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REVIEW: Higuerón Hotel Malaga. Incredible 5* Hotel Near Malaga!

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A choice of pools and dining options, a beach club, excellent sports facilities, nestled between the ocean and mountains, close to Malaga Airport and a great base to explore more of the Costa del Sol and Andalusia from… welcome to Higuerón Hotel Malaga!

Last week I was enjoying the sun in the South of Spain as I was invited to stay at Higuerón Hotel in Malaga to check out their facilities and report back, which is exactly what I’m going to do in this blog post and Malaga hotel review.

I shared a lot from my stay on Instagram too so check out my Instagram posts and Instagram story highlights here to see more of this beautiful 5-star hotel in Malaga!

In this review of Higuerón Hotel Malaga I’m also going to tell you what I loved about the hotel and what to expect for your trip, plus who I think this 5-star hotel near Malaga is great for!

Higuerón Hotel Malaga Review

Higuerón Hotel Malaga review
Keep reading for my Higuerón Hotel Malaga review!

About Higuerón Hotel Malaga

Higuerón Hotel is a 5* hotel and part of the Curio Collection by Hilton which is an upscale hotel brand within the Hilton Worldwide portfolio.

This means that the hotel is supported by Hilton but retains its own individual branding which was very apparent to me during my stay at the hotel and something I really loved and appreciated as Higuerón Hotel Malaga is very quirky in some of its designs with a big focus on art installations around the hotel.

Higuerón Hotel Malaga, rooftop pool
A 5* hotel with rooftop pool!
Higuerón Hotel Malaga, car in reception
We loved this car set up in reception,

My Experience at Higuerón Hotel Malaga

My husband and I fancied a long weekend in Europe where we could get some sun, enjoy the facilities of a hotel and relax but also do some sightseeing. We saw great flights to Malaga on Skyscanner and decided Higuerón Malaga Hotel would be perfect for this type of trip, and it was!

We arrived late at the hotel but we had no issues getting a taxi from Malaga Airport. The journey and then the check-in were quick and easy and before we knew it we were walking into our impressive top floor Leiro Suite!

Higuerón Hotel Malaga, bath tub in Leiro Suite
A sneak peak of the bath tub in our Leiro Suite!

We spent all of the next day at the hotel which is just what we needed and wanted.

We enjoyed a lovely buffet breakfast outside on the terrace to start the day. We then got changed and went to the Tennis Courts for an hour which was so much fun, I hadn’t played tennis for years and with no one else around we could mess up and mess about as much as wanted.

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Our view of the hotel walking back from the tennis court!

We then headed to the Spa Hydro Circuit for an hour to enjoy the different spa pressure pools, indoor swimming pool, sauna and steam room before heading to the incredibly impressive rooftop Infinity Pool for some lunch and chill time. I could not get over the views from up here!

Higuerón Hotel Malaga, couple at roofrop pool
A pose before lunch one one of the beds by the Infinity Pool!

We stayed in a suite which meant the second floor of our room had a private rooftop terrace with a hot tub and sun lounger so we spent the late afternoon and early evening up here, got ready for dinner, enjoyed some live music by the pool and then went for a South American influenced dinner at Arara Bistro with the colours of the sunset in view.

As you can hopefully tell, it was a dreamy day packed full of new experiences but also very relaxed!

Higuerón Hotel Malaga, private terrace and hot tub Leiro Suite
Our private terrace and hot tub in the Leiro Suite!
Higuerón Hotel Malaga, sunset
Our sunset view during Dinner!

The next day we headed out of the hotel after breakfast and went back to the airport to pick up our hire car which we got for 24 hours. We decided to make the most of the Spanish sun and hired a BMW convertible through Solo Rentacar who I would recommend, and we spent the next 11 hours exploring and road-tripping between Malaga Old Town, Ronda and Marbella, it was a very good day!

We enjoyed one last breakfast at the hotel, dropped off the car, spent a bit more time in Malaga Old Town and then got an afternoon flight home so we were back home for Monday evening.

It really was the perfect romantic, chilled but adventurous weekend!

Check availability and the best rates at Higuerón Hotel Malaga here on!

Higuerón Hotel Malaga, Malaga City
Sightseeing in Malaga!
Higuerón Hotel Malaga, ronda bridge
To sightseeing in Ronda and seeing this famous bridge!

