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5 Tip’s on Staying in Hostels if You’re an Introvert!

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If you google the characteristics of an introvert you’ll find that they’re the type of person who enjoys being on their own and having their own space, they find being around other people quite draining after too long, and people often think they’re quiet and shy.

If you feel like you are an introvert, judging by these few traits, then you may feel like staying in a hostel when travelling is not for you, especially if you’re constantly hearing how social and party like hostels are and perhaps this is putting you off travelling altogether!

Well, I’m here to tell you that this should not be the case and you can be an introvert and still enjoy travelling and stay in hostels because although I’m not an extreme introvert but if I had to pick out of the two then I’m definitely more introverted than extroverted!

I love time by myself and I enjoy my own company. However solo trips usually mean that I have to stay in a hostel due to costs rather than splitting the cost of a private room with a friend. This is fine and I don’t mind hostels, (as long as no-one snores!) however solo travel and staying in hostels as an introvert can seem slightly daunting and exhausting I know.

From my experience of travelling and staying in hostels as an introvert, I have picked up a few tips for introverts staying in hostels along the way that have helped me enjoy hostels as an introvert and as a shy traveller so I can keep staying in hostels and travelling on a budget. If you feel like you can relate, keep reading!

Hostel Tips for Introverts!

The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog hostel tips for introverts

Keep Reading for my top hostel tips for introverts!

1. Do your research and check the reviews.

Not all hostels are party hostels with a buzzing social scene like you may have heard. Check out how the hostel describes themselves, if they’re a party hostel with an onsite bar open all night then you’ll quickly realise this and write that hostel off as it being not a good hostel to stay in for an introvert.

Also, check out what other people have to say in the reviews. Often people will complain that there’s no common area meaning that it’s hard to be social, however to me, and to an introvert that’s not necessarily a bad thing and that on occasions has made me book a particular hostel. Look for reviews that say the hostel is nice and quiet, this is a nice thing for an introvert I think, especially for a first-time traveller.

I book all of my hostels through because there are so many options, good cancellation policies and I can read the reviews really clearly.

The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog Hostel Tips for Introverts

This hostel in Tbilisi had so many chill social spaces and wasn’t a party hostel at all!

2. Know that you will find time alone.

I’ve stayed in countless hostels and dorm rooms and honestly there’s usually always a time when you are alone in the room or at least times when it’s quiet and no one is talking to each other.

When travelling everyone runs on a different schedule, some people get up early and are out all day, other people stay in bed most of the day and go out late into the evening so everyone’s days are always crossing over. Often you’ll never see everyone in your dorm room and if the room is busy then you’ll more than likely find a quiet spot in the lounge or bar area where you can chill for a while.

The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog Hostel Tips for Introverts

3. Book a smaller room.

I’ve never been one to book into a 12-bed mixed dorm unless absolutely necessary. I tend to stay in 4 or 6-bed female dorms and I will make my choice of hostel dependent on this availability.

It makes sense that if you share with fewer people, they’ll be less noise (usually) and fewer people who you have to go through the standard, ‘whats your name, where are you from, where are you going next’ discussion with. (Although, honestly, I have met some of my best friends following that standard conversation in a hostel room so try to keep an open mind).

I’ve also found that many hostels these days have bunk beds with curtains too which offers great privacy, especially female dorm rooms so look out for these too when you book on, usually you can see the curtains well in photos.

The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog 22 bed dorm room in japan

These 22 bed dorm rooms in Japan were horrible!

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4. Remember that you’ll find other people like yourself.

Hostels and travelling, in general, is for everyone so you’re bound to meet a mix of people along the way. Yes, you’ll get the social butterflies who are speaking to everyone. You’ll get people who think they know it all and people who act like they don’t need any new friends.

Meeting people when travelling solo is often peoples biggest worry but you will meet people like yourself and people you really get on with instantly I promise! People who want to see the sites during the day and then come back and get an early night. People who are happy to go for breakfast or dinner with you but would rather do their own thing during the day (that’s me!).

You may be lucky and find that person on the first night of your trip and end up travelling with them for a long time if you’re on a long backpacking trip, or you may need to wait and trust that they are out there and will come along when you really need them during your trip (I speak from experience on this one.).

The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog Hostel Tips for Introverts

meeting friends!

5. Be ok Alone

Finally, my biggest tips on being an introvert when travelling and being a shy traveller is to be ok with being alone.

You may be a well-practised introvert who knows themselves and knows that being alone and not wanting to talk to people all the time is totally ok, but you may be less confident and new to the travelling world and worry that people will think you’re boring if you say no to hostel drinks or a group day out and that you won’t make any friends but don’t ever worry about that!

Your travels and your trips are your own and no one else’s and as long as you’re doing what makes you happy that’s all that matters and the people you meet in hostels are people you will never see again unless you want to so don’t worry about what they think!

I hope these tips help you and motivate you to stay in a Hostel and travel Solo if you are an introvert and if this is something you’ve been worrying about.

I book all of my hostels through because there are so many options, good cancellation policies and I can read the reviews really clearly.


Friday 18th of January 2019

Thank you for this very useful post. I was wondering if there are more people like me. I really love meeting new people but only 1 or 2 at a time. When the group is 4 or more people, I introvert very quickly. But I really prefer exploring with a friend sometimes. I'll definitely be using your tips to try, I also had negative experiences in that regard with party hostels. I'll try and find a hostel that is more fitting to me. The "no-bar" tip might be a useful one!


Friday 18th of January 2019

So glad you found it useful Seppe. I know exactly what you mean, especially when it’s a big group of strangers.. which it is when you travel. Yess looking for the hostels without the big bars and the ones who don’t promote parties will help ensure you don’t end up in a loud and majorly social place. Keep enjoying your travels! :)


Monday 13th of August 2018

Thank you for this post! I never stayed in a hostel before because I visited countries where my family/acquaintance lived in. But somehow on my next trip my aunt's schedule doesnt allow her to host me in her apartment so I have to book a hostel. I choose a capsule hostel to ensure a lil bit more privacy. The thought of having to share a bathroom with strangers make me cringe but anyway there is a first time for everything so I hope I'd be doing okay.


Monday 13th of August 2018

A capsule hostel is a good idea, you’ll definitely get more privacy. The bathroom sharing is ok, usually everyone is on different schedules and there are a few bathrooms so they’re usually free and you don’t see anyone else :) Enjoy your stay and thank you for reading the post :)


Monday 31st of July 2017

This is a really useful post and good to read. I've often felt a bit put off by hostels in case they are super crazy and party central - feel I did a lot of that when I was a student and would prefer to get a good nights sleep to be able to explore the next day! Whilst I love hanging out with my friends and exploring with my boyfriend I also love adventures of my own where you can do your own thing and not have to worry about anyone else!


Monday 31st of July 2017

So glad you found this helpful! You certainly can do that in hostels! It's just a case of finding quieter ones and getting a smaller room. Of course your room mates depend on how quiet it is but generally I've always found it ok in a female dorm. :) Glad you like exploring on your own too, there's something really special about it isn't there! Thanks for reading x