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DETAILED Female Packing List For India! What To Pack For India!

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‘What to pack for a trip to India as a woman?’ This is by far one of the biggest questions and worries females to India are going to face and ask before going to the colourful, crazy country of India!

I have spent over 1 year in India over the last 2 years on multiple solo trips and running my group tours for women in India, so I’ve had a lot of experience as to what to pack for India as a woman!

Female India Packing List

India packing list female
Keep reading for my India packing list for females!

In this India travel blog post and India packing list for females, I detail a practical packing list for India of what is needed to travel to India which will cover you for all the must-see places in India like Delhi, Rajasthan, Punjab, Kerala, Goa and even the mountains of Himachal Pradesh.

Basically, the places you’re likely to visit on your first time in India so you will feel comfortable as a woman travelling India because of the correct clothes you take!

Best time to visit India

Before we get into this India travel blog, it’s worth thinking about the best time to visit India as the country gets very hot and wet in the middle of the year. November to March are the best times to visit both North & South India.

South India will be warmer than North India in the winter months of December and January, Delhi and further North actually get cold in these months but are still enjoyable to visit with the right clothing.

Outside these months, you can still visit but you’ll find that the heat and humidity will be much higher, especially as you go further South.


I really recommend having a sim card in India as it makes travel in India so much easier! You may have heard that it’s hard to get a sim card in India but you can get a sim card in Delhi Airport, read this post to see how to buy a sim card in Delhi Airport or if you fly in elsewhere 3 ways to buy a sim card in India and you’ll be connected in just a few hours!


If you are a woman, here’s what I recommend you pack and wear in India. Technically you can wear what you like in India in most places but to get fewer stares and feel more comfortable, read my post!


Most people arrive for the first time into Delhi and get scammed within a few hours! Read my Delhi Travel Tips to help you enjoy Delhi, and the best places to stay in Delhi which is so important!

Best Clothes to Pack for India

Below is my female India packing list detailing all the things I recommend packing for India.

If you’re wondering what to wear in India around the India dress code, read this post of mine to help you on that afterwards!

3 – 4 x Pairs of baggy trousers – full length or 3/4 length

Personally, I prefer 3/4 length pants when I pack for India to let some breeze in rather than full length but I do pack at least one pair of full-length trousers for overnight journeys and in places where it may get chilly, especially in the evenings, because India does get cold!

When it comes to what to wear in India as a female, my main advice is to ensure these trousers for India are light, airy and baggy. Firstly, to keep you as cool as possible, India isn’t always hot but generally, in many places like Delhi, Agra and Rajasthan it is hot and / or humid for a lot of the year.

Secondly, baggy trousers are much more modest. Skintight trousers will attract a lot more male attention to you as a foreign woman in India and I personally only wear skintight gym pants in certain parts of the country like Rishikesh, Dharamshala and Goa where a lot of foreigners visit and where yoga in India is popular.

Thirdly when visiting religious monuments you will need to have your knees covered and if you only have long pants for India or 3/4 length ones then you’ll never need to worry that you are not appropriately dressed.

Baggy trousers are pretty easy to find in the markets and shops in India so if you can’t find suitable ones at home you can go shopping in India. Many travellers will also wear the iconic South East Asia Elephant pants which make up the perfect outfit in India due to the light material and how baggy they are.

I really like H&M for their baggy and 3/4 length trousers and they are such a good price. Have a look at some options here!

4 – 5 x T-Shirts

T-shirts are great for India, you know that your shoulders are covered and your chest which is what I recommend for a woman travelling to India. They can keep you cool in the hot weather but still covered and modest.

1 – 2 x Tank Tops

I say that t-shirts are your best friend in India. Like needing to cover your knees, in India, you need to cover your shoulders to enter religious monuments and they are much more modest than tank tops which not only show your shoulders but may show more back and chest too.

Although there is nothing wrong with wearing tank tops in India so if you’re thinking what to pack for India in Summer, you can always take a shawl in your bag for when you need to cover your shoulders, I find that in hot places although having a tank top on is a bit cooler, with a shawl on top, it becomes hotter than just a t-shirt which is why on my second trip to India when deciding what to pack for India as a female, I opted to carry way more t-shirts this time.

Modesty-wise again, I notice that I feel much more comfortable in a t-shirt in India as the best tops to wear in India with short capped sleeves and a baggy fit so I know my shoulders are covered and probably, most importantly, that all of my chest is covered too and the t-shirts are not too tight over my boobs.

That said, 1-2 tank tops should also be on your packing list for India too in case it is very hot somewhere and in some places, it’s totally ok to wear them. Tank tops like this from H&M are good!

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1 – 2 x Dresses

If you’re a woman who likes to wear dresses and skirts instead of trousers then put these in your bag when packing for India, as long as they aren’t too short, or pack some cheap simple black leggings to wear under them if they are short.