Higuerón Hotel Malaga Location

Higuerón Hotel is in Malaga as the name suggests however it is not in Malaga City. As you can see in the map of Malaga below. Malaga Airport is between both Malaga City and Higuerón Hotel Malaga.

It is a 15-minute drive from Malaga Airport to Higuerón Hotel Malaga and a 20-30 minute drive from Higuerón Hotel Malaga to Malaga City and Old Town.

It cost us 30euro to get a taxi from the airport to the hotel and back again.

It is also just 30 minutes in the other direction to Marbella and Puerto Banus so it gives access to many places on the Costa del Sol and in Andalucia!

Who is Higuerón Hotel Malaga good for?

I really enjoyed seeing a range of people at the hotel. People of different ages, from different countries, with different interests and in different group sizes.

Higuerón Hotel Malaga is definitely perfect for couples, it provides a romantic backdrop with plenty of privacy in areas.

It’s also great for bigger groups, we saw a group of ladies from the U.K on a hen do and an older group who looked like they were there for all the sports facilities.

We didn’t see many children because we were there in school time but I can imagine it’s popular with families during the school holidays and my husband and I definitely spoke about bringing our 3 stepsons here one holiday, especially in Spring or Autumn as there are indoor facilities and pools as well as outdoor so when the weather is a bit colder you can still enjoy a holiday there.

I wouldn’t say the hotel is great for solo travellers, it’s certainly not bad but you might get FOMO from seeing groups of people around you and unless you hire a car, taxi prices to and from the airport and city will add up when paying yourself only.

Check availability and the best rates at Higuerón Hotel Malaga here on!

Higuerón Hotel Malaga, Ellie Quinn sunset hotel malaga

Higuerón Hotel Malaga Facilities

I was totally amazed at the range of facilities at Higuerón Hotel Malaga. When booking you can choose different options like Breakfast included and Half Board (breakfast and dinner) and you can definitely stay here and not leave for a few days.

Swimming pools at Higuerón Hotel Malaga

You’re not short of pools here! The main pool area which is complimentary for all hotel guests is on the ground floor of the hotel called the MED Pool. This features a good-sized swimming pool surrounded by comfy round and square sunbeds and palm trees.

What I really love here is the shallow pool between all of the sunbeds, it gives the effect that the beds are floating in the pool and when you get too hot from sunbathing you can literally put your feet straight in the pool of water next to you!

Higuerón Hotel Malaga, MED Pool
The MED Pool
Higuerón Hotel Malaga, sun bed lounger pool

The Infinity Pool is a huge bonus and you have to visit once during your stay. Reservations are required but this means you’ll get one of the beds. The Infinity Pool has a real beach club vibe to it with loud music, lunch snacks and drinks and lots of beds.

Look good to you?? Start checking availability and prices here!

Higuerón Hotel Malaga, infinity pool
The Infinity Pool

There is also an indoor swimming pool at an impressive 25 metres! It has swimming lanes but I imagine if you visited with children and the outside pool was too cold, they could swim and play in here. This pool really makes the hotel an all year round hotel in Malaga!

The only thing we didn’t get time for was to visit the Higuerón Beach Club which is at the bottom of the hill from the hotel so we could have a swim in the sea

There are regular free shuttle buses there and back so it’s easy to get to but we’ll just have to go back!

Higuerón Hotel Malaga, view from hotel
The Beach club is infant of the hotel on the coast!

Spa Facilities at Higuerón Hotel Malaga

Lastly, there is the Spa Hydro Circuit which offers a dynamic swimming pool with 34 high pressure jets. You can swim around the pool visiting different jets which are aimed at your knees, calfs, back, neck, ankles etc. This requires extra payment and booking but I really recommend it for a relaxing experience.

Higuerón Hotel Malaga, Spa Hydro Circuit
The Spa Hydro Circuit

Other spa facilities at Higuerón Hotel Malaga are a range of body and facial massages plus hydrotherapy, wraps and physiotherapy.

There’s even the option to visit Aire Nagomi and have a massage in a beautiful outdoor setting to help connect with nature even more.

Sports Facilities at Higuerón Hotel Malaga

Make sure you pack some trainers and gym clothes so you can make the most of the sports facilites at Higuerón Hotel Malaga!

There is a state of the art gym with an outdoor training area too, and the option to hire a personal trainer and attend classes such as pilates and spinning.

