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Review | Manchester United Museum & Stadium Tour! How Good is it?

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Manchester United and Old Trafford are one of the most famous teams and stadiums in the world, so it’s pretty cool that you can really easily book and go on an Old Trafford Stadium Tour and visit the Manchester United Museum.

In fact, doing a tour of Manchester United stadium is probably even easier than you think, they literally have time slots available all day when matches are not on and the tickets are not that expensive either.

I went recently with my stepsons who are 6 & 8 and we had a great time! I realised I couldn’t move to Manchester and not visit the legendary Manchester United Stadium and even as a non-supporter (although I left feeling like a supporter), I had goosebumps throughout because of all that we saw on the Man Utd Stadium Tour.

So let me tell you how to book a Manchester United stadium tour, the Old Trafford tour price, what to expect from a Man Utd tour and answer the question ‘is a Manchester United Tour good?’

Stadium Tour Manchester United

Manchester United Stadium Tour
Keep reading to find out all about the Manchester United Stadium Tour!

Manchester United Tour Tickets

Let’s start with how to get Manchester Utd tour tickets and how much they cost! Luckily, they are easier to get than match tickets!

I booked our tickets through Get Your Guide which is a booking platform I use a lot and trust!

Booking these tickets makes it really easy to check stadium tour availability by each day and time, they don’t charge any extra, AND you get free cancellation up to 24 hours before you book which is really helpful!

Manchester United Tour Ticket Prices:

Adult: £27.00

Child 5-15: £15.00

Child 4 & under: Free

Senior 65+: £15.00

Check out available dates for your tour here and get the best ticket price!

Manchester United Stadium Tour, Ronaldo t-shirt in changing room
Yes, you get to see this!

What does the Manchester United Tour Ticket include?

The ticket gives access to the Manchester United Museum which you can visit in your own time, and it gives you a 70-minute tour of the stadium with a guide.

Souvenir wise, you are given a branded lanyard when you show your tickets where the ticket goes inside, this can be taken home with you and therefore acts as a bit of a free souvenir.

Manchester United Stadium Tour, ticket and lanyard
The lanyard is a good thing to take home!

What To Expect from an Old Trafford Stadium Tour

When you book your ticket online you’ll get an email confirmation to say you must get there 30 minutes before the start time, this is something to keep in mind when planning your Manchester day out!

The reason you are asked to get there early is mainly so you have time to visit the museum before the tour starts and the time you book the tour for is the time your group guided tour starts.

If you don’t get there just on time, then you can do the guided tour and visit the museum at the end.

Check out available dates for your tour here and get the best ticket price!

Manchester United Stadium Tour,  Stadium Entrance

Manchester United Stadium Tour Parking

The only car park at Old Trafford Stadium open on non-match days is East Car Park E2 (google maps location here) so you have to head here. When I visited it the entrance was manned, the super friendly guys told me where to park and there are plenty of disabled access spaces.

The car park is at the front of the stadium and where the Megastore is located.

Manchester United Stadium Tour, E2 car park stadium entrance
E2 Car Park is the car park for the Man Utd Stadium Tour & Museum

To get to the museum and where the guided Manchester United tour starts you follow the path around to the right, following the arrow signs to the Sir Alex Ferguson Stand Entrance.

Manchester United Stadium Tour, Path to Sir Alex Ferguson Stand
Follow the signs for the Manchester Stadium Museum and Tour.
Manchester United Stadium Tour, Entrance to Sir Alex Ferguson Stand
To the Sir Alex Ferguson Stand to start the Old Trafford Tour.

Here you’ll get a security scan, queue up inside, show your online ticket and be given a paper ticket and lanyard.

Then you go upstairs towards the Man Utd Museum and by Red Cafe at Old Trafford which is a great place to go back to after the tour has finished.

Manchester United Stadium Tour, Red Cafe Entrance

Check out available dates for your tour here and get the best ticket price!

Manchester United Museum

In order to get to where the Manchester Stadium tour starts you have to go through the museum. This is why you’ll get email confirmation telling you to get to the stadium 30 minutes before your ticket time because the time on your ticket is the literal time your guided tour starts you need to be at the end of the museum and meet your guide.

As we entered the museum we could choose to get a photo with a green screen background which could then be purchased at the end.

This was pretty cool as at the end of the tour in the Megastore you can see the photo and pick the different backgrounds, there was a sunset stadium background, normal stadium background and you could choose which player was next to you, of course, we had to get a photo with Ronaldo printed!

Manchester United Stadium Tour, Museum
Manchester United Museum
Manchester United Stadium Tour, Museum Trophy Room

Walking through the museum doesn’t take long but if you don’t have time or want to spend more time looking, you can return at the end of the tour as there are no time restrictions on access to Old Trafford Museum.

The museum is really interesting though and you should give yourself at least 20 minutes to look around.

Ready to check availability and book tickets? Do it here!

Manchester United Stadium Tour

Tours start every 10-15 minutes and staff will be calling your ticket time so make sure you listen out and head to the end of the museum which is downstairs. Then go to the counter and collect a multimedia device for each person which had a lanyard to go around our necks.

This is used at various points on the tour to watch a video or read more about where you are, this is especially good for visitors who do not understand English well and can’t understand what the guide is saying as the multimedia device can be set in multiple languages. Or those hard at hearing who can’t hear the guide.

