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10 Things I’d Do on a Return Trip to NYC in my 30’s!

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New York City is amazing at any age and I’ve heard it only get’s better the more you visit! This Summer marks 9 years since I flew to the USA to work at a Summer Camp for 3 months and then spend a month travelling around the US. Of course New York was high on my list to visit and a group of us from my Camp all went there after a fun week in Miami together.

I’ve only returned to New York one time since which was for a few hours on a layover in April 2015. I remembered why I loved it the first time around and why it’s one of the best cities in the world to visit.

Needless to say I’d go back to NYC in a heartbeat, however I doubt it will be within the next year which means I’ll be in my 30’s by the time I next visit New York which will prove a totally different experience than visiting at 20 years old I bet!

When I first went my list of things to do in New York City was full of the touristy sightseeing spots like seeing the Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge, Empire State Building, Grand Central Terminal and a few museums, but when I go next I’d like to go and feel more local rather than a tourist. I’d still do some tourist things for sure but I’d rather enjoy the amazing healthy cafes that are on offer, the cool yoga classes and see some different neighbourhoods.

Things To Do in NYC in Your 30’s!

Things To Do in NYC in Your 30's

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1. Walk the High Line

I didn’t visit here in 2010 as I didn’t know about it but it only opened in 2009 so that’s probably why! The High Line in New York looks so cool though. It’s a city park with a walking trail and an art gallery. I know this is super touristy but it’s one of those things I’ve seen a lot of online and would love to visit, especially at sunset as that seems like the best time to visit the High Line in NYC.

2. Shop at Brooklyn Flea

Forget 5th Avenue, Bloomingdales or Saks, that’s soo in your 20’s! I recently heard about Brooklyn Flea Market and I want to go! The market is on every Sunday from April to October selling furniture, vintage clothing, antiques, jewellery, art, crafts and fresh food. This market sounds like it would be an experience even if you didn’t buy anything but if you did how cool would it sound to say ‘oh I just got this at the Brooklyn Flea Market’ ?? So cool! The Flea Market is also close to this place, I’ve been thinking about trying indoor rock climbing for a while.

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Things To Do in NYC in Your 30's 3. Go to a Yoga Class

Yoga, and Health and Wellness in general, is huge in New York City and from the podcasts, I’ve listened to where the people are mainly from the US it sounds like there are so many amazing Yoga Classes! I’d have to find a Studio where I could drop in but it would be cool to get that local New York feel by going to a Yoga Class followed by having an amazing brunch!

4. Stay in a Hotel With a View

I stayed in a hostel in NYC on my first visit, I still stay in Hostels now to be fair but I’d love to stay in a nice hotel in New York with a City View! Things To Do in NYC in Your 30's

5. Go for Brunch

Talking of Brunch, just like London and Melbourne among many other Cities, NYC now has an amazing Brunch scene, or at least that’s what the photos on Instagram say! Bottomless Brunch is popular in NYC just like it is in Londo, that’s not really my scene now but a nice brunch that lasts all morning with some friends would be so perfect and sooo New York.

6. Visit all the Vegetarian and Vegan Cafes

New York is known for it’s food isn’t it and I definitely ate my fair share of Pizza and Burgers there in 2010, but since then NYC has changed and so have I (kinda!), and because there are now so many amazing Vegetarian and Vegan Cafes and Restaurants offering Smoothies, Brunch, Lunch and Dinner I would definitely want to find as many as possible. I find that trying to find good Vegetarian and Vegan Cafes in Cities always gets me to new areas that I may not have gone to too which would be perfect for New York!

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7. Watch a Broadway Show

You have to try and watch a Broadway Show in New York right?? I didn’t last time but I’d love to look into it when I next go. Although expensive it would be a great way to spend the evening in New York watching a world class performance!

8. Drink at a Speakeasy Bar

I was 20 when I visited New York so there was no drinking out for me, now I’m not really into drinking as much and definitely not clubbing, so one of New Yorks famous prohibition inspired speakeasy bar’s that are located around the city would be perfect for me. I think these sound like a much better place to drink in your 30’s in New York rather than a crazy club! NYC gets very cold during the Winter but it’s also a great place to visit for a US Winter Vacation, especially during the Christmas season, so these kind of bars would be great to get all cosy in when it’s cold out!

9. Enjoy the Jazz Scene

Talking of nights out, another good way to spend an evening out in New York in your 30’s I think would be to check out the Jazz scene because NYC offers some of the best jazz in the world! Greenwich Village, Manhattan and Brooklyn all seem to have a fair few live jazz bars so there’s lots of choice!

10. Day Trip to Coney Island

Part of going to a City is getting out of a City, that’s what I think these days and Coney Island makes for a great day trip from New York City. It’s down by the beach with a boardwalk, amusement parks and offers great food from what I’ve seen. This would be a great place to visit in the Summer on a nice day with some friends, I doubt it would be that fun alone. Things To Do in NYC in Your 30's

I hope that gives you some idea’s of what you could do in NYC in your 30’s too.