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Retreats For Muslim Women Around the World! Come and Join Us!

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Salaam! I’m so glad you clicked on this page because you are interested in a women’s retreat aimed at Muslim women!

I’m Ellie Quinn Belhaj, a British travel blogger, travel addict, content creator and revert Muslim since 2020 and along with my friend Abdiya Iman we launched retreats for Muslim Women in Spain and the U.K with more countries to be added in the future inshallah.

We basically wanted to organise a big ladies’ holiday with a focus on spirituality and fitness, where ladies from around the world could come and meet new sisters and be in a safe space with us and each other. That’s how @sistersgetawayofficial was born!

(Although at first, it was Modest Fitness Retreats and you might see that name on past retreat information. Now, it’s Sisters Getaway!)

Retreats for Muslim Women

Muslim women's retreat
Want to be in a group like this for a Muslim women’s retreat?? Keep reading!

I am taking a step back after running retreats in June, July & August 2022 due to family commitments but Abdiya and the rest of the team are still running retreats and trips for Muslim women, mainly in Spain where Abdiya lives, and Morocco throughout 2024 and beyond!

Keep reading to find out which retreats are coming up next and to see photos of past retreats that have happened so you know what to expect when you book a retreat with Sisters Getaway!

Follow me @_equinn and @sistersgetawayofficial on Instagram for more updates and new retreat launches!

Upcoming Muslim Women’s Retreats

To find out about upcoming retreats that still have availability CLICK HERE!

This link will show you the upcoming retreats and how many places are left in real-time, so you know if only a few spots are available, you need to act quick!

Scroll down the page to find out more about the retreats including the retreat length, location and cost!

NEXT STEP: Click Join a Trip. Complete your name, number and email address, this will take you to the next page where you can book a call in with a team member.

BOOK A CALL: We want to speak to you directly to tell you about the retreat and answer any questions you have. This call process is also done for your safety so you know every participant in your group has spoken to us before and we know who they are.

DEPOSIT: You’ll need to pay a deposit to guarantee your place and places are going really quickly so be quick and get it paid! The team member you speak to on the call will tell you the amounts and the payment dates.

LOOK FORWARD TO IT: Nearer the retreat, you’ll get added to a WhatsApp group so you can get to know the other ladies on your retreat because these retreats for Muslim women are all about community! And we will send you a packing list and other things you need to know via WhatsApp.

Past Retreats & Photos

To help you get excited and to show you more of what to expect from these Muslim women retreats, here are photos from our June & July 2022 retreats in Granada.

You’ll notice there are not many photos of the guests, that’s because we want to respect the privacy of those who don’t want their photos online, but also, because the retreat centre is fully private so as hijabi’s we don’t need to cover and most of the time weren’t, hence a lack of photos!

Muslim women's retreat
The amazing ladies on our July retreat at Alhambra on the last day of the retreat!
Muslim women's retreat
And the lovely June group also at Alhambra on the last day of the retreat!
Muslim women's retreat
Abdiya and I on the last night at the retreat centre, finally with hijabs on!
Muslim women's retreat
Imagine having a coffee or tea with this view from the retreat centre!
Muslim women's retreat
The private swimming pool on the Granada retreats!
Muslim women's retreat
The main house on the Granada retreats!
Muslim women's retreat
Or, what about staying in a Yurt??
Muslim women's retreat
We love this huge hammock swing that we can all sit on, or relax on your own on!
Muslim women's retreat
Get prepared to eat like a queen! All healthy, vegetarian food and so delicious!
Muslim women's retreat
Morning walks in the mountains followed by yoga!
Muslim women's retreat
The retreat ends with a Granda city tour and Alhambra tour with Ouafa as our guide!
Muslim women's retreat
Granada Mosque is the last stop of the city tour to pray Maghrib!
Muslim women's retreat
We get told about the Muslim Empire and history here in Granada!
Muslim women's retreat
And take a spiritual tour of Alhambra and learn about how it was when the Muslims ruled!

Remember to click here for upcoming dates and availability for the Muslim Women’s Retreats and get a call booked in with the team in order to confirm your place for 2024!

Also, follow me @_equinn and @sistersgetawayofficial on Instagram for more updates and new retreat launches!

Naima Boutaib

Tuesday 6th of February 2024

Salam Alikoum Trying to register my interest but the page just freezes, could you please advise if you have any departures for 2024?

Jzk Allah


Wednesday 7th of February 2024

Salaam, thank you for your interest, I'll get someone from the team to email you about the 2024 retreats as there are plenty happening inshallah x


Sunday 20th of August 2023

Salam sisters, I’ve filled in the initial contact form several times with no response. I’ve very interested in joining the next retreat


Tuesday 2nd of January 2024


Hi , I tried registering my email but it doesn't seem to go through. I would also like to join the trips. Thank you . My email is [email protected]


Monday 21st of August 2023

Salaam, I've asked a member of the admin team to email you :)

Nina Islam

Tuesday 8th of November 2022

Dear Sisters I’ve been thinking of groups like this for years. Well done on organising one - much needed. I was wondering if you could organise a ski trip please? I’m happy to help. Why shouldn’t we enjoy the magnificent mountains of the world with a heartwarming group of decent people ? Have a think and let me know. I’m not on instagram so please contact me through email Kindest regards Nina ( I can ski but not an expert)


Wednesday 9th of November 2022

Hi Nina, Salaam, Thank you for your thoughts on this, I'm not in a position to organise a trip like that too soon but I'll keep it in mind for the future inshallah :)