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5 Must-Try Yas Waterworld Rides in Abu Dhabi!

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Looking for the best Yas Waterworld Rides so you can make sure you get the most out of visiting Yas Waterworld in one day?? Keep reading!

Yas Waterworld in Abu Dhabi is a 37-acre water park on Yas Island, Abu Dhabi. If that doesn’t impress you, try this: the UAE is mainly an arid land with vast tracts of sand sheets and dunes, dry rocky outcrops, small barren mountains, and salt plains. However, this tropical desert country is home to several water parks, including the mega water park that is Yas Waterworld.

It’s a destination worth visiting, that’s for sure. If you find yourself in Abu Dhabi, one of the top things to do in Abu Dhabi is to drop by Yas Waterworld for a visit and experience the following rides.

Yas Waterworld is a massive water park with more than 40 slides, rides, and experiences. It is safe to say you need over a day to experience everything that the water park has to offer. 

But to ensure you don’t miss out, we’ve rounded up the 5 best rides at Yas Waterworld!

Yas Waterworld Rides

Yas Waterworld rides
Try all these best Yas Waterworld Rides! (Photo from Yas Waterworld Facebook with their permission)

1. Yas Waterworld Bubbles Barrel

The Bubbles Barrel is a flow-boarding ride with a double hump speed slide and the world’s largest surfing sheet wave. You don’t have to wait for the surf to be up; it’s always up at Bubbles Barrel.

At Bubbles Barrel, you can body-board or ride the waves lying on your stomach, or you can do some stand-up riding. It’s up to you and your skill level.

Bubbles Barrel is for people with intermediate to advanced skills. Before you can try Bubbles Barrel, you must first train at Rush Rider, the less intense version of the Bubbles Barrel. 

There, you will learn the basics of body-boarding and try techniques that will help you ride standing up. Only after you have the foundations down will you be allowed to challenge Bubble Barrel’s sheet waves.

Bubbles Barrel has a pretty low height requirement of 110 centimetres.

2. Yas Waterworld Dawwama

Dawwama is the largest six-person tornado water coaster in the world. The ride is simple enough. You and your companions will sit on a six-person raft. A ride assistant will help position everyone so the raft can remain balanced throughout the ride.

Once you’re ready, the motorized track on which the raft is sitting pre-launch will nudge you over the edge of the platform to drop down the height of a mountaintop. It will then take you on the world’s longest six-person slide before flinging you onto a 20-meter-high tornado funnel, where you will slide round and round until you reach the end of the ride.

The ride can be nerve-wracking, but it’s pretty safe. To help you keep your balance through the turns and spins of the slide, you can hold on to the raft handles.

Dawwama has a minimum height requirement of 130 centimetres.

Yas Waterworld rides
(Photo from Yas Waterworld Facebook with their permission)

3. Yas Waterworld Jebel Drop

The Jebel Drop is the best vantage point for a scenic view of the water park. More than that, however, it is also the tallest and the steepest slide in Yas Waterworld.

Jebel Drop is a body-speed water slide. It is effectively a vertical drop slide, using the force of gravity and the sheer height of the launching point to plunge you down a 10-storey drop to the ground. It is fast, intense and outstandingly exhilarating.

The launch itself is not too complicated. There’s a signal light at the top of the starting point. When the light turns green, you must grasp the handlebar on top of the slide to launch. The technique is to keep your body straight and your legs crossed when you propel yourself down the slide.

You have to be a minimum of 120 centimetres tall to slide down the Jebel Drop.

4. Liwa Loop

The Liwa Loop is a body speed water slide like the Jebel Drop. Unlike the Jebel Drop, which is a primarily open slide, the Liwa Loop is a fully enclosed chute slide. You should try this if you want to experience what it is like to fall freely from a great height.

To drop down the Liwa Loop, you will enter a launch capsule. 

You will be instructed to stand straight, crossing your arms over your chest and keeping your legs crossed. Next, there will be a countdown from three, and after the count of one, the launch pod’s false bottom will be released. What follows next is an eight-second, free-fall slide down the looping Liwa Loop chute.

It is a bit scary, but is it worth the shivers? Oh yes!

To slide down the Liwa Loop, you must be at least 120 centimetres tall.

5. Bandit Bomber

The Bandit Bomber is a 4-seater suspended rollercoaster ride, the longest of its kind in the Middle East.

This high-speed ride will take you around the park in approximately two minutes. What makes it so stimulating are the tight turns, precipitous dips, and sudden twists throughout. The rollercoaster will often slow down, almost halt, at certain parts of the ride before abruptly accelerating or taking another seemingly impossible, precarious turn. The onboard water jets and laser effects also add to the excitement.

Since this is a suspended rollercoaster, it has a minimum and a maximum height requirement. Specifically, you will need to be at least 100 centimetres and, at most, 205 centimetres tall to enjoy the Bandit Bomber.

Yas Waterworld is a massive water park with more than 40 slides, rides, and experiences. It is safe to say you need over a day to experience everything that the water park has to offer. 

However, if you have limited time available, make sure to try the Bubbles Barrel, Dawwama, Jebel Drop, Liwa Loop, and Bandit Bomber.

I hope this has given you a good list of Yas Waterworld rides to try so you don’t miss out when you’re in Abu Dhabi!

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