How To Get From Ao Nang Beach to Railay Beach For A Day Trip!

March 1, 2019

Ao Nang is a holiday town in Krabi, Thailand. It’s a popular place to visit in Thailand because it’s fully set up for tourism with plenty of hotels, hostels, resorts, restaurants, bars and shops. Plus there’s lot of things to do near Ao Nang and lots of activities on offer!

Although Ao Nang Beach is nice, Ao Nang is not the nicest area of Thailand so it makes it the perfect place to stay in Krabi in Southern Thailand and use as a base to other beaches and to do day trips from.

One of the best day trips from Ao Nang is over to nearby Railay Beach because it’s close by, cheap to get to and the beaches of Railay are beautiful!

Although Railay Beach is part of the mainland of Thailand it can only be accessed via boat!

There’s a ticket stand along Ao Nang Beach at the corner where the road leads from the beach and into the town, it’s just over the road from The Coffee Club.

During the day there are plenty of people keen to buy boat tickets so you can’t really miss it!

A one way boat ticket to Railay Beach from Ao Nang is 100baht during the day and 150baht after 6:30pm, it’s the same on the way back too. You can buy a return ticket for 200baht but you can also buy the ticket back once you are on Railay, you don’t save any money by buying a return ticket here.

Ao Nang Boat Ticket to Railay

After you have purchased your ticket listen out for the boat men calling ‘Railay, Railay!’, head that way, hand your ticket to the collection guys and they’ll tell you when to head to the boat.. easy!

The boats that take you from Ao Nang beach to Railay Beach are the traditional Thai longtail boats. Be warned that you will need to get into the ocean to climb up and when they drop you off you’ll have to jump into the ocean again too. Be sure to keep you bag as high as you can so a wave doesn’t crash into it!

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ao nang beach to railay beach day trip

The boat ride from Ao Nang to Railay is just 10 minutes, you may also get a bit wet from the splash of the ocean!

You’ll get dropped off at Railay West beach which is a really nice beach. It does get busy as this is the main Railay drop off point and those staying overnight on Railay get dropped with their bags here too.

ao nang beach to railay beach day trip

The best thing about Railay is that there’s actually quite a few things to do in Railay, including visiting 3 more beaches – Railay East, Phra Nang and Tonsai.

Both Railay East and Phra Nang are the easiest to get to as there is a paved path and it is flat. Once there they are very busy as they are often part of island hopping day trips so a lot of people will come and go but they are both gorgeous with amazing water! Phra Nang is fairly remote or at least quite far to walk to a shop from but that’s ok because there are snack boats which line part of the beach selling all sorts of food and drink! Such a good idea!

ao nang beach to railay beach day trip

ao nang beach to railay beach day trip

Tonsai Beach is much quieter and has more of a chilled out, backpacker vibe compared to the high end resorts of Railay. It’s possible to get from Railay Beach to Tonsai but you’ll need to climb a section that splits the two or go the back way and do the jungle hike which is hard work!

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Whilst you’re in Railay you can also head up to some viewpoints (although be warned you have to climb!) and find some caves to explore!

There are lots of maps on the walkways around Railay to help show you where you can find them!

Like the nearby beach of Tonsai, Rock Climbing is great here too! This may be something you need to book in advance but if you get to Railay Beach early you may be able to get a lesson that day!

ao nang beach to railay beach day trip

ao nang beach to railay beach day trip

Snorkelling gear can be hired as can Kayaks and Stand Up Paddleboards. Going out on the water at sunset would be amazing and I saw a sunset kayak tour going out which would be good to join!

And if you don’t fancy being out on the water at sunset, be sure to stay on Railay West for it because the sun sets right in front of you!

ao nang beach to railay beach day trip

Railay is a place with a fair bit of accommodation (although mostly resorts and fancier hotels making it more expensive to stay than Ao Nang) and people do stay there for a few days so there are also plenty of restaurants, bars, shops, massage parlours and tattoo shops to help pass your day or help you get out of the sun if it gets too hot!

ao nang beach to railay beach day trip

ao nang beach to railay beach day trip

Visiting Railay Beach whilst in Krabi and Ao Nang is a must because the beaches are so beautiful, and it works out as a really nice day trip from Ao Nang!

Accommodation in Ao Nang

If you still need to book accommodation in Ao Nang. I stayed at Pop In Hostel which I really recommend if you want a good but budget friendly hostel in Ao Nang.

Hotels that are highly rated and in a good location in Ao Nang are BlueSotel Hotel, Peace Laguna Resort and Spa, Golden Beach Resort.

Centara Grand Beach Resort will be perfect for you if you fancy somewhere really nice for your last few days in Thailand!

Search for more hostels, hotels and resorts in Ao Nang on Booking.com here!

Accommodation in Railay

If you’re thinking about staying in Railay overnight too, all of the accommodation is online and you can check availability and rates on Booking.com here.

More Day Trip Idea’s from Ao Nang

Like I said, Ao Nang is a great base for day trips and there are also so many other day trips from Ao Nang including island hopping tours including a tour to Phi Phi Island, Zip Lining, Quad Biking, Hiking and much more. Here are some tours you can look into and book online:

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