Higuerón Hotel Malaga, gym
Higuerón Hotel Malaga, gym

There’s 1 tennis court, 9 paddle board courts, a sanded area for beach volley ball, beach tennis and beach football!

Higuerón Hotel Malaga, paddle board courts
Higuerón Hotel Malaga Paddle Board Courts
Higuerón Hotel Malaga, volley ball courts
Higuerón Hotel Malaga Volley Ball Court

The Higuerón Hotel Malaga leisure club is attended by members who live near by, I really like this because it means the sport and leisure facilities are high quality and kept up to date. When hotel gyms are only for hotel guests they are small and limited on budget but there they have all the facilities and staff available because it is a working leisure club too!

I love the idea of staying active on a trip so you can eat more and not feel bad and go home feeling good too so for us doing a round of tennis was great excerise and great fun and having plenty of time swimming too!

Dining at Higuerón Hotel Malaga

The varity of restaurants at Higuerón Hotel Malaga are another reason you can stay there for a few days and not leave because you can eat somewhere new day after day!

You can find all of the hotels restaurants here, but know that there is something for everyone and for all budgets. If you want to treat yourself for example there is a Michelin starred restaurant called Sollo!

We ate dinner at Arara Bistro Bar which is a colourful restaurant with South American influenced dishes. I definietly recommend lunch at the Infinity Pool too, we loved the Poke bowl and veggies and bread with dips!

Higuerón Hotel Malaga, infinity pool lunch
Our delicious lunch at the Infinity Pool!
Higuerón Hotel Malaga, Arara Bistro inside
Colourful Araba Bistro at Higuerón Hotel Malaga
Higuerón Hotel Malaga, dessert from Arara Bistro
Dessert from Arara Bistro

Rooms at Higuerón Hotel Malaga

Higuerón Hotel Malaga has 290 rooms and 6 different room types to suit different budgets, needs and occupancies.

We stayed in the Leiro Suite which is their highest and most premium suite and we loved it! For us, having the private upstairs terrace and hot tub was so amazing and so valuable. As a hijabi woman I could enjoy the sun in private and I know this is what a lot of Muslim women and Muslim families especially look for in a hotel and holiday!

The Leiro Suite also boosted sea views, a huge bed, a sofa area and bathtub inside the room! It was the perfect first class, 5* star experience! I also loved the rituals toiletries in the room, this was a great touch!

To find this room yourself on, CLICK HERE and keep scrolling down the rooms option, the suite is called the Leiro Suite on so if you can’t see this in the list it is not available so keep searching for other dates!

Higuerón Hotel Malaga, Leiro Suite bedroom
Leiro Suite bedroom
Higuerón Hotel Malaga, Leiro Suite private terrace
Leiro Suite private terrace
Higuerón Hotel Malaga, private terrace and hot tub Leiro Suite
and hot tub!
Higuerón Hotel Malaga, rituals toiletries in hotel room
I love Rituals!

There other rooms range from:

A Guest room which has a terrace and great views!

A Deluxe room with a loft style design and a bathtub in the room by the terrace!

A One Suite Bedroom perfect if you need extra space and it also has a bathtub in the room by the terrace!

A Duplex Suite accommodating 4 people with double the room than the previous rooms and in a loft style design!

A Preumium Suite with amazing sea views, a bath in the room and all the comfort and elegance of the high end suite at Higuerón Hotel Malaga!

See details of all rooms on their website here!

Higuerón Hotel Malaga, views nearby

Best deals at Higuerón Hotel Malaga

If you have read this far, I know you’re ready to book so search for availability and the best rates and prices here!

To help get the best prices and best deal at Higuerón Hotel Malaga, I’d recommend a few things!

Staying mid-week rather than over the weekend will be cheaper, also keep in mind European school holidays and avoid staying in school holidays where the price is likely to increase!

Book a rate with breakfast included as you’ll definietly want breakfast and it is cheaper to pay for it now and include it rather than pay for it as an extra at the hotel.

This is the same with dinner, if you know you want to stay at the hotel for all of your stay, you can book a rate with breakfast and dinner included.

It’s always cheaper on to book the non-refundable option. If your stay is coming up soon and you are very confident you will go and all your flights are booked, then why not book the non-refunable option to save some money!

I hope this Higuerón Hotel Malaga review has helped you decide to book this 5* hotel near Malaga and what to expect!

My stay was in collaboration with Higuerón Hotel Malaga but all thoughts, opinions, and photos are my own.