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Review | RomeHello Hostel. A Street Art Focused Hostel in Rome!

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I love a good hostel! I love a hostel that has really thought about what travellers want and need. A hostel that has invested money into it to make my stay as good as it can be. A hostel with a good vibe, somewhere I can relax in after a long day of exploring. A hostel that has friendly upbeat staff who remember me and give me good advice on the place I’m staying, and after visiting Rome I found that The RomeHello Hostel has all of that and so much more!

RomeHello Hostel Review

RomeHello Hostel Review
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The RomeHello opened in February 2018 and I was invited to the opening party to experience first hand just how awesome this hostel is.

It was opened by Lorenzo, he’s from Rome and after travelling to many places around the world and staying in some great hostels, he realised that Rome didn’t have a hostel like he had seen in many places – somewhere that was nice and budget-friendly. So he decided to start a project and it ended in the opening of The RomeHello, a hostel that welcomes travellers from all over the world to Rome.

RomeHello Hostel Review

I had such a great stay at The RomeHello and I fell in love with Rome too! It was my first time there and it truly lived up to my expectations!

If you are visiting Rome I 10000% recommend that you stay at The RomeHello and this is why:

The Positives of the RomeHello Hostel:

There are soo many positives to this hostel but here are the main ones in my opinion:


The RomeHello is located right in the middle Rome and there are so many attractions well within walking distance including The Colosseum and the Trevi Fountain. The roads surrounding the hostel are beautiful too and what I loved most is that they feel really local and although they aren’t super quiet because it’s the middle of Rome, they aren’t really busy and I actually felt like I lived in Rome for a few days!

RomeHello Hostel Review, The RomeHello Hostel close to colosseum
RomeHello Hostel Review, The RomeHello Hostel nearby street

Comfy Beds

There are no thin mattresses and squeaky beds here! The hostel is brand new so it means the beds are so comfy and really good quality! This applies to the private rooms and the dorm rooms!

RomeHello Hostel Review, The RomeHello Hostel private double room

Common Areas

There are lots of common areas within the hostel. There’s a really great courtyard with cool seating, an inside common area with big sofa’s, tables and chairs, perfect for eating or for being on a laptop. There’s a great kitchen which I can imagine gets social come dinner time, and there’s The Barrel Bar which is attached to the hostel. It’s open to the public too but its a great space to chill or socialise in no matter what time of day.

RomeHello Hostel Review, The RomeHello Hostel common area
RomeHello Hostel Review, The RomeHello Hostel courtyard


We could not stop talking about how good the breakfast buffet is! The RomeHello offers so many choices – different breads, pastries, cakes, muffins, doughnuts, cereal, fruit, pancakes, waffles, egg, bacon, beans, salad, teas and coffees! It’s seriously one awesome spread of food!

Breakfast costs an extra €8.00 if you purchase it at the hostel or €6.00 if you purchase it online in advance, and it’s so worth it!

RomeHello Hostel Review, The RomeHello Hostel breakfast buffet

USB Sockets

This is what every traveller wants! 2 USB Sockets next to a normal plug socket so all devices can be charged at once! It’s simple but so effective!

RomeHello Hostel Review, The RomeHello Hostel usb

Under Bed Storage

The dorm rooms offer under bed storage which is always a plus and helps keep busy dorm rooms tidy and also keeps your valuables safe (although there are also lockers!). The private rooms also offer this too which is perfect if you are travelling with a messy travel buddy!

RomeHello Hostel Review, The RomeHello Hostel private double room

Friendly & Helpful Staff

All of the staff that I came into contact with when checking in and out, having breakfast and walking through reception and the hostel were so friendly! They always seemed happy and full of life which is just what you want in a hostel!

RomeHello Hostel Review, The RomeHello Hostel reception

By staying here you are giving back

I absolutely love this! Lorenzo decided to make The RomeHello a non-profit social enterprise, with the aim of changing the economic thinking of standard companies. Basically, everyone that works there gets paid, there are no volunteers, money goes back into the business to ensure the hostel stays at a high quality but after that, the profits go to charity! How amazing is that!!

The Overall Design & the Street Art

Perhaps the best thing about The RomeHello is just how amazingly it has been designed! It used to be an office block and had been empty for about 10 years, so before they started working on it it was a mess and covered in dust! It’s had so much work done to it including the most incredible Street Art pieces created by some of the best people in the world! Here are a few pictures just to show you what I mean:

RomeHello Hostel Review, The RomeHello Hostel street art
RomeHello Hostel Review, The RomeHello Hostel street art

Be sure to check out this spiral staircase too and all of the street art on each floor!

