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My 4 Month India Itinerary from North to South India with Map!

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I have just finished travelling in India for 4 months, ok just under 4 months by 1 week. I spent 2 months in North India and 2 months in South India visiting 27 places! I saw Majestic Forts, Grand Palaces, Temples of all Religions, big Busy Cities, small Villages, Mountains, Beaches, Tea Plantations, and of course the Wonder of the World that is the Taj Mahal!

When I left I felt like I had been in India for a long time but really, I had, 4 months in one Country is a long time! At the same time India varies so much that I didn’t get bored at all because it always felt like I was in somewhere brand new!

I’ll admit the only thing I got over a bit was the food, I was done with Indian Food after about 2 months of being there! Oh and the beeping and traffic! But that’s most of Asia for you.

Here is my 4 Month Itinerary for India if you are planning a big trip to India yourself and want a good route. The route I did in the North and South worked really well for me, it flowed well and I didn’t have to go back on myself. The itinerary below is very basic but you can find out more details of where I stayed and what I did in each place in my India Blog Posts here.

I have added a map at the bottom as I know from my experience planning a trip to India is hard because you hear of all the different names of Cities and Towns but it’s hard to know where all of the places are in order to plan your route around India.

I will say before you read how I spent 4 months in India is that I spent a bit more time in certain places like Pushkar, Dharamshala, Rishikesh and Goa because I needed to stay in one place and catch up on some work as I work on this blog and make YouTube videos which take a lot of time to edit, but even as a backpacker to India who is not working I do recommend you schedule to stay in a few places longer than usual whether that’s 5 days rather than 3 days every few weeks as travelling for this long does take its toll especially after a lot of long journeys and especially in India!

Plus the towns of Pushkar, Dharamshala, Rishikesh and many places in Goa are perfectly set up for travellers who just need to chill and rest for a while!

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4 Months in India Itinerary

Mumbai – 6 Nights

Overnight Train from Mumbai to Udaipur

Udaipur – 3 Nights

Kumbhalgarh – 2 Nights

Jodhpur Village Homestay – 3 Nights

Jodhpur – 3 Nights

Pushkar – 7 Nights

Jaipur – 5 Nights

Delhi – 4 Nights

Amritsar – 2 Nights

Dharamshala – 8 Nights

Overnight Bus to Rishikesh

Rishikesh – 7 Nights

Delhi – 1 Night

Agra – 3 Nights

Overnight Train to  Varanasi

Varanasi – 3 Nights

Flight from Varanasi to Goa

Goa (Arambol Beach) – 5 Nights

Goa (Candolim Beach) – 2 Nights

Goa (Palolem Beach) – 3 Nights

Goa (Palolem Yoga Retreat) – 7 Nights

Overnight Train to Alleppey

Alleppey – 3 Nights

Varkala – 4 Nights

Kochi – 3 Nights

Munnar – 3 Nights

Thekkady – 2 Nights

Madurai – 3 Nights

Pondicherry – 4 Nights

Mahabalipurm – 2 Nights

Chennai – 3 Nights

Mysore – 3 Nights

Bangalore – 3 Nights

4 months in India

Find out more details of where I stayed and what I did in each place in my India Blog Posts here.

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    January 27, 2019 at 2:56 pm

    I’ve followed your trip to India and it has looked incredible! I’m desperate to visit so will be bookmarking this for later!


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