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Epic 2 Week Thailand Itinerary Visiting The North & South Islands!

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Thailand offers visitors such a range of activities and places to go. It has the Big Capital City of Bangkok, Party Islands, Chill Islands, Holiday Towns, National Parks, Smaller Cities and Mountain Villages.

With 2 weeks in Thailand, you cannot see all of the country, but you can visit Thailand for 2 weeks and visit a few different places and have a great holiday in Thailand using this 2 week Thailand itinerary!

In order to see the best of Thailand, I think you need to spend some time in Northern Thailand and some in Southern Thailand, it will mean you see less of one place but a trip to Thailand is all about jumping from place to place as it’s the best way to see just how varied the Country is and then you can decide which area you want to see more of on your second visit because Thailand will leave you wanting to go back!

2 Weeks in Thailand!

2 weeks in Thailand
Keep Reading for how to spend 2 weeks in Thailand!

Map of where to visit in Thailand with 2 weeks in Thailand.

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2 Week Thailand Itinerary

Day 1 – Fly into Bangkok

Bangkok is the best place to start your Thailand trip, especially with 2 weeks in Thailand, it’s such a cool city, and here are some interesting Thailand and Bangkok facts to know before you go!

Bangkok has 2 airports, Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK) & Don Mueang International Airport (DMK). Both are not too far away from the city but be sure to double-check which airport you fly into and if you book a transfer from Bangkok Airport to your hotel in advance, be sure to get it from the right airport!

Be sure to get a Thailand tourist sim card when you arrive at the airport so you have constant internet over the next 2 weeks!

Handy Airport Transfers: BKK Airport Transfer Deal, DMK Airport Transfer Deal.

Search for the best flights to and from Thailand on Skyscanner here!

Where to Stay in Bangkok

I would recommend staying near Khao San Road on your 2 week Thailand itinerary. It’s the typical Backpacker area of Bangkok and known as the ‘gateway to South East Asia’ however these days it’s not as crazy as it was and is now home to some nice hotels and restaurants so it’s perfect for holidaymakers and travellers.

Hotel wise I recently stayed at the Nouvo City Hotel which is a few streets away from Khao San Road meaning it’s possible to visit that area easily but not be in an area that is too busy. It’s a nice and modern hotel with reasonable rates plus a nice pool and very popular with foreign visitors because of this.

Search for more hostels and hotels in Bangkok on here.

2 weeks in Thailand, best hotel in Bangkok
Nouvo City Hotel Bangkok

Things To Do in Bangkok

Street Food in Thailand is so amazing and Bangkok is one of the best places for it!

Bangkok is known for its street food, its bars and general craziness and staying in this area visiting Khao San Road and nearby Rambuttri Road will give you a chance to eat some good food, get some cheap massages, enjoy the nightlife and do some shopping on your first day in Thailand and ease yourself into these 2 weeks in Thailand!

2 weeks in Thailand, khao san road

Day 2 – Bangkok & Overnight Train to Chiang Mai

Things To Do in Bangkok

Spend your second day in Bangkok seeing the City on your 2 week Thailand itinerary!

The Grand Palace is one of the most popular places to visit in Bangkok receiving thousands of visitors each day, because of this it is very very busy so be sure to look into how to visit The Grand Palace in Bangkok first!

From the Khao San Road area, you can jump on a local boat at a nearby pier and get off where the Grand Palace is so there’s no need to get scammed by a tuk-tuk driver.

However, if you do want a City Tour with a tuk-tuk driver to see more be sure to agree on a price in advance and remember if it seems to good to be true it will be as they’ll take you to lots of places they want you to buy things from.

The best thing to do is to book this through your accommodation or be very stern with the driver that you only want to visit X places.

Alternatively, you can go to see the Bangkok Floating Markets or go to one of Bangkok’s many famous shopping malls like BKK or Terminal 21 or do one of these usual things to do in Bangkok!


Later that day head to Bangkok Train Station (Hua Lamphung Station) to catch your train to Chiang Mai.

Bangkok to Chiang Mai Overnight Train

I would recommend taking an overnight train to Chiang Mai on your 2 week Thailand itinerary because it’s much better than a bus and it saves much more time than flying as you literally leave early evening and arrive in Chiang Mai in the morning with no time wasted!

You’ll need to book the train in advance to ensure you get a train as they book up quickly. You can book an overnight train (or bus if you’re on a budget) from Bangkok to Chiang Mai in advance on 12GO Asia here.