Manchester United Stadium Tour, Multimedia guide
The multimedia guide for the Old Trafford Tour,

Our group was pretty big at about 20 people but it never felt too big.

Our guide introduced himself to start off the 70-minute tour and told us a bit about what to expect from the tour and the multimedia devices. We had 2 guides, one who stayed at the front and did all of the explaining and another who stayed at the back to ensure we all stayed together, both were available to chat to as we walked around the stadium from place to place.

Manchester United Stadium Tour, start of tour in stadium
The first stop of the Manchester Utd Tour!

To start the tour off properly we went up into the stadium, this is where the multimedia devices were really cool and this was probably their best use. Of course, the stadium was empty but with the devices, it showed what it looks like busy and it followed the stadium as we moved the device around to different parts of the stadium.

Manchester United Stadium Tour, multimedia guide showing stadium full

We went back inside and to be honest, we did spend a fair amount of time inside the stadium walking under the seats to get to another part of the stadium. Definitely keep this in mind if you have small children with you who don’t like walking much.

Manchester United Stadium Tour, walking inside stadium
We did see a lot of this part of the stadium!

Check out available dates for your tour here and get the best ticket price!

We had some good photo opportunities and the first one started as we were in the corner of the stadium where the disabled seating is, this spot gives a really great corner view of the stadium and there is plenty of space to spread out and get photos with no one in the background.

Manchester United Stadium Tour, corner photo of pitch
Manchester United Stadium Tour, Ellie Quinn at Manchester United stadium

We went back inside again and walked for a while and this is when we got to probably the best bit of the tour – the changing rooms!

It was really cool to be in a part of the stadium where usually only the players go and seeing all of the shirts in the changing rooms was definitely a highlight.

We had plenty of time in here to take photos and everyone was really good at queuing for the seats, of course, Ronaldo was a popular one, and let each other take photos. It was busy in the room with all of us in but not too bad.

Manchester United Stadium Tour, inside players changing room
Visiting the players changing room on a Man Utd Tour was really cool!
Manchester United Stadium Tour, players shirts in changing room

Ready to check availability and book tickets? Do it here!

We walked out the way the players would to the tunnel. This was the most interactive part of the tour because the guide got all the kids to line up in 2 lines and the parents/adults to start on the side and then we clapped them out onto the edge of the pitch.

Some of the kids on my tour were really big football fans and they loved this.

Manchester United Stadium Tour, inside players tunnel
The guide telling us about the tunnel before getting the kids to line up,
Manchester United Stadium Tour, players tunnel
Walking through here on the Man Utd Tour was really cool!

At the end of the tunnel, we got to start right by the pitch in the corner which was the corner between the West Stand and Sir Bobby Charlton Stand and again take some photos, these photos were better because we had the grass right behind us.

Then, we walked up the side of the pitch to the dugout, we were allowed to sit on the manager’s seats which was also a very cool and unique opportunity.

I also loved seeing the pitch front on from this level and got some great photos.

Manchester United Stadium Tour, walking up side of pitch on tour
This is as close to the pitch as we got, it was good to walk alongside the pitch though,
Manchester United Stadium Tour, dugout
It was cool being able to sit in these seats for a photo!
Manchester United Stadium Tour, view of empty pitch

Down the side of the dugout, we walked to the media and press room, again this was another cool opportunity and we could sit at the media table and have photos taken, except this photo had to be done by somewhere working there and the photo had to be purchased.

This was the only part of the tour where we were restricted from taking a photo which I think is fair and it’s really good there were no other photo restrictions on the Old Trafford stadium tour.

Manchester United Stadium Tour, media room
This was the only place we couldn’t take our own photos!

After this, we headed back inside and the tour ended outside the Megastore which is also the gift shop and where you can purchase the photo that was taken on arrival to the museum.

Red Cafe at Old Trafford

After we finished the tour we headed back round to the Sir Alex Ferguson stand and went to the Red Cafe at Old Trafford.

There are 2 parts to this, there’s a cafe as you walk in selling drinks and some snack food like cakes and crisps and then there is a sit-down restaurant. This was quite busy when we got there at lunchtime in the school holidays but it’s definitely a cool way to end a memorable visit to Manchester United Stadium!

Manchester United Stadium Tour, inside Red Cafe at Old Trafford
Inside Red Cafe at Old Trafford in the cafe area, there is also a restaurant area,

Ready to check availability and book tickets? Do it here!

Overall thoughts and review

I honestly really loved it, even as someone who hasn’t been into football for years I got chills and goosebumps just seeing and hearing how big this club is. I loved the museum for seeing the names of older players and the guide told us a lot about past players too, and then my stepsons loved it for seeing the names of the current players.

We started the tour at the Sir Alex Ferguson Stand and went all the way around to the Sir Bobby Charlton Stand so we did see a lot including the changing rooms, tunnel, dugout and media room.

My brother who is a big football fan told me he was so jealous of me going on the Manchester United stadium tour and it made me think that many people might not realise just how easy and accessible it really is to do which is why I wanted to write this post and tell you because it’s not hard to book at all and there is a lot of availability.

The only downside I’d say is that of course, you can’t go on the pitch, which might be disappointing for some and also that there is a lot of walking between corridors and through the areas under the seats so that’s just something to keep in mind if you have difficulty walking or have young children.

I hope this review and recap has helped you decide what to expect from a Manchester United Stadium Tour, and that you should book tickets for an Old Trafford tour here!