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18 TOP Things To Do in Altrincham & Near Altrincham From a Local!

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Looking for the best things to do in Altrincham and the best way to spend a day in Altrincham??

Altrincham is a lovely part of South Manchester that I have called home for the last 2 years. Altrincham is a market town with a convenient town centre and lots of residential areas surrounding the town centre just 15 minutes from Manchester Airport,

Altrincham also stretches out to the nearby affluent neighbourhoods of Hale, Hale Barns and Bowden.

I love this part of Manchester. There are so many parks in Altrincham, places to eat in Altrincham and things to do.

In this Manchester travel blog, I’m going to give you ideas for what to do in Altrincham from someone who lives here with ideas for things to do in Altrincham with kids and how to spend the day in Altrincham.

Things to do in Altrincham

Things to do in Altrincham
Keep reading for things to do in Altrincham!

Altrincham was awarded the ‘foodie neighbourhood’ in 2021 at the Manchester Food and Drink Festival Awards and has been named the best place to live in the North West TWICE by the Sunday Times.

Altrincham is on the border of the Cheshire Countryside and Manchester City Centre giving it the ‘best of both worlds’ to live in and visit, and it’s for that reason this market town has been thriving since 1290.

Altrincham has great public transport and motorway links and is surrounded by affluent neighbourhoods with many footballers and celebrities calling this pocket of Manchester home.

Why Visit Altrincham?

So you should visit Altrincham for its food, its ease of access, its nature spaces, its pretty streets and all round relaxed vibe.

Things to do in Altrincham, Altrincham market and high street
Altrincham is well known as one of the nicest places in Manchester!

How to get to Altrincham 

Before we get into the Altrincham things to do, let’s touch on how to get to Altrincham as one of the reasons Altrincham is worth a visit and visited by so many people living in Manchester and near Manchester is how easy it is to get to,

Train to Altrincham

In Altrincham town centre there is Altrincham station which has trains and trams running from it.

To check trains to and from Altrincham, look at availability and tickets on The Train Line.

Tram to Altrincham

Altrincham Interchange is the tram station for Altrincham. It’s in zone 4 of the Metrolink and is the last stop on the line.

2 Lines run from Altrincham, both go into the city centre stopping in St Peters Square and via Old Trafford on the way. The Purple Line then goes to Manchester Piccadilly and the Green Line goes north to Bury.

The Metrolink website is the best place to find the tram schedule.

Things to do in Altrincham, Altrincham Interchange metrolink platform
The public transport is a reason why Altrincham is so great to visit!

Bus to Altrincham

There is a good local bus service in Altrincham connecting the different neighbourhoods to the town centre.

Buses stop at various points around the town but Altrincham Interchange is the main bus stop as well as the main train and tram stop.

Look at the Altrincham bus schedule here.

Manchester Airport to Altrincham

Manchester Airport is only a 15-minute drive from Altrincham making it a great place to visit from the airport or a good stopover destination if you don’t want to go into Manchester City Centre.

Unfortunately, Manchester Airport and Altrincham town centre are not well connected by public transport so it’s best to get a taxi from outside the airport.

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Altrincham Things To Do

Here are the top things to do in Altrincham perfect for whether you’re looking for a full day out in Altrincham or just a way to spend a few hours in Altrincham:

1. Wander around Altrincham Market

Things to do in Altrincham, outside Altrincham food market
Altrincham Market is top of the list of things to do in Altrincham!

Easily the best attraction in Altrincham – Altrincham Market!

This wonderfully restored historic building right in the town centre is a foodie haven. With inside and outdoor seating it’s great to visit all year round and has around 10 different food vendors serving high-quality dishes.

There are big tables in the middle of the room and outside. You order using the Alty Market app meaning everyone can have something different to eat but you can enjoy it together!

There are two parts to Altrincham Market, the Market House which is the food market and the Outdoor Market which has independent local vendors selling food, fashion, home and garden products and much more.

Things to do in Altrincham, inside Altrincham food market
Inside Altrincham Food Market,
Things to do in Altrincham, inside Altrincham market outdoor market
Inside Altrincham Outdoor Market for independent sellers,

The Market House is closed on Mondays and open from 9:00 am to 10:00 pm Tuesday to Saturday with a slightly earlier close on Sunday opening from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm.

