How Much Money I Spent Travelling Italy for 1 Week on a Budget.

In September I visited Italy for 6 nights and 7 days and I visited Pisa, Florence, Milan & Venice. I’d never known if Italy could be travelled on a budget seen as its such a popular Western European Country however I was pleasantly surprised to find out that it can be done fairly cheaply if you are travelling on a budget.

I wasn’t on a purposely tight budget however I knew that the less I spent on this trip the more I’d have to spend on another trip so of course I ended up travelling on a pretty good budget!

Below I have detailed what I spent in one week in Italy a long with average costs of accommodation, food & transport so you can plan your trip to Italy!

During my time in Italy I spent roughly €500.00 in total which consisted of 6 nights accommodation in hostels at a fairly popular time of the year (September), 3 trains3 meals a day, a few wines and a fair bit of Ice Cream so personally, I was quite happy with this!

Hostels make a trip so much cheaper but if you haven’t stayed in hostels before or you’re not sure if you’ll like them, check these 2 posts out:

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To help you budget for your trip to Italy here’s what I found to be average costs for things:

Train booked on the day- Pisa to Florence- €8.40

Pre-booked Train from Florence to Milan- €25.00

Pre-booked Train from Milan to Venice- €25.00

Tip: Use The Train Line EU to book trains as far in advance as possible to get a cheaper price. Try not to leave booking trains to the last minute!

Accommodation in hostels in a 4-6 bed female dorm room- average €27.00 a night. Venice was the most expensive, then Milan, with Pisa being the cheapest.

Tip: I use to book most of my accommodation as they offer budget options like hostels and well priced hotels! Have a look on here to see what you can find in Italy.

Whole Pizza- €8.00-12.00

Ice Cream- €2.50

Glass of Wine- €4.00

Small Panini- €3.00

Slice of Pizza- €3.00

Coffee- €2.50

2 Day Boat pass in Venice- €30.00

Tip: Check out my blog post on Venice here to make sure you don’t overspend on the boat passes!

Bus from Venice Island to Treviso Airport €12.00

3 course meal in Milan for 2 people- 1x starter, 2x main course, 2x desserts, 1x bottle of wine- €90.00

For more details on what I did in each city, here are my blog posts!

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Checking into: The RomeHello Hostel! An Awesome Street Art Focused Hostel in Rome!

If you want some good value, budget friendly tours tours and ticket prices in Italy, I’d recommend checking these out and be sure to book in advance to get a spot. Italy get’s very busy!

Note that these prices are based on meals in slightly cheaper cafes and restaurants which is why they are the prices they are, of course if you go for more upmarket places these things will cost you a lot more.

I found it pretty easy to find food that was inexpensive and still really yummy (because of course that IS what Italy is all about).

There are plenty of hostel’s in Italy and the rates do vary on the city so keep this in mind, Pisa was a lot cheaper than Venice for example.

I personally didn’t pay for any attractions as I was happy walking around by myself and doing free things and I didn’t feel that I missed out on anything (especially the queues!).

September was a really great time to go as the weather was still lovely and warm but a lot of the summer holiday tourists had gone meaning transport and accommodation was cheaper!

I booked my accommodation and trains only a week before leaving but if I had booked them further in advance I believe I could have got them cheaper!

I hope this makes you realise that you can spend a week in Italy on a budget!

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I use to book most of my accommodation as they offer budget options like hostels and well priced hotels! Have a look on here to see what you can find in Italy.

I used The Train Line EU to book 2 of my trains in advance which I’d recommend doing!

If you want to SEE my trip to Italy, have a look at my Vlogs on YouTube here!

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