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If you’d rather fly and save time on your 2 weeks in Thailand, check out flights from Bangkok to Chiang Mai here. Internal flights in Thailand are quick and reasonable in price when booked in advance.

2 weeks in Thailand, bangkok to chiang mai overnight train
Overnight train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai

Day 3 – Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is in Northern Thailand and I think it’s best to visit the North first with your 2 weeks in Thailand whilst you’re still in fresh holiday exploring mode before heading South to the Islands to chill.

Chiang Mai is a must-visit place in Thailand because it’s so pretty and so cultured!

Things To Do in Chiang Mai

The tourist part of the city is mainly within the 4 walls of the Old City which is very manageable to walk around and you can spend days wandering the streets finding new cafes, restaurants and new temples so this is what I suggest you do in one day in Chiang Mai.

The Best Buddhist Temples to visit in Chiang Mai are Wat Chedi Luang, Wat Sri Suphan, Wat Inthakin and Wat Phra Singh so be sure to try to find one of these although you’ll pass so many anyway.

In terms of food you’ll easily pass some really good places too but if you like cool, eco-friendly places then Blue Diamond, Reform Kafe, and Clay Studio Coffee In The Garden are amazing!

Alternatively, if you want local Thai food, be sure to get some Khao Soi as it’s so good and only sold in Northern Thailand!

If you love your coffee you’re in luck in Chiang Mai! There are coffee shops and cafes everywhere and the coffee they use generally is from Northern Thailand so you are being cultured when drinking coffee in Chiang Mai!

In the evening head to Chiang Mai Night Markets along Changklan Road and then head to see a show at Chiang Mai Cabaret. It’s a ladyboy show but it is in no way seedy at all, its pure fun and entertainment and a must-do to see how Thailand really embraces their Lady Boy Culture. They have a show on at 9:30 pm and it cost 350baht when I visited, be sure to get there early to get good seats but note that being close to the front may get you some attention so add this to your 2 week Thailand itinerary!

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2 weeks in Thailand, Chiang Mai

Where to stay in Chiang Mai

The best place to stay in Chiang Mai is definitely within the walls of the Old City so you’re really central to everything.

If you’d rather stay outside the Old City I stayed at both The Small Hotel and The Empress Hotel which were both good, had pools and are not too far from the Old City at all. The Empress’ Breakfast Buffet is also pretty epic!

For hostels, Oxotel Hostel is rated as one of the best hostels in Chiang Mai.

Search for more hostels and hotels in Chiang Mai on here!

The Small Hotel Chiang Mai
The Small Hotel

Day 4 – Chiang Mai

Not only is the City of Chiang Mai great but there’s so much to do near Chiang Mai too!

Things To Do Near Chiang Mai

Some options I would recommend to help you have the best time in Northern Thailand with your 2 weeks in Thailand are:

Doi Suthep Temple is just an hours drive from Chiang Mai (although it looks closer on a map) if you want to see another nice Buddhist Temple.

Elephant Nature Park. This is the original elephant park that started off the amazing no riding of elephants message and this is the best elephant park to go to in Chiang Mai and in Thailand if you want to see elephants as it’s 100% legit.

Zip Lining. Chiang Mai is full of nearby jungles and also home to a zip line in one of them! Flight of the Gibbon has been around for a while, I went whilst on my STA Travel and Contiki Northern Thai Highlights Tour and had such a good time! It has incredibly high safety standards and really fun staff so if you want some adrenaline this is a great thing to do!

Cooking Class. If you want to try cooking some Thai food that you can then cook at home a cooking class is a great idea and Chiang Mai is a great place to do this in. There are schools in the city but the best thing to do is going to one that is out in the rice paddies. I did a class with The Best Thai Cookery School, who were the best!

If you want to book a tour and activity in advance, have a look at one of these options:

2 weeks in Thailand, zip lining chiang man

Day 5 – Fly to Koh Samui from Chiang Mai

Book yourself a flight to Koh Samui from Chiang Mai. It’s the fastest way to get to Southern Thailand which will be best with 2 weeks in Thailand.

Enjoy the morning in Chiang Mai by going out for a yummy breakfast and coffee and then catch your flight.

Internal flights in Thailand can be fairly inexpensive and cheaper if you book them in advance, have a look on Skyscanner here to see what prices you can find and read here how to find cheap domestic flights in Thailand!

