About Me


Who am i??

I’m Ellie. I’m 27 and I’m from England.

Where am i?

I’m currently living and working in London!

When I’m not working I’m trying to explore as much of London as I can as well as taking advantage of Europe being on the doorstep.

What do I love??

Going somewhere new is my favourite thing to do, whether it’s a new Country, a new City or even just a new street!

I also love booking flights, sunsets, brunch, ice cream, positive quotes, yoga, wine, pizza, spring, sunshine, autumn, cute cafes, Instagram, maps and just travel in general!

What have i done??

In 2010 I started my travelling adventures and never looked back. Since then i have:

Worked at a summer camp in the USA for 3 months and travelled for a month afterwards.

Travelled, lived and worked in Australia for 2 years.

Backpacked South East Asia Solo for 5 months

Backpacked South America Solo for 3 Months

Travelled Central/Eastern Europe Solo for 1 Month

Backpacked the Middle East Solo for 1 Month

Travelled South East Asia {again} for 3 Months

Moved to London

Worked a full time job whilst seeing as much of Europe & the UK as I can on weekends and annual leave!

Why do I have this blog??

I created my blog for 2 reasons! 1- to document my travels for myself and 2- to help provide YOU with the information, motivation and inspiration to travel the world!

How can I help you??

One thing I’ve learnt is that not everyone is designed to travel in the same way but luckily I like to travel in different ways so whether you’re interested in moving to the other side of the world on a working holiday visa or you’re looking to do a big backpacking trip on a budget or perhaps you’re looking for a weekend trip closer to home with a few luxuries then I have stories and blog posts that can help you out with all of that!

How is my blog different??

I like Countries and Cities that are popular but I also like to visit lesser known places, places that are up and coming and slightly off the tourist radar.


I want to give you stories and make you dream about far away places but I also want to give you the facts! How much stuff costs, how to get from place to place, if I fully enjoyed the destination or not, where to visit and where to not bother visiting!


I think that concludes most of it!

I hope you enjoy my blog! x

{{If you’re a brand and want a copy of my media kit, please email me at thewanderingquinn @ gmail.com}}

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