The Outdoor Market (which does have a cover and is not fully outside) is open Tuesday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday only from 8:00 am on Tuesday, Friday, Saturday and 9:00 am on Sunday, closing at 3:00 pm Tuesday & Friday and 4:00 pm Saturday and Sunday,

So be sure to think about the opening times when planning your day out in Altrincham so you can come on a day the market is open.

Things to do in Altrincham, front of Altrincham market
One of the entrances to Altrincham Market,

2. Go to one of the Cafes in Altrincham

Things to do in Altrincham, outside So Marrakesh Cafe in Altrincham
So Marrakesh is one of my favourite cafes in Altrincham!

Another reason Altrincham is known as a foodie town is because of the great cafes and restaurants here!

There are many cafes in Altrincham town centre perfect for breakfast, brunch and lunch whether you’re dining alone or with the family.

Many of the Altrincham cafes have outside seating which is really nice and if you can, I recommend visiting during the week when they are quieter as you may have to queue for a seat at the weekend, but it will be worth it!

These are my favourite cafes in Altrincham:

  • Common Ground – for coffee, breakfast and lunch
  • So Marrakesh – for coffee, sweet treats and lunch
  • Two Brothers – for coffee and to work in
  • Gails – for coffee and sweet treats
  • Gran T’s Coffee House – to go with kids and the family
  • Papa Dutch – for pancakes, waffles and with the kids
  • Blanchflower – for coffee, breakfast and lunch

COMING SOON – The Best Places to Eat in Altrincham!

Things to do in Altrincham, pancakes from Altrincham cafe
Eating out is one of the best things to do in Altrincham thanks to the great cafes and restaurants!

3. Visit Dunham Massey 

Things to do in Altrincham, Dunham Massey house and park
For days out in Altrincham, head to Dunham Massey!

Aside from Altrincham Market, Dunham Massey is top of the list of places to visit in Altrincham.

Just down the road from Altrincham town centre is one of the many Manchester National Trust sites.

Dunham Massey is a great day out in Manchester on its own as you can spend hours wandering Sunham Massey’s pathways on the hunt for the deer that call this park home, looking at the perfectly manicured gardens, learning something new inside the historic house and having lunch at one of the cafes.

If you’re looking for things to of in Altrincham today, check out the events happening at Dunham Massey here. Usually during school holidays and on weekends they have events for children and families running.

Things to do in Altrincham, Dunham Massey Deer in the park
Find the Deer in Dunham Massey!


Have you thought about becoming a National Trust member? If you live in Manchester there are 7 National Trust sites here and many more nearby in Cheshire, Yorkshire, Lancashire and North Wales.

Being a National Trust member opens up so many doors. A one-time annual payment allows you access to all of the National Trust sites for free and free parking in all of their nationwide car parks.

You’ll also support the great work the National Trust does in keeping our parks, coastline and woodlands in England and Wales clean, tidy and accessible for us to visit.

Check out the National Trust membership plans here!

MY TOP TIP: Start your day in Altrincham town centre having breakfast at the market or one of the nice cafes and then drive 10 minutes to Dunham Massey to spend your afternoon there. This is the perfect day out in Altrincham!

4. Walk along the Canal

Things to do in Altrincham, Altrincham Canal and pathway with blue sky
For places to go in Altrincham, have a walk along the canal that runs through Altrincham,

Bridgewater Canal runs right through Altrincham and is a lovely place to go for a walk in either direction.

You can park in Altrincham retail park. From the Aldi car park, running alongside the Gym Group, there is a small footpath that takes you from the car park directly onto the canal towpath.

You can either walk along the canal from Altrincham towards Sale or walk the other way towards Dunham Massey.

It’s an hour’s walk to Dunham Massey and once you’re passed the residential part of Altrincham it’s a beautiful walk and one of the best things to do around Altrincham.

5. Take the Tram into the City  

Things to do in Altrincham, Manchester City Library and Square
One of the things to do in Altrincham is to take a trip into the city by tram,

The Metrolink takes you from Altrincham to Manchester City Centre within 20 minutes which is so convenient. I actually prefer to park in Altrincham and take the tram than drive and deal with the traffic and expensive city centre parking.

If you’re visiting Altrincham from outside of Manchester, don’t miss out on an easy opportunity to see Manchester city centre whilst staying in Altrincham There are lots of things to do with kids in Manchester and lots of places to eat!

6. Wander around Hale Village

One of the lovely things about Altrincham is its close proximity to smaller neighbourhoods such as Hale and Wilmslow.

