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How to Visit Cardiff Bay Wetlands Reserve! Location, Parking & More!

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Cardiff Bay Wetlands Reserve is a really unique spot in Cardiff City and it’s a beautiful place to visit in Cardiff. It’s only small but Cardiff Wetlands quickly takes you away from the big buildings and the city traffic and gives you beautiful views of the water and lots of chances to learn about nature in Cardiff Bay because of this biodiversity hot-spot!

It’s one of the top things to do in Cardiff Bay and whilst you’re in Cardiff Bay or Mermaid Quay, you can’t miss going!

In this Cardiff blog post I’m going to give you details on how to get to Cardiff Bay Wetlands Reserve, where you can park nearby and what to do at Cardiff Bay Wetlands Reserve!

Cardiff Bay Wetlands Reserve

Cardiff Bay Wetlands Reserve
Keep reading for all you need to know on visiting Cardiff Bay Wetlands Reserve!

Where is Cardiff Bay Wetlands Reserve?

The marshland that makes up Cardiff Bay Wetlands is located on Cardiff Bay next to the St David’s Hotel and River Taff.

It’s really easy to get to from Mermaid Quay which is full of shops and restaurants on Cardiff Bay. In fact, if you are visiting Mermaid Quay, you have to visit the wetlands reserve for a walk as well.

You can walk along the edge of the harbour from Mermaid Quay going past the Techniquest building and then past St David’s Hotel which is a huge hotel you cannot miss!

Walk alongside the carpark outside St Davids Hotel and you are at the start of Cardiff Bay Wetlands!

The closest bus stop is Stuart Street and the closest train station is Cardiff Bay Station.

Cardiff Bay Wetlands Reserve Statue
The start of the walk at Cardiff Wetlands.
St Davids Hotel Cardiff Bay
St Davids Hotel next to Cardiff Wetlands Reserve

Cardiff Bay Wetlands Reserve Parking

There is a lot of parking around Cardiff Bay and Mermaid Quay. The closest parking is Havannah Street Pay and Display opposite St David’s Hotel, and the next closest and biggest car park is Mermaid Quay Car Park.

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Things To Do at Cardiff Bay Wetlands Reserve

The Cardiff Wetlands Reserve is not huge but there are a few paths to walk around which are part of the Cardiff Bay Trail (a 10km circular walk around Cardiff Bay and Penarth if you fancy doing it!).

The main path is a gravel path so it’s suitable to walk on all year round, even when it’s wet and then there are some additional paths on the grass close to the marshland.

There are lots of benches around so you can come here and relax. In the summer it would be a nice place to have a picnic in Cardiff.

Cardiff Bay Wetlands Reserve Path
Cardiff Bay Wetlands Reserve Birds

The place you should aim to head for is the jetty at Cardiff Bay Wetlands Reserve. There is a nice wooden boardwalk over the water which takes you to a viewing point at the end.

From here you have a great view over Cardiff Bay and Lower Penarth in the distance.

Cardiff Bay Wetlands Reserve Boardwalk
Cardiff Bay Wetlands Reserve Harbour View
Cardiff Bay Wetlands Reserve Water View
Ellie Quinn at Cardiff Bay Wetlands Reserve

The nature at Cardiff Bay Wetlands Reserve is also a big reason to visit here. I love that there are so many signs along the paths to tell visitors what animals live here and where they migrate to and from.

It’s a great place for children to learn more about nature and animals, and who would have thought that this part of Cardiff would be a home and holiday home for so many animals!

Cardiff Bay Wetlands Reserve Nature

The wetlands reserve is a Bird Watchers dream, the top 5 birds found in Cardiff Bay Wetlands Reserve are Great Crested Grebe, Reed Bunting, Reed Warbler, Eurasian Coot and Common Starling. This is because the reedbed and other aquatic plants are the perfect habitat for birds.

I enjoyed reading on one of the many informational signs how some birds spend their holidays in Wales! Some come for the Summer from Eastern Africa and others for the Winter from Northern/Eastern Europe because of the mass of insects here!

This is a really good, interactive PDF that you can read or print off for children with information on all of the animals here to make the visit a learning experience too!

Cardiff Bay Wetlands Reserve Bird Sign

I hope you enjoying visiting Cardiff Bay Wetlands Reserve, it is one of the top things to do in Cardiff Bay!