up!

Alongside the meat, they serve a range of sides and free flowing drinks. They have a fast food framework with casual seating but because their seating is comfortable and looks nice, it feels nice to sit in and enjoy the food!

8. Hadramout

There are a few Yemeni restaurants on Wilmslow Road. Hadramount is the only one I’ve been to so far and I really liked it!

Located on Welmar Street East, just off Wilmslow Road, it looks very informal and it is, especially downstairs, but they have an upstairs area with private Arab style rooms sectioned off with curtains with cushions on the floor and this was a highlight for me as I haven’t eaten in Manchester in this way before.

People like this Yemeni Restaurant on Wilmslow Road for its authentic, great tasting food and reasonable prices. I loved the Fahsa Lamb, Kabsa and fresh bread!

Here’s my Instagram reel to help you see what Hadramout on Wilmslow Road is like:

9. Quick Syrian Meal

For Syrian food on Wilmslow Road, Quick Syrian Meal was suggested by many people which only opened at the start of 2023.

They offer a range of mezzes, pastries, grilled meats like kebab and pizzas in a relaxed seating area.

I’m yet to eat here but it’s on my list!

10. Al Jazeera

Another one of the best Afghan restaurants in Manchester and on Wilmslow Road. I know a lot of people who prefer Al Jazeera over Afghan Cuisine, and vice versa.

Al Jazeera are a long standing restaurant serving Afghan dishes like Kobeda, Kebab, Faham, Fish, Pilau Rice and much more.

The seating inside is informal but you come here for the food and people love the fresh food, reasonable prices, consistent quality and big portions.

11. Sanam

Sanam is a much loved restaurant on Curry Mile and was highly recommended by people who love Wilmslow Road on my Instagram account! It’s been around for many years and lots of people in Manchester have fond past memories of visiting!

Going by the reviews on Tripadvisor, not everyone is happy with the quality and it seems some people think it’s great and others don’t have a great experience. I’ve been twice and enjoyed it but it’s not my favourite restaurant.

They do have big tables and booths which are great for a big family dinner.

Sanam serve Pakistani cuisine with all the favourites and lots of sweets in their sweetshop to take home afterwards.

12. Sultanahmet Grill

For some classic and authentic Turkish dishes, Sultanahmet Grill on Wilmslow Road is the place to go!

Their restaurant is all on an upstairs level making it calm amongst the chaos Wilmslow Road can often become. It’s not a fancy restaurant but its not informal either and is good for big groups and a big family dinner due to it’s size.

kunefe at Sultanahmet Grill on Wilmslow Road, best Wilmslow road restaurants
Don’t miss the desserts on Wilmslow Road either!

Sultanahmet Grill offer the Turkish favourites like pide, kofta, shish kebab, lots of mezze starters and of course kunefe for dessert which is one of the reasons I love going here!

13. Afrikana

Curry Mile aka Wilmslow Road is full of independent restaurants instead of big chain restaurants which is one of its charms. Afrikana with over over 15 locations around the country came to Wilmslow Road in summer 2023 and although it seems a little out of place as they are a larger chain now, I’m sure it will be popular and people will enjoy this new taste!

I’ve been to the Afrikana in Birmingham on the popular Ladypool Road (the Birmingham version of Wilmslow Road!) and it was good!

They serve African style curries, grilled chicken, steaks, wraps and much more that are full of flavour with sides like rice and peas, plantain and Mac and cheese.

I think if you want a classic Wilmslow Road restaurant, this isn’t the place to go, but if you are looking for new restaurants on Wilmslow Road to try, it is!

14. Jilani’s

Jilani’s is a local favourite for many on Wilmslow Road offering a modern grill menu and dessert menu. If you’re looking for dessert shops on Wilmslow Road, this is one of the places to go!

Best curry mile restaurants, Faloda and Gulab Jamon at Jilani's Wilsmlow Road
For desserts on Wilsmlow Road, head to Jilani’s!

Their menu is Asian fusion with burgers and chips but spiced grilled meat too. From the reviews, people love the lamb chops here.

The atmosphere and seating is casual and makes it good for family dinners with young children.

15. Chit N Chaat

Chit N Chaat offers Indian Street Food in a fun and bright environment on Wilmslow Road and this casual eatery is highly recommended.

Serving vibrant and flavoursome food with all of the street food favourites like Dosa, Momo’s, Pat Bhaji, Paratha and more.

16. Jafra

Another one of the popular restaurants on Wilmslow Road that many return to time and time again, Jafra serves Palestinian food and here you’ll find all of the Middle Eastern mezzes, grills, shawarma, kebabs and wraps you can think of.

Jafra is a casual but they offer table service unlike some of the other top restaurants on Wilmslow Road.

People love the quality of the food here and find the staff friendly which is why they keep going back.

17. Cedar Bakery

Cedar Bakery is the perfect place to go when looking for brunch restaurants on Wilmslow Road, I mention it is my best halal cafes in Manchester post because it’s a hidden gem on the Curry Mile.

Opening from 10:00 am everyday, just off Wilmslow Road on Walmer Street E is where you can get delicious Arabic Breakfast dishes like classic Foul, pastries with all the Arab flavours, hummus, omelettes and much more.

They are open until 8:00 pm or 10:00 pm depending on the day so don’t think of this as a breakfast place only, it’s great for lunch and dinner, and to get some authentic Arabic sweets and pastries to take away!

18. Fresh Almalaky

Another one of the Yemeni Restaurants on Wilmslow Road is Fresh Almalaky.

People love this restaurant for the high quality, authentic Yemeni dishes, friendly staff, the family friendly environment and reasonable prices.

If Yemeni food is new to you, be sure to speak to the staff and ask them to explain the dishes, Mandi Chicken is always a good option!

Opening at 10:00 am this is one of the good places on Wilmslow Road for breakfast / brunch and they do serve a great Arabic breakfast!

Best Dessert Shops on Wilmslow Road

Both Moonlight and Heavenly Desserts are dessert shops on Wilmslow Road that are consistently busy! Both are decorated in a pretty way with lots of flowers and they offer similar menus with pretty much every dessert you could ever ask for!

19. Moonlight

20. Heavenly Desserts

Best curry mile restaurants, dessert from  heavenly desserts
Dessert from Heavenly Desserts on Wilmslow Road

I hope this list of the best curry mile restaurants has given you lots of ideas of where to eat on Wilmslow Road!