RomeHello Hostel Review, The RomeHello Hostel spiral staircase

The RomeHello Hostel street art

The Negatives of the RomeHello Hostel

I know I was invited to the hostel to help promote the opening but honestly, I can’t fault it! The only small thing I can think of is:

Lack of Mirrors in the Room

This is super vain but it is nice to have a full length mirror in a room, however the private room I stayed in only had a mirror in the bathroom and no mirror in the main bedroom which would have been nice.

Because I was invited to stay at the hostel for its opening, so that you know I’m not biassed, I wanted to share this message I got from Maja on Instagram who was also staying at the hostel the same time as me:

‘It’s beautiful and the staff are really nice. I was shocked when I checked in yesterday, the room is so clean, even though I’m in the 10 bedroom dorm, everything looks so pretty. The plug next to the bed is another plus.’

Who is The RomeHello Hostel good for?

The hostel is good for people who want to be in the centre of Rome due to its amazing location!

It’s good for newbie travellers who may have heard hostel horror stories and are dubious about staying in a hostel, because as soon as you step inside The RomeHello all of those worries will disappear thanks to it’s comfort, design and awesome staff!

It’s good for people who want a hotel feel in terms of comfort and design, but want a hostel vibe with good common areas to meet people.

It’s good for people who are on a budget because as its so big and has so many room options there are lots of price options (more on prices below)!

It’s good for people who want to socialise thanks to the common area’s and the awesome people it’s going to attract to stay there.

It’s good for people who like staying somewhere quirky and different and people who appreciate awesome art.

I wouldn’t say it’s good for people who really want to party and get messy! A few pre drinks in the Barrel Bar would be perfect but after that you’ll need to head out of the hostel to find the party so it depends if that’s your thing or not.

What rooms are available at The RomeHello Hostel?

The RomeHello offers a range of rooms. There are Mixed Dorm Rooms of 4, 8 and 10 beds. A 3 bed Female Dorm and Private rooms for Twin, Double, Triple & Quadruple – perfect for Families or a group of friends!

How much does it Cost to stay at The RomeHello Hostel?

Mixed Dorm Rooms start at €13.00 a night. The average price seems to be about €25.00 though factoring in weekends etc.

Female Dorms start at €13.00 a night. The average price seems to be about €32.00 though factoring in weekends etc.

Private Rooms start at €60.00 a night. Average Prices online seem to be Double & Twin – €117.00, Triple – €138.00. Quadruple – €180.00

Breakfast is an extra €6.00 per person when purchased online in advance, or €8.00 when purchased at the hostel, but it’s totally worth it because the buffet selection is one of the best I have seen and will keep you full until lunchtime for sure!

How to get to The RomeHello Hostel.

As I said, The RomeHello is in a great location in the middle of Rome which makes it so easy to get to! From either Airport – Ciampino or Fiumicino, it’s possible to get a bus into Termini Train Station for about €6.00 and from there the hostel is a 10 minute, safe walk away.

It’s also possible to get a train to and from Fiumicino Airport into Termini which is quicker than the bus but costs a little more at €14.00.

Otherwise a taxi’s are a flat rate of €35.00 from Ciampino Airport and €48.00 from Fiumicino.

If you have any questions though the hostel will be happy to give you some advice and you can email them at [email protected]


What else does The RomeHello Hostel offer?

If you have chosen to stay in The RomeHello because of its Street Art vibe you may enjoy a Street Art Tour!

I did a Big City Life, 999 Contemporary Street Art Tour of Tor Marancia. It is an initiative to help the social housing district of this area by transforming their homes into an open museum. Artists from all around the world came to design incredible pieces to fit on the sides of the flat blocks. There are 22 pieces in total and each one is so unique with a brilliant story! It’s fascinating and like nothing I have seen or heard of before so I would recommend asking reception to book you a spot!

The RomeHello Hostel street art

The RomeHello also works closely with The Roman Guy Tour Agency. They have a brilliant reputation in Rome for their awesome tours so if you want someone to show you around Rome, The Roman Guy’s are the people to contact!

I did the ‘Best of Rome Driving and Walking Tour’ which took 3 hours. We visited the Pantheon, Piazza Navona, plus a lot more, and perhaps my favourite part of the tour was driving up to Giardino degli Aranci to see this amazing view over the city!

The RomeHello Hostel The Roman Guy Tour

How do I book??

Book here!

This post is in collaboration with The RomeHello but all opinions and thoughts are my own!