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10 BEST Cafes in Harrogate For Coffee, Brunch & Lunch!

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On my recent trip to Harrogate, I was really surprised by the number of cool cafes in Harrogate!

These Harrogate cafes I saw and visited have Yorkshire roots and are independent cafes and coffee shops in Harrogate inspired by places like London and Scandanavia in great locations in Harrogate.

So in this Harrogate Cafes blog post, you’ll find the coolest and best cafes in Harrogate to visit where you’ll get a good coffee, a Yorkshire tea as well as breakfast, brunch, lunch and more!

Cafes in Harrogate

Cafes in Harrogate
Keep reading for the best Cafes in Harrogate!

Cafes in Harrogate Map

I have noted all of these Harrogate Cafes in the map below:

Harrogate Cafes

1. Bettys Tearoom Harrogate

Whilst Bettys Tea Rooms in Harrogate is not cool and edgy like many other cafes and coffee shops in Harrogate on this list. It is an institution in Yorkshire and it is still a family-run business over 100 years after it opened.

Going to Bettys is always number 1 on the list of things to do in Harrogate, I queued for 30 minutes in the cold and thought it was worth it so I couldn’t leave Bettys Tea Shop in Harrogate off this list of cafes in Harrogate, could I?!

2. Baltzeren’s Cafe and Coffee Shop

When I asked my Instagram followers for the best cafes in Harrogate, I was recommended Baltzersens so I went for breakfast here before leaving Harrogate on a Sunday morning.

It’s such a great coffee shop in Harrogate and cafe, especially for breakfast, brunch or a sweet treat from their bakery.

cafes in Harrogate, breakfast from Baltzersens
I had the Grøt from Baltzersens which is a gluten-free oat porridge.

Baltzersens is a Scandanavian style cafe which I thought was really interesting to see in Harrogate (although not uncommon as there are 2 more on this list of best cafes in Harrogate!).

It’s definitely cool and quirky and offers something different for brunch in Harrogate or breakfasts in Harrogate because of their Scandinavian-inspired menu with Grøt porridge, Scandinavian waffles, Cinnamon Buns, and much more.

I did notice quite a few things on their menu are gluten-free so if you’re looking for Gluten-free cafes in Harrogate, check them out!

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3. No35 Harrogate

No35 Harrogate was another recommended Cafe in Harrogate to me through Instagram so I want to share it with you too!

If you like and appreciate good quality coffee and speciality coffee then you have to come here for Coffee in Harrogate.

No35 Harrogate is a small, independently owned coffee shop in Harrogate, they serve ethically sourced coffee from North Star Coffee Roasters and other roasters from around the UK, as well as a range of cakes and bagels, with vegan options too!

And, if you’re looking for dog-friendly cafes in Harrogate, No35 welcomes your doggies, especially as their dog Walter is often there!

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4. The Wild Plum Cafe

The Wild Plum Cafe in Harrogate is not in the city centre but it’s worth making the 30-minute walk from the city or 10-minute drive to it.

The Wild Plum is located in a boutique shop called Snooty Frox of Harrogate so you can also do some shopping whilst you’re there!

What I love about this Harrogate Cafe is that Bethany who runs the cafe (and her mum runs the store), heads up an all-female team making everything from scratch with local sourced Yorkshire products.

They serve all-day brunch, Pancakes and Waffles for most of the day and lunch!

Their Instagram is full of colourful and incredible dishes like below so it makes for a special occasion or special brunch in Harrogate!

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5. Fi:k

“Fi:k brings together Swedish style with a friendly, Yorkshire welcome.”

Fi:k Kaffe in Harrogate is another Scandanavian inspired cafe but this time Swedish and is well located in Montpellier Gardens.

Here you can get coffee, brunch, lunch and pastries in a quirky independent cafe and inside they really have mixed Sweden with Yorkshire as they have kept the original features of their 19th century Grade II listed building with a Scandanavian style.

If you’re going to the local town of Knaresborough on your trip to Harrogate, you’ll also find Fi:k there!

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7. Mama Doreen’s Emporium

Afternoon Tea in Harrogate is a must and for another option for the best afternoon tea in Harrogate, visit Mama Doreen’s Emporium!

Mama Doreen’s is a bakery as well as one of the popular cafes in Harrogate so you know the cakes are going to be amazing and that’s why a friend recommended this cafe to me too!

As well as Afternoon Tea they serve a brilliant brunch and lunch menu and even do cool events like Sing-a-long brunches, Children’s Picnic Afternoon Tea and they do regular themed events for Christmas, Halloween, Easter, and Summer.

If you’re looking for a fun cafe in Harrogate for all of the family and to keep the kids happy, this is your ideal place!

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8. GRÖN KAFÉ Harrogate

Here’s ANOTHER Scandi inspired cafe in Harrogate right on Royal Parade! Grön is all about keeping it clean with healthy and balanced food and has a focus on vegan-friendly food and specialty coffee.

Grön Kafe started in Leeds and after doing so well, it opened its second branch in Harrogate.

For a healthy energy booster after a day exploring Harrogate attractions, be sure to pop by GRÖN KAFÉ.

They also run regular events like Bottomless Brunch and Brunch and Yoga so be sure to check out their events page.

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Cafes in Harrogate, Royal Parade Cafes
Royal Parade Harrogate

9. Hoxton North

Perfectly located on Royal Parade (just 1 store down from GRON KAFE) is Hoxton North which is a London-inspired restaurant and coffee shop from the area of Hoxton in London (which is known for it’s amazingly cool cafes and great London brunch!)

This cafe and coffee shop in Harrogate focuses on modern brunch and lunch dishes traditional with vegan, dairy and gluten-free food offerings.

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10. Love Brownies Harrogate

You’ll always be able to settle that sweet tooth craving in Harrogate but what about doing it a cafe that specializes in Brownies, and better yet, award-winning Brownies made in the Yorkshire Dales!

Love Brownies Harrogate is another one of the cafes in Harrogate in a brilliant location on Montpellier Parade.

Love Brownies have locations in many towns and cities across the UK but they started as a small business in Yorkshire.

They don’t just serve brownies though, you can visit this Harrogate cafe for breakfast, lunch, a smoothie, and a milkshake.

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I hope you enjoy these cafes in Harrogate!