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6 Best Pubs in Hampstead to Visit for a Drink, Food and Sunday Roast!

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Hampstead is one of the fanciest, prettiest and oldest neighbourhoods in London and the traditional English Pubs in Hampstead reflect this well.

Whether you’re visiting Hampstead Heath for a walk, for a swim in the Hampstead Bathing ponds and fancy a pint and Sunday Roast in Hampstead afterwards.

Or, you’re simply looking for a pub to visit in London that you can relax in for a few hours!

Whether you’re a Londoner or a tourist in London, from my experience of living in Hampstead, here are the best Pubs in Hampstead to visit!

Hampstead Pubs

The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog Pubs in Hampstead
Keep reading for the best Pubs in Hampstead to visit!

1. The Holly Bush

The Holly Bush Hampstead is an institution in Hampstead and it’s not only one of the best pubs in Hampstead to visit, but one of the most famous and best pubs in London to visit!

It’s located down a beautiful old side street and really shows what Hampstead used to look like many many years ago especially if you consider the fact that it was built in the 1790s!

I love that the Holly Bush Pub Hampstead is so close to Hampstead Tube Station but to get there you will see such a hidden and nice part of Hampstead.

The Holly Bush serves food all day, all week but if you want a truly British experience in Hampstead then I would recommend going for a Hampstead Sunday Dinner and a beer on a Sunday afternoon.

Here’s The Holly Bush Website where you’ll find The Holly Bush Hampstead Menu!

The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog Pubs in Hampstead, Holly Bush Pub Hampstead
The Holly Bush Pub is peoples favourite and the top of the list in Pubs in Hampstead to visit!

2. The Flask

Located down the small side street of Flask Walk is where you’ll find The Flask Pub Hampstead, one of the Historical pubs in Hampstead and just 2 minutes from Hampstead Heath Tube Station.

What I love most about The Flask is the outside space. It is fairly small but they have a few tables outside the pub along Flask Walk and it’s a lovely place to sit and walk the world go by and the people passing by.

The Inside is split into 2 seating areas with one of them bigger than the other and both have a very traditional pub feel to them.

The Flask Hampstead serves food all day and they offer a Sunday Roast Hampstead with 6 different options so head to The Flask when you’re looking for Pubs around Hampstead.

Here’s The Flask Website where you’ll find The Flask Hampstead Menu!

The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog Pubs in Hampstead, The Flask Hampstead
The Flask Pub is located in this beautiful street called Flask Walk so be sure to add it onto your list of Pubs in Hampstead to visit!

3. The Wells Tavern

The Wells Tavern Hampstead is one of the pubs near Hampstead Heath I recommend going to. I love its outdoor benches which are perfect to sit at all year round and the inside decor is less traditional pub style and a bit more modern.

16 years ago The Wells Tavern Hampstead was transformed from a run-down pub into the architectural Georgian gem that it is today and it sits in a lovely part of Hampstead surrounded by beautiful old houses.

It is very close to Hampstead Heath and close to both Hampstead Heath Overground Station and Hampstead Tube Station.

The Wells Pub Hampstead is a Free House meaning that they have a wide range of beers and cocktails on offer and The Wells Hampstead Sunday Roast is definitely worth visiting for!

Here’s The Wells Website where you’ll find The Wells Tavern Hampstead Menu!

The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog Pubs in Hampstead, The Wells Tavern Hampstead
The Wells Tavern is located close to Hampstead Village and Hampstead Heath!

4. The Garden Gate

The Garden Gate Hampstead Pub is a 19th Century pub and is the pub I recommend you go to if you want to sit outside.

The Garden Gate in Hampstead is one of the best pubs in Hampstead Heath because of it’s large outdoor, heated garden.

Whether it’s the summer and you want a beer garden in Hampstead, or it’s the winter and you want a heated pub garden in Hampstead, this is the Hampstead Heath pub you should go to!

Food is on offer all day inside and outside and it’s well located right by Hampstead Heath Overground Station and the entrance into Hampstead Heath making it the top of out of the best pubs near Hampstead Heath!

Here’s The Garden Gate Website where you’ll find The Garden Gate Hampstead Menu!

The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog Pubs in Hampstead, the garden gate pub
The Garden Gate is right next to Hampstead Heath Overground Station making it the best pub to visit in Hampstead Heath!

Photo from The Garden Gate Website

5. The Freemasons Arms

The Freemason Arms Hampstead is a pub, bar and restaurant. It’s not one of the really traditional pubs around Hampstead and is the closest thing you’ll get to a bar in Hampstead because there are not many bars in Hampstead.

But it is one of the popular Hampstead Heath Pubs to visit because of its size and modern decor.

The Freemason Arms Pub in Hampstead is a large pub and offers a lot of seating inside and outside meaning you’re more likely to get a seat in here on a busy day or evening.

If you’re looking to have a Sunday Roast in Hampstead, this is a good option but I recommend you call and book in advance.

It’s well located close to Hampstead Heath Overground Station so it’s perfect to visit after a walk, or swim, in Hampstead Heath!

Here’s The Freemasons Arms Website where you’ll find The Freemasons Arms Hampstead Menu!

The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog Pubs in Hampstead, Freemasons Arms Hampstead Pub
For a Pub with a Restaurant, Bar and Garden, visit here!

6. The Spaniards Inn

The Spaniard Hampstead is another one of the very popular pubs around Hampstead.

It is much further out of Hampstead Village than the other Hampstead pubs recommended in this post.

Spaniards Inn Hampstead is located along Spaniards Road near the North of Hampstead Heath and close to Kenwood House in Hampstead Heath, one of the many museums in Hampstead.

This Grade II listed building which was built in 1585 as a tollhouse is worth a visit to though and is somewhere you can spend all afternoon and evening with its open fire and heated patio for the cooler days and it’s Hampstead beer garden for the warmer days.

Here’s The Spaniards Inn Website where you’ll find The Spaniards Inn Hampstead Menu!

The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog Pubs in Hampstead, The Spaniards Inn Hampstead
The Spaniards Inn is perfect for a cosy pint in one of the English Pubs in Hampstead!

Photo from Pinterest

Hampstead is a popular area to visit to walk your dog because of the huge park that is Hampstead Heath and therefore there are many dog-friendly pubs in Hampstead, in fact, most of the above pubs in Hampstead are dog friendly.

If you’re looking for bars in Hampstead you’ll be disappointed as there are none.

Hampstead is all about the pubs, but if you’re looking for Hampstead Bars, head over to West Hampstead for those!