Things To Do in Koh Samui

Although the flight time isn’t long from Chiang Mai to Koh Samui this day will probably end up being a full travel day on your 2 week Thailand itinerary so I wouldn’t push to do too much. Koh Samui is full of restaurants, bars and great nightlife so get some dinner and head to the beach to see one of Thailand’s famous Fire Shows, especially if you stay in Chaweng Beach on your 2 weeks in Thailand.

2 weeks in Thailand, Koh samui

Where to stay in Koh Samui

This island is huge! I’ve always stayed in Chaweng Beach which is very touristy and built up but it does have a nice beach and good nightlife if that’s what you want, although a bit seedy too! Mae Nam is a nice area to stay in Koh Samui.

If you’re looking for a budget hostel in Koh Samui offering good value, these are rated very highly: P168 Hostel, UBOX Hostel, Top Hostel Koh Samui.

If you’re looking for budget hotels and resorts offering good value, these are rated very highly: Floral Hotel Chaweng, Rattana Guesthouse and Bungalows, Wazzah Resort Bungalow, Kanlaya Park, Kiddee Condo.

I stayed at Floral Hotel Chaweng and was really impressed with the standard of the Hotel.

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best koh samui hotel, 2 weeks in Thailand
Floral Hotel Chaweng

Day 6 & 7 – Koh Samui

Things To Do in Koh Samui:

With 2 full days in Koh Samui during your 2 weeks in Thailand, you can have a day of relaxing on its many beaches and spend another day exploring the island on a day trip or doing a fun activity.

I did a full-day tour around the island visiting 7 different places which was a lot of fun and although I saw Koh Samui as a very commercial and touristy place when I first arrived, seeing more of the island showed me just how beautiful it is and really gives an insight into what Thailand is away from the bars and restaurants.

If you want drinks on the beach in the evening, go to Ark Bar and watch their fire show from 9:30 pm!

For some tour ideas have a look at these:

2 weeks in Thailand, Koh Samui
View of Koh Samui on an Island Tour!

Day 8 – Boat from Koh Samui to Koh Tao

Koh Tao is just an hour or so away from Koh Samui by boat and the process is very simple. You can either book a ticket with a travel agent in Koh Samui or buy a ticket online to Koh Tao. I’d recommend getting a morning boat so you have the rest of the day to enjoy Koh Tao with just 2 weeks in Thailand!

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Things To Do in Koh Tao

Koh Tao’s main tourist beach is Sairee Beach which is a really nice beach with a walkway down it with plenty of restaurants, cafes and massage parlous so I recommend on your first afternoon in Koh Tao you enjoy the beach and get a massage on your 2 week Thailand itinerary.

If you want some evening entertainment there’s a lot going on in Koh Tao. There will be fire dancers out on the beach, they always do a show outside Lotus Resort. There’s a ladyboy cabaret. Fishbowl is a good place along the beach to head to later to party and Koh Tao Pub Crawl is pretty famous and has been going on for years if you want a big party night!

If you don’t want to party that’s ok as you can avoid it easily.

2 weeks in Thailand, koh tao

Where to stay in Koh Tao

Sairee Beach is the best place to stay in Koh Tao I think as you’re in the centre of the action. I have stayed at Lotus Resort Hotel which I recommend and Good Dream Hostel is a highly rated hostel in Sairee Beach too.

Alternatively, if you are travelling as a couple and want somewhere quieter and a resort with its own beach I’d recommend Charm Churee Resort which is where I stayed recently, it’s too remote to visit solo I’d say and its a good place if you just want to relax as it has lots of bungalows, is set right on the water and like I said, it has its own private beach!

Search more accommodation in hostels, hotels and bungalows in Koh Tao on here.

best hotel koh tao, 2 weeks in Thailand
Charm Churee Ressort

Day 9 & 10 – Koh Tao

You have 2 days to fully relax into island life here on this small and beautiful island and there are so many things to do in Koh Tao whether you want to relax or be adventurous!

Things To Do in Koh Tao

I’d recommend spending one day chilling on the beach in holiday mode again perhaps with a half-day boat trip involved depending on how much sunbathing you want to do, and the second day going out on a full-day boat trip with your 2 weeks in Thailand.

There are lots of snorkelling trips on offer and they are bookable in all of the travel agents, I’d say that half a day is enough for a nearby snorkelling trip as that will give you the opportunity to go snorkelling twice and head up to the viewpoint on the nearby island of Koh Nang Yuan which is stunning!

