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5 Museums in Hampstead to Visit For Art, History and Literature!

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Hampstead in North London is a small neighbourhood but there are lots of things to do in Hampstead, including many museums in Hampstead to visit which are some of the best museums in London, especially if you like art, history and literature.

In this Hampstead travel guide and Hampstead blog, I’m going to give you information on all the museums in Hampstead you can visit when visiting this beautiful part of London. Visiting these museums are a great idea for one of your days out in London.

Hampstead Museums To Visit!

Museums in Hampstead

Keep reading for the best Museums in Hampstead to visit!

1. Burgh House Hampstead Museum

Inside Burgh House- a Queen Anne Period Mansion, is the official Hampstead Museum. Burgh House is used for many London events, exhibitions and even weddings.

Hampstead Museum offers a collection of artwork, objects and stories of Hampstead from prehistoric times to the present day. Hampstead history is very interesting as this neighbourhood has changed a lot from once being a poorer area of the city to now being one of the most expensive and most desired parts of London along with many famous writers, poets and artists who have lived in Hampstead in the past.

For one of the best Cafes in Hampstead, Burgh House Hampstead Museum has a small cafe on-site called The Buttery Cafe and a lovely outside courtyard so plan your trip to Hampstead around being able to visit this impressive, and free, Hampstead Museum and stop for a tea and cake too!

Hampstead Museum Opening Times: Wednesday – Friday & Sunday 12:00 PM to 5:00 PM. Closed Saturday, Monday, Tuesday.

Hampstead Museum Entrance Fee: Free.

Hampstead Museum Tours: Not on Offer.

Directions to Hampstead Museum: Click Here.

Burgh House and Hampstead Museum Website.

Museums in Hampstead , Burgh House Hampstead

Burgh House is the most interesting Museums in Hampstead I think!

2. Keats House Museum Hampstead

John Keats, a famous Romantic Poet used to live in this house and it’s now a museum and literary centre and is one of the most popular places to visit in Hampstead for literary lovers.

You can explore the life and work of Keats at Keats House Museum in Hampstead which tell the story of how he found inspiration, friendship, and love in this house in Hampstead.

Keats House Museum Opening Times: 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM Wednesday to Sunday. Closed on Monday & Tuesday.

Keats House Museum Entrance Fee: Adult – £7.50. Children under 18 – Free. Concessions – £4.50. National Trust Members – £3.75

Keats House Museum Tours: Tours are carried out at 1:00 PM and 3:00 PM when available and last 30 minutes. The price of the tour is included in the ticket price. Check with the museum in advance if they are running tours on the day you wish to visit.

Directions to Keats House Museum in Hampstead: Click Here.

Keats House Museum Website.

Museums in Hampstead, Keats House

Out of the Museums in Hampstead, if you love poetry and literature, visit Keats House!

3. 2 Willow Road Hampstead

2 Willow Road in Hampstead is a really interesting building and worth a visit if you like history and architecture.

It was designed by architect Ernő Goldfinger and completed in 1939 however it was designed to be modernist home and at the time was very futuristic. These days it is owned by the National Trust and you can visit the inside of the house and see all of the original furniture, it really feels like going back in time!

2 Willow Road Opening Times: 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM Wednesday to Sunday. Closed on Monday & Tuesday.

2 Willow Road Entrance Fee: Adult – £8.50. Child – £4.25.

2 Willow Road Tours: Tours are offered at 11:00 AM, 12:00 PM, 1:00 PM and 2:00 PM on a first-come-first-served basis.

Directions to 2 Willow Road House in Hampstead: Click here.

2 Willow Road Website.

Museums in Hampstead, 2 Willow Road

2 Willow Road is close to Hampstead Heath!

4. Fenton House Hampstead

Fenton House is Hampstead’s oldest mansion, a 17th-century merchants house. If you’re into music or art, you can go inside this National Trust property and see hidden treasures and collections of early musical instruments and ceramics.

There is also a 300-year-old walled garden that you can walk around too.

Fenton House Opening Times: 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM Wednesday to Sunday. Closed on Monday & Tuesday.

Fenton House Entrance Fee: Adult – £9.50. Child – £4.75.

Fenton House Tours: Not on offer.

Directions to Fenton House in Hampstead: Click Here.

Fenton House Website.

Fenton House | Hampstead Museums

Fenton House is a beautiful Hampstead Museum in Hampstead Village!

5. Kenwood House Hampstead

Kenwood House is a beautiful former stately home located in a really quiet and tranquil area of Hampstead Heath so it’s a perfect place to visit if you’re wondering what to do on Hampstead Heath.

You can head inside to see the interior of the home or enjoy the gardens from the outside.

Kenwood House is home to one the many Hampstead Cafes called The Brew House Cafe and it has public toilets so it’s a lovely spot to stop at on a walk around Hampstead Heath whether you want to see it from the inside or just the outside.

Kenwood House Opening Times: 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM All Week.

Kenwood House Entrance Fee: Free.

Kenwood House Tours: Available at a fee. House and Estate Tour Adult – £19.70. Concession – £17.80. Child – £11.80.

Directions to Kenwood House: Click Here.

Kenwood House Website.

Kenwood House | Hampstead Museums

When you’re walking around Hampstead Heath you should visit Kenwood House Museum!

Hampstead is a great place to spend the day, come here for its Museums but make sure you also stay and do some of the other things to do in Hampstead on offer like walking around Hampstead Heath, visiting it’s many pubs and restaurants, shopping and even go swimming in the Hampstead Heath ponds!