Hale is the closest to Altrincham town centre, it’s a 10-minute drive or 15-minute walk and it’s a really nice place to visit to see more of this Cheshire suburban life.

Hale is an extremely sort after neighbourhood to live in with many famous people living there and Hale Village is a nice place to walk around and have a meal in.

There are a few independent shops in Hale but mostly, you go to Hale for the houses and the food!

Cafes and Restaurants in Hale I recommend are:

  • Juniper Hale – casual cafe for Breakfast or Lunch
  • The Garden Eatery – casual cafe for Breakfast or Lunch
  • The Plant Boost – healthy cafe Drink, Breakfast or Lunch
  • Cibo Hale – fancy Italian restaurant for Lunch or Dinner
  • Piccolino Hale – fancy Italian restaurant for Lunch or Dinner
  • Victors Hale – fancy British restaurant for Lunch or Dinner
  • Pizza Express – casual restaurant for Lunch or Dinner
  • WA14 Fish & Chips – posh but traditional restaurant Fish & Chips
  • Yogberries – Frozen Yogurt

7. Have a Spa Day at Hale Country Club  

Things to do in Altrincham, infinity pool at Hale Country Club Spa with blue skies
A Spa Day is one of the things to do in Altrincham!

A spa day is always a good day and I really recommend the Spa at Hale Country Club which is 5 minutes from Altrincham town centre.

Although this is a club for regular members, they have a dedicated spa area offering treatments to non-members and spa day packages like this.

They have a brilliant full-sized indoor pool, heated outside pool and rooftop adult-only infinity pool with many saunas and steam rooms which are all available to use when you book a spa day with them.

Looking out across the Cheshire countryside from the infinity pool you’d never think you were so close to Manchester!

8. Enjoy a Movie at Everyman

Everyman cinema is located in the middle of Altrincham town centre and is great for a date night in Altrincham. Sit back on big comfy chairs and get table service for a special cinema experience.

For more cinemas in Altrincham, there is also a Vue cinema.

9. Go Ice Skating at Planet Ice

One of the unique things to do in Altrincham is Ice Skating! Located right in the centre of Altrincham town next to Tesco is Planet Ice.

If you’re looking for fun things to do in Altrincham or things to do with kids in Altrincham, this is a great option.

They have a range of classes and sessions available from their young penguin club, skate lessons for all ages and birthday parties.

10. Crack an Escape Room

For escape rooms in Altrincham, there is just one place to go – Code to Exit!

They offer 3 different escape rooms to choose from and in 1 hour you need to expose the clues, solve the puzzles and escape!

Conveniently located next to Altrincham Retail Park this is one of the fun activities in Altrincham to do!

11. See a Play at the Garrick Playhouse

You don’t need to go into Manchester city centre to see a show as there is a theatre in Altrincham.

The Altrincham Garrick Playhouse runs a range of shows seasonally including Drama, Comedy and Musicals and is within walking distance from the city centre.

Seeing a theatre show in Altrincham is one of the best things to do in Altrincham at night and a great date night in Manchester idea!

12. Shop on the High Street

Things to do in Altrincham, Altrincham high street and shops
There are lots of shops in Altrincham!

Altrincham has some pretty good shops including a number of high street stores and independent stores.

Highstreet shops in Altrincham include:

Independent shops in Altrincham include:

13. Ride along the Trans Pennine Trail

We’re really lucky to have the Trans Pennine Trail run through Altrincham!

The Trans Pennine Trail (TPT) is a long-distance path running from coast to coast across Northern England designed for walkers, bikers and horse riders.

For the best places to ride a bike in Altrincham and near Altrincham, joining the TPT is perfect.

From the Trans Pennine Trail in Altrincham (see the map here to see where to join) you can go west towards Dunham Massey, already mentioned in this list of things to do in Altrincham or go North East towards Sale.

Things to do Near Altrincham

Here are the places to go near Altrincham that are 10-15 minutes away.

14. Walk around Tatton Park

Things to do in Altrincham, Lake and field at Tatton Park near Altrincham
Tatton Park is one of the great days out near Altrincham,

Aside from Dunham Massey, the next big park that is closest to Altrincham is Tatton Park, one of the best parks in Cheshire.

With a 1000-acre deer park, 50 acres of manicured gardens, an old mansion, farm and cafe Tatton Park is one of the top Altrincham days out where you can spend a full day exploring.

