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BEST 10 Spots for Cherry Blossom in Manchester to Visit in Spring!

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The start of spring brings cherry blossom and Sakura and you don’t have to go to Japan to find it! There are many beautiful places to see Cherry Blossom in Manchester!

Last year, I worked with National Trust to find the best cherry blossom spots in Manchester using their boomtown trail map and I couldn’t believe how much pink and purple there was in and around the city!

In this Manchester travel blog, I’m going to give you ideas of where to find Cherry Blossom in Manchester, whether it’s on your lunch break when you’re in the city, parks near where you live and ideas for a family spring days out!

Cherry Blossom in Manchester

Cherry blossom in Manchester
Keep reading for my guide to Cherry Blossom in Manchester!

For even more information about the Sakura in Manchester, be sure to check out the National Trusts website.

Cherry Blossom Manchester Forecast

It’s hard to give an exact time that the cherry blossom in Manchester will bloom however, all over the country it is mid-April and into May. The timings can change depending on how cold or mild winter is.

For the Cherry Blossom forecast in Manchester, last year, I took to the city exploring and got most of the photos you’ll see below on 18th April which was perfect as everything was fully in bloom and was for the next 2 weeks or so.

Cherry blossom Manchester, Ellie with Cherry blossom in Manchester near Manchester library
Get ready for some great cherry blossom photo spots in Manchester!

1. Manchester Cathedral

Cherry blossom Manchester, Ellie with Ellie with Cherry blossom at Manchester Cathedral
Manchester Cathedral is the best place to see Cherry Blossom in Manchester in my opinion!

By far, the BEST cherry blossom in Manchester I saw last year was around Manchester Cathedral in the city centre. It was a sea of pink!

From the gardens at the front to the gardens at the back of the Cathedral, the blossom trees in Manchester here were blooming gorgeous!

What I love about this cherry blossom location in Manchester is that there are many trees so it’s easy to take photos without other people around and great for having picnics and sitting underneath enjoying the spring sunshine (just like they do in Japan!) because there are enough trees for many people to enjoy.

Cherry blossom Manchester, pink Cherry blossom at Manchester Cathedral
There are so many bright pink blossom trees around Manchester Cathedral!

2. Sackville Gardens

Cherry blossom Manchester, pink Cherry blossom trees in Sackville Garden Manchester
Sackville Garden is one of the most beautiful places for Cherry Blossom in Manchester!

Another one of the top places to see cherry blossoms in Manchester city centre is Sackville Gardens. Right on the edge of the Gay Village surrounded by beautiful red brick buildings, this is a nice park in Manchester anyway but in spring it’s beautiful!

Sit on the benches beneath the cherry blossom trees or pose for a photo next to the canal with the cherry blossom trees in the background.

If you’re new to Manchester or visiting, right next to Sackville Gardens is Richmond Tea Rooms which is one of the lovely cafes in Manchester for a drink, lunch or afternoon tea which would fit nicely into your cherry blossom Manchester sightseeing!

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Cherry blossom Manchester, Ellie by canal with pink cherry blossom
From Sackville Gardens you can see the cherry blossom along the canal

3. St Peters Square

Cherry blossom Manchester, Manchester Library and St Peters Square with purple blossom in spring
Looking for where to find spring bloom in Manchester? Head to St Peter’s Square!

Technically not cherry blossom but still spring blossom, St Peters Square is full of Pauwlonias (although some sites also say giant Foxglove trees) which grow purple flowers in springtime before their leaves appear for the summer.

This is truly one of the most beautiful places to visit in Manchester in spring and blossom season.

You can enjoy Manchester Library and Manchester Art Gallery on the corner of the square and get a drink in one of the nearby cafes to enjoy the blossom with.

Cherry blossom Manchester, St Peters Square with purple blossom in spring
These purple foxgloves in St Peters Square are beautiful in spring!
Cherry blossom Manchester, purple blossom against the Midland hotel
The Midland Hotel is a lovely place to view them from!

4. Tatton Park

Cherry blossom Manchester, pathway with cherry blossom at Tatton Park
You’ll find so much cherry blossom in Manchester at Tatton Park!

For a family fun day out in Manchester in springtime, head to Tatton Park for beautiful cherry blossoms in Manchester!

Tatton Park has a Japanese Garden at the bottom of its gardens which means you get the true Japanese Sakura experience in Manchester.

Whilst you cannot walk through the Japanese garden unless you are booked onto a tour (find out more here) you can still walk around the perimeter taking in the water, bridges and traditional Japanese buildings. This is truly one of the hidden gems in Manchester!

Tatton Park is taking Cherry Blossom season in Manchester and Cheshire seriously! A few years ago, they planted 40 cherry trees as part of a new project marking 150 years of Japan-UK friendship.

Around the Japanese Garden, you’ll find a pathway covered by blossom and further up in the gardens you’ll also find more cherry blossom trees in Tatton Park.