If you like Scuba Diving or you want to try, Koh Tao is the best place to dive in Thailand, if you’ve never dived you can do a fun dive and they’ll teach you the basics. If you have your PADI you can, even better!

For a full-day tour, I recommend going to Anthong National Marine Park which is one of the best National Parks in Thailand.

It’s accessible from all 3 Eastern Thai Islands and is beautiful! It takes a few hours to sail to the National Park but once there you’ll snorkel, kayak, go up to viewpoints and see some incredibly beautiful hidden spots which make Thailand, Thailand!

Hiking is a popular thing to do in Koh Tao, head to Koh Tao viewpoint to see an amazing view of the island!

2 weeks in Thailand, Anthong Marine Park
Anthong National Marine Park is great to visit on a day trip with 2 weeks in Thailand!

Day 11 – Koh Tao to Ao Nang in Krabi

You have a few options of how to get from Koh Tao further South to Ao Nang in Krabi.

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You can book a flight from Koh Samui to Krabi and get a boat back to Koh Samui from Koh Tao a few hours before heading straight for the airport. This option will be a bit quicker but even though you’re flying it will still involve a fair few buses and taxis.

Or you can get a boat from Koh Tao to the mainland and then get a bus to Krabi. This journey will be longer but it is pretty direct. This boat and bus can be booked at a travel agent on Koh Tao or you can book it in advance online in order to get a fast boat and bus transfer.

Today is when you’ll need to be in a travellers mindset. Although Thailand is a popular holiday destination and 2 weeks in Thailand is enough time, Thailand is not like Spain and it does take some time to get around the Country so just enjoy the journey, especially if you have never travelled this way before!

Things To Do in Ao Nang

I doubt you’ll have much time in Ao Nang today as it will be a full travel day so enjoy some dinner in one of the many restaurants and if you want a drink there are plenty of bars to go to.

Where to stay in Ao Nang

Ao Nang is a touristy place again but it benefits from having lots of accommodation on its main street which is really close to the beach.

I stayed at Pop In Hostel which I really recommend if you want a good but budget-friendly hostel in Ao Nang.

Hotels that are highly rated and in a good location in Ao Nang are BlueSotel Hotel, Peace Laguna Resort and Spa, Golden Beach Resort.

Centara Grand Beach Resort will be perfect for you if you fancy somewhere really nice for your last few days in Thailand!

Search for more hostels, hotels and resorts in Ao Nang on here!

2 weeks in Thailand, ao nang
Main Road with accommodation in Ao Nang

Day 12 & Day 13 – Ao Nang Krabi

The reason I recommend coming down to Ao Nang in Krabi is firstly it finishes off your 2 weeks in Thailand and 2 week Thailand itinerary really well because you will have seen Bangkok, the North, the Eastern Thailand and now the South West of Thailand.

Things To Do in Ao Nang

Ao Nang isn’t the nicest place in Thailand however it’s a great place for day trips.

If you’re still in the mood for more boat trips you can go on the popular 4 Island Day Trip, you can go over to Phi Phi island which is on most people’s Thailand bucket list however this way you can visit for the day and head back without moving all of your bags again to stay on Phi Phi. A Day Trip to the Hong Islands is also very popular.


If you want to just relax on the beach, although you can do this on Ao Nang’s beach I would recommend getting a long tail boat from Ao Nang to Railay beach. It takes just 10 minutes, is inexpensive and the boats run constantly during the day.

Railay Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Thailand and best beaches in Krabi because it is so so nice! There’s also 4 beaches you can visit once you get there – Railay West, Railay East, Tonsai and Phra Nang. Not only are the beaches in Railay Beautiful but there are hikes to viewpoints you can do and plenty of places to eat and drink.

The sunset from Ao Nang, Tonsai and Railay West Beach is perfect too so make sure you hang around to see it!

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railay beach from ao nang
Railay Beach

Day 14 – Fly Home

The most ideal situation is to get a flight from Krabi Airport which is not far from Ao Nang which transfers you in Bangkok or another Asian Airport before your flight home!

If there are no suitable flights from Krabi, Phuket has a good-sized airport too although Phuket is 3-4 hours away from Krabi and Ao Nang.

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Search for flights from Krabi back Home on Skyscanner here!

And there you have it, a 2 week Thailand itinerary for your 2 weeks in Thailand which will show you the best of Thailand and just how diverse this country is!