Tatton Park is joined with the National Trust but National Trust members still need to pay for parking as it is also independently owned.

Tatton Park is great for things to do near Altrincham with children but I also love a relaxing solo walk around Tatton Park. Be sure not to miss their Japanese Garden at the bottom of the Gardens.

Things to do in Altrincham, Japanese Garden at Tatton Park near Altrincham
Visit the Japanese Garden at Tatton Park for places to go near Altrincham,

15. See Planes at the Runway Visitor Park

Altrincham is really well located to Manchester Airport and one of the things to do near Manchester Airport is the Runway Visitor Park.

Here, you can watch the planes take off and land but the Vistor Park is much more than that.

Manchester Runway Visitor Park is home to a variety of retired planes, including the Concorde G-BOAC which you can take a tour of and the former RAF military spy plane, Nimrod.

There’s also a cafe, aviation shop, play areas for children and seasonal events and activities.

It’s open every day so it’s really one of the top things to do in Altrincham today and top family attractions near Altrincham.

16. Walk Alpaca at Peak Alpaca Farm

Things to do in Altrincham, Ellie at White Peak Alpac Farm
Seeing Alpaca is one of the fun things to do near Altrincham,

If walking Alpaca is on your bucket list, you can do this near Altrincham with White Peak Alpaca Farm!

You’ll need to pre-book with White Peak Alpaca Farm, it’s not a petting farm that’s open to the public all day.

You can book the Alpaca walking experience where you’ll walk one of their trusted Alpaca around their farm for 40 minutes, they also offer slots for meet and greet where you’ll go into the Alpaca pens and pet them and have time to walk around their farm seeing some of the other animals.

We planned this pretty last minute and there were only meet and greet spots left but we still enjoyed it with the little one and they let us walk around the farm afterwards to see more Alpaca in the fields which was really nice. It’s one of the best activities close to Altrincham!

17. Do some art at Bean & Brush Art Cafe

Things to do in Altrincham, Painted Dinosaur at Bean and Brush art cafe,
Bean and Brush Art Cafe is one of the fun activities for children near Altrincham

For a cafe that kids will like too, Bean and Brush Art Cafe in Sale is not far from Altrincham and is one of the great things to do with kids in Manchester.

Choose from a range of pots to paint or get some clay imprints done whilst being able to enjoy a coffee and get some lunch.

One thing to note is that you will need to return 1-2 weeks later to pick up your painted pots after they have been ‘cooked’ so if you don’t live close to Altrincham or Sale this might not be the best activity near Altrincham to do!

You can turn up on the day but to ensure there is space, it’s a good idea to book in advance.

Also, this is great for adults too! I’ve seen a few groups of friends in here painting together or people on their own, it can be super relaxing so keep it in mind for things to do around Altrincham.

18. Have a Riding Lesson at Wythenshawe Stables

You don’t need to go into the Cheshire countryside or into North Wales to go horse riding!

The closest horse riding in Altrincham is at Wythenshawe Park Riding Stables, just a few minutes down the road from Altrincham.

Whether you’re an experienced rider or a total beginner, you can try horse riding here in various lessons or hacks around the park.

If you want your children to try horse riding without going too far from home, this is also one of the great options for things to do with kids near Altrincham!

Things to do in Altrincham FAQ

Here are FAQ about the things to do in Altrincham:

Is Altrincham worth visiting?

Yes! Altrincham is a great place to spend the day because of the numerous things to do in Altrincham. It is good for a family day out as well as visiting with friends and the food scene is particularly good!

Is Altrincham a nice area?

Yes! Altrincham and the surrounding areas of Hale, Hale Barns and Wilmslow are all nice areas in Manchester and are known for their good schools, big houses and wealthy neighbourhoods.

What is Altrincham famous for?

Altrincham Market is one of the most famous places in Altrincham and a reason many people visit from around Manchester and beyond. Altrincham has been rated the best area to live in Manchester many times which is another reason it has become famous and people know of the area.

How to spend the day in Altrincham?

I recommend starting your day in Altrincham town centre at Altrincham market and looking around the shops. After this, head to Dunham Massey for a walk and to find the deer that roam in the park. For activities, you can go ice skating, bowling or to the cinema and there are plenty of restaurants in Altrincham to finish you day in.

I hope this has helped you with ideas for things to do in Altrincham and helped plan your day out in Altrincham