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7 Best Places For West Hampstead Brunch!

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West Hampstead has so many places to go for brunch at. On the weekend, West End Lane, which is basically the High Street for West Hampstead is full of delicious West Hampstead brunch options with people sat eating out on the street and inside the very nice West Hampstead cafes.

In this post, I give you the best places to go for brunch in West Hampstead which include your usual brunch options like Avocado on Toast but also unique and healthy options too!

West Hampstead is so easy to get to as it’s on the overground line and Jubilee line with West Hampstead Station right in the middle of all of the best brunch places in West Hampstead. Afterwards, you could get on the overground and check out Hampstead Heath!

West Hampstead Brunch

West Hampstead Brunch
Keep Reading for where to go for West Hampstead Brunch!

Here’s a map to help you plan where to get brunch in West Hampstead:

The Wet Fish Cafe

Wet Fish West Hampstead is easily the most popular place to go for a West Hampstead Brunch, so popular that you will need to book a table, probably because it’s been in West Hampstead since 2003!

It is set in one of London’s historic ‘wet fish‘ shops but these days inside you will find a modern and arty interior serving modern comfort food.

The Wet Fish Cafe in West Hampstead is open all day with its daytime menu running until 5 pm so you can extend your brunch in West Hampstead until later in the day if you want.

You can choose from a standard brunch menu like Avocado on Toast or go for one of their catch of the days to mix it up!

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The Wet Fish Cafe West Hampstead Brunch
Easily the most popular West Hampstead Brunch spot, so be sure to book!

Lola’s Bakery

Lola’s Bakery wanted to bring something different to the West Hampstead Cafe and West Hampstead Breakfast scene!

They offer an all day cafe menu made from healthy, organic and free-from food inside a 100 year old building with stunning high ceilings and original features! What more could you want from your West Hampstead Bruch?

Lola’s Bakery West Hampstead offers an extensive all-day menu with many breakfast and brunch options including Avocado dishes, Pancakes and French Toast.

If you want the best brunch in West Hampstead where everyone will find something they like on the menu, go here!

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Lola's Bakery West Hampstead Brunch
Lola's Bakery West Hampstead Brunch

Hampstead Village, 2 stops on the overground line is a beautiful place to visit after your West Hampstead Brunch, use these posts to help you visit!


For a bright, airy but cosy place for brunch in West Hampstead, visit HAM Restaurant.

HAM serves modern British food with high quality ingredients.

Their brunch menu has the usual items like Eggs benedict but also Kimchi pancakes and Spelt pancakes so you will be sure to get something a little bit usual here, but still delicious!

Ham West Hampstead is also very popular for it’s bottomless brunch so if that’s what you’re looking for in your West Hampstead Brunch, look no further!

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HAM West Hampstead Brunch

Roni’s Bakery

If you want breakfast with a twist, say a European or Mediterranean twist, Roni’s Bakery is the place to go!

They offer different types of Shakshuka, a Mediterranean breakfast, a healthy breakfast, eggs many different ways, and there’s outside street seating too!

If you know the area of West Hampstead and Hampstead you may have seen Roni’s Bakery in on Hampstead High Street as well but this one was the first location!

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Roni's Bakery West Hampstead Brunch

Alice House

The Alice House is a popular cocktail bar and restaurant in West Hampstead but they also serve brunch!

Brunch starts from 12:00 midday every day except Saturday when it opens at 10:00 am, so if you want a late brunch on Sunday morning, for example, you can head here!

Alice House West Hampstead has plenty of indoor pub-style seating and a nice outside seating area partly covering you from the pavement and road.

It is one of the best brunches in West Hampstead options if you think brunch might lead to a few drinks as you are already in a bar!

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Alice House West Hampstead Brunch

Have An Avo

Located on Fortune Green Road and further along West End Lane than the other West Hampstead brunch places I have recommended but well worth the walk from the tube stations you will find this unique and quirky brunch spot in West Hampstead.

Not all of its menu is Avocado based but if you do want a good dose of Avocado and fresh food you can find it here! Think Power Pancakes, Avo on Toast and Eggs and Salmon!

They also serve really delicious lunch options if you prefer than when you arrive.

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The Mill House Cafe

The Mill House West Hampstead offers a combination of English, Italian and Persian cuisines making the most delicious brunch menu.

They have a morning goods breakfast menu including eggs, oats and beans with some unique dishes in there too. The Mill House Cafe is a local coffee house, where you can experience homemade food in a friendly environment and a great option for breakfast in West Hampstead.

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Looking for more options? Brunch in Hampstead is also a good idea! Hampstead Village has lots of places to go for brunch, click here!

Here are my best places for brunch in London to save for another weekend!

Hampstead Village, 2 stops on the overground line is a beautiful place to visit after your West Hampstead Brunch, use these posts to help you visit!