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Vegan Cafes In Rotterdam To Visit and Vegan Food in Rotterdam!

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I arrived in Rotterdam on the hunt for some awesome vegan cafes in Rotterdam and vegan restaurants in Rotterdam and honestly, I didn’t find many, which surprised me!

However, over the course of a few days in Rotterdam, I did come across quite a few cafes and restaurants in Rotterdam that were vegan friendly or offered one good vegan food in Rotterdam at least. Including the main, and very cool market hall, so here they are!

Vegan Cafes Rotterdam

Vegan Cafes Rotterdam

Keep Reading for Vegan Cafes in Rotterdam and Vegan Food in Rotterdam!

Op Het Dak

This cafe is pretty cool! It’s an eco-friendly rooftop cafe with an outdoor area. It’s in a pretty central location too.

I expected them to have more vegan options available than they did however there were 2 good options for breakfast and lunch, plus a good amount of vegetarian options and drinks.

If you go to just one place in Rotterdam for brunch or lunch, vegan or not, I would really recommend Op Het Dak because it’s cool and works well as a vegan cafe in Rotterdam!

Vegan Cafes Rotterdam

Look at all these veggies!

Vegan Cafes Rotterdam


Spirit in Rotterdam is a 100% vegetarian restaurant in Rotterdam and 100% organic. They offer breakfast, lunch and dinner as a really cool buffet style with lots of healthy choices. Although they do serve food with dairy in it seems they do cater for Vegans well so this is a good place for Vegan food in Rotterdam!

It’s got a really bright, modern and cool interior with outside seating too which is perfect for those sunny days. It’s a little bit of a walk from the main city centre but definitely worth it!

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Vegan Cafes Rotterdam, Spirit


SUE is a great place to go when you’re vegan in Rotterdam and you fancy a sweet treat!

There are a few locations of the cafe in the City and they offer sugar-free, gluten-free, lactose-free and Vegan slices with flavours like Tiramisu, Matcha Latte, Apple Crumble, Banana Bread. They also offer a range of drinks and the cafes are really modern and bright.

Get your really tasty vegan food in Rotterdam here!

Vegan Cafes Rotterdam, Sue

Poké Bowl

Poke Bowl in Rotterdam offers one vegan option but one option is good enough as their bowls are so nice!! You can choose from a rice or salad base, choose a protein (tofu for veggies and vegans), chose your additional salads (think mango, avocado, edamame beans), choose some toppings and then a sauce.

I was so glad I came across Poké Bowl and I would recommend it for lunch as a vegan cafe in Rotterdam or an informal, quick dinner.

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Vegan Cafes Rotterdam, Poke Bowl

Vegan Cafes Rotterdam, Poke Bowl

Bagel Bakery

Bagel Bakery is by no means a vegans dream or a vegan cafe in Rotterdam, however, they do have vegan options on their menu and its a really cool cafe on the edge of the ‘Cool District’ of Rotterdam.

If you’re with friends and looking for somewhere to go for brunch or lunch and somewhere that everyone can eat, including you as a vegan in Rotterdam, then I would visit Bagel Bakery in Rotterdam to keep everyone happy!

Vegan Cafes Rotterdam, Bagel

Bagels and Beans

The same applies to Bagels and Beans. This is a chain with a few locations throughout Rotterdam and The Netherlands.

I thought they might have more options than they did however they do have a menu on hand which details what is vegan and what isn’t to make it easier.

All but one of the doughs for their bagels are vegan and they have a bell pepper ‘cheese’ type spread which is vegan. It’s a good place to visit for a quick breakfast or lunch as a vegan in Rotterdam where you know you will be able to eat something at least.

Vegan Cafes Rotterdam


If you are in the centre of Rotterdam close to the shopping and commercial area and need to grab something quickly and something that’s healthy and some vegan food in Rotterdam then head to Sappi.

It is a juice bar offering juices, smoothies, and shots but also salads and sandwiches including vegan options.

Vegan Cafes Rotterdam, Sappi

Evergreen Veggies

This is a Vegetarian Asian style restaurant. It’s just across the road from Spirit so it’s slightly out of the centre but Vegetarian Asian food can be a great combo for Vegans and they offer a variety of Vegan-friendly options.

It’s only open for dinner, it is a little bit outdated and not one of the ‘cool and modern’ places I have mentioned but if you’re craving some Vegan food in Rotterdam that is Asian then head to Evergreen Veggies!

Vegan Cafes Rotterdam, Evergreen Veggies


Finally, the market hall or ‘markthal’ as it’s called in Dutch. No visit to Rotterdam is complete without visiting the market hall because it’s so cool and so unique, in fact, I’ve never seen anything like it before!

I was worried there would be nothing to eat in here as a vegan in Rotterdam as there is a lot of cheese, meat and cakes but luckily I found a few stalls in the markthal of Rotterdam that will cater for vegans. These include:

Sally’s Salad – Make your own salad.

Lekker Vers & Gezond – Salad and Pasta options.

Bram Ladage – Fries with Ketchup, just say no to the mayo.

Ban Tuma – Moroccan Food with options.

Salad Box – Make your own salad.

Brazuca Coffee – Acai bowl and juices.

These are all amazing vegan foods in Rotterdam!

Vegan Cafes Rotterdam, markthal

Vegan Cafes Rotterdam, market hall

I hope this helps you find some Vegan cafes in Rotterdam and Vegan restaurants in Rotterdam where you can eat as a Vegan and get some tasty Vegan Food in Rotterdam!


Saturday 21st of July 2018

Hey Quinn! Me and my family are expats in Eindhoven, Netherlands...and we are plant based! We recently visited Rotterdam twice, and have to add Healthful Rotterdam to your list! It’s so delicious, the owner is so kind, and the vibe is spot-on. It’s right in the old harbor and is pretty small, but definitely worth seeking out the next time you are there! ?


Saturday 21st of July 2018

Hello! Oh brilliant! That’s good to know! I’ll get it added! Thank you so much!

Mayuri Patel

Friday 8th of June 2018

OMG this is so helpful for veg lovers like me bookmarking your post for future reference


Friday 8th of June 2018

I’m glad to hear it! I was so happy to find a good selection of vegan options in Rotterdam :)