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Cherry blossom Manchester, Tatton Park Japanese garden
Get a feeling of Japan in Spring at Tatton Park Japanese Garden!
Cherry blossom Manchester, Tatton Park cherry blossom garden
You’ll also find lots of Sakura in Manchester in the rest of Tatton Park’s garden

5. Heaton Park

Cherry blossom in Manchester, cherry blossom in Heaton Park Manchester
Heaton Park has a sea of pink during Cherry Blossom season in Manchester!

There is blossom everywhere you turn in Heaton Park and if you’re looking for a pathway covered in Cherry Blossom trees for photos, this is where you can find the perfect spot!

Heaton Park is a great place for a family day out thanks to its huge size, play areas and activities. I recommend Go Ape Heaton Park in my Manchester family day out ideas!

Bring warm clothes and a picnic and enjoy the Sakura trees in Manchester at Heaton Park like they do in Japan!

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Cherry blossom in Manchester, pathway of cherry blossom in Heaton Park
This pathway in Heaton Park is perfect for Cherry Blossom photos in Manchester!

6. Alexander Park

If you’re looking for cherry blossom in Chorlton, head to Alexandra Park!

Alexandra Park is one of the best parks in Manchester. It’s a large park to walk around and perfect for a park to get a drink from the cafe and let the kids play in the playground in spring.

It’s one of the top places for cherry blossom in Manchester because of its cherry trees and an orchard of fruit trees which bloom in spring.

7. Quarry Bank Mill National Trust

Cherry blossom Manchester, Ellie under cherry blossom at Quarry Bank Mill
Check out the Spring activities at the National Trust!

The National Trust have been dedicated to planting more cherry blossom trees at their sites and this shows at Quarry Bank Mill.

Last year, they ran a series of blossom events, one of them was yoga under the Blossom which was free to book and open to the public. It was a lovely experience to do yoga next to the blossom trees in one of the gardens.

Check their website here for more information on this year’s cherry blossom at Quarry Bank.

If you like the sound of these National Trust sites in Manchester, I really recommend you buy an annual membership for yourself, you and your partner, or your family. Click here to view the options!

8. Dunham Massey National Trust

Cherry blossom in Manchester, Ellie in Dunham Massey under cherry blossom
Dunham Massey is a great family day out in Manchester in spring!

I didn’t find the BEST cherry blossom at Dunham Massey however it is one of my top things to do in Altrincham because of its beautiful gardens and parkland.

Again, the National Trust are trying hard to bring more blossom and bloom to their locations so Dunham Massey is a good place to visit. I went on 19th April and to be honest, I think I was a few days late, which just shows how it works as the day before in the city, everything was at it’s best bloom!

I found a few different blossom trees in the garden which were lovely to see and they had lots of other spring bloom and blossom around too.

Dunham Massey is lovely for a walk with the family on a spring family day out in Manchester or a walk solo or with a friend and enjoying their cafe and shop at the end.

Cherry blossom in Manchester, white blossom tree in Dunham Massey
You’ll find lots of white blossoms here in Dunham Massey!

9. Castlefield Viaduct

Cherry blossom Manchester, Ellie at Castlefield Viaduct with cherry blossom
Castlefield Viaduct is one of the places to see Cherry Blossom in Manchester City Centre!

The ‘Sky Garden’ in Manchester aka Castlefield Viaduct is one of the unique things to do in Manchester all year round but it’s great at spring time too!

This is another one of the National Trust sites in Manchester, they tried really hard to make the cherry blossom and spring bloom in Manchester a big thing here last year and I have no doubt they’ll continue year after year.

Take a walk through the Viaduct yourself or join a guided tour, either way, make sure to book a ticket and see what Cherry Blossom they have this year and enjoy this really unique and relaxing garden experience in Manchester!

Cherry blossom Manchester, white blossom at Castlefield Viaduct
Find some beautiful white blossom amongst the spring bloom at Castlefield Viaduct,

10. St John’s Garden

Cherry blossom Manchester, white blossom at St Johns Garden in Manchester City Centre
St John’s Garden is beautiful to visit thanks to its fruit orchard that blooms in spring!

Finally, one of the places I found through the National Trust bloomtown map is St John’s Garden, conveniently located across the road from the Science & Industry Museum (one of the great things to do in Manchester when it rains!)

St John’s Garden isn’t that big but you’ll see lots of beautiful white blossoms here thanks to its many fruit orchard trees that bloom in Spring.

I’d recommend pairing a visit here with visiting the Castlefield Viaduct as they are close together.

Cherry blossom Manchester, close up shot of white blossom at St Johns Garden in Manchester City Centre
Cherry blossom in Manchester City Centre!

Bloomtown Manchester – National Trust Blossom Trail in Manchester

I’ve talked a lot about the National Trust Bloomtown map and Blossom Trail in Manchester which they brought out in 2023! I’ll keep you updated with this year’s plans but you can view more of the best cherry blossom locations in Manchester here which use the map!

Cherry blossom Manchester, National Trust Bloomtown map with pink cherry blossom trees
Find more Cherry Blossom in Manchester with the National Trust!

I hope this has helped you find the best cherry blossom in Manchester and Sakura in Manchester!