I find that it’s possible to wear a nice dress with leggings and / or a t-shirt underneath which looks nice but is modest too and perfect for female travel to India.

Bright, modest dresses are perfect for wearing to the Taj Mahal!

I really like H&M for their long and modest dresses to wear in India. Click here to have a look at options!

India packing list female, female tourists at Taj Mahal
Pack a bright outfit for the Taj Mahal!

1 x Jumper

A jumper/sweatshirt/hoodie is needed for India because it does get cold! You might need it for overnight journeys or in the mornings when it’s still cold.

1 x Long-sleeved thin top

Some days you’ll be sweating in India and wondering why you’re carrying a jumper and long-sleeved warm top because ‘does it get cold in India??’ yes it does and it’s likely you’ll need them. People love air-con in India which is understandable but what’s not is how cold it can get.

Night buses and night trains, which are are the best way to travel around India can get particularly cold in the middle of the night with the air con on, and so can some cafes.

A long sleeved top like this is a good idea!

If you decide to head North into the mountains or even to Varanasi in the late Autumn / Winter months the mornings will be pretty chilly before it heats up for the day and in some cases, these Northern places will remain cold all day in Winter, sometimes with snow!

india packing list female, female tourists in pushier in coats
In Pushkar in January we got really cold in the evening!

1 x Packable Coat

When you’re thinking of what to pack for India, a coat may not be on your travel essentials for India list but for the same reasons as above I recommend taking a coat to India too, I know it might sound crazy but I have taken a Uniqlo Packable Ultra Light Down Coat like this twice to India with me.

I’ve worn it multiple times and always thanked myself for packing it, it’s light, doesn’t take up much room and is warm when I need it. So add this to your India packing list!

1 x Packable Rain Jacket

This will depend on when you visit India, if you are visiting during the summer monsoon seasons then pack a waterproof rain jacket as you’ll probably need it.

I have a packable rain jacket like this, to be fair I’ve barely used my rain jacket in India but I hold onto it because of the other places I’ll visit in Asia and it’s very small and lightweight, so unless you know it will be wet when you visit India, you could risk going without this.

Gym Clothes

If you think you’ll do yoga in India, do a lot of hiking in India or just want to work out in your room (something I’m trying to do but tend to fail at) then pack some activewear because you can wear gym pants, a sports bra and gym top to a yoga class in India in most places so pack this as you please but I’d say 1-2 outfits max is enough because I would not recommend wearing tight sportswear in India unless you are hiking or going to a yoga class. This is not an outfit to wear in the cities of India as a female.

Doing yoga in India can get hot and sweaty so to help with the heat, especially in Goa, I’d recommend taking custom bandanas and face masks for your classes as well as taking a small towel to put down on your mat.

india packing list female, yoga class in india
You can pack yoga clothes for India like you’d wear in the west!

Look for the best flights to India here!

I use Skyscanner to book all of my flights! I’m a huge fan of Skyscanner because I love how easy it is to compare different dates and routes to help me find the best flight at the best price! 

Open Skyscanner by clicking here and search for the best flights as you read this post.

1 – 2 x Shawls

At least one shawl is a must-pack item for India to cover yourself up, in some areas you’ll feel like you need it more than in others. If you like to mix up the colours then two shawls are a good idea to add to your travel checklist for India but if you’re trying to pack minimally for India, one is enough. Just make sure these are light materials and will be comfortable in the heat.

If you can’t find appropriate ones at home, wait until you get to India and go shopping in the best markets in India. These are also great if you go somewhere colder as they then act as a scarf!

2 – 3 x Pairs of Socks

I live in sandals in India, more on that below, so socks are only needed when I wear shoes, for the odd overnight journey to keep my feet warm or if I suddenly end up in a cold place and need them which is why I only pack a few pairs.

10 x Underwear

I usually pack about 10 pairs of underwear as this means I don’t need to do washing too often but the amount you pack is up to you and may change whether you’re on holiday in India for a short time or backpacking India for a longer time.

I find black underwear the best when travelling long term as often things can get stained and dyed in the wash so you’re safe with black!


India is best travelled by train because its the quickest, cheapest and best way of getting to know the country. For an EASY option of booking trains in India use 12GO to search and book trains really easily. If you’ll be in India for awhile, you can use the local booking system, it’s a bit tricker but possible, here’s my post on how to book trains in India as a tourist.


I always use to book my hotels in India and Hostelworld to book my hostels. India has a great range of accommodation with brilliant hostel chains like Moustache, Zostel and Backpacker Panda as well as homestays to luxury hotels.


Many cities in India are best seen with a guide, even if it’s just a half day tour on your first day. Cities in India are chaotic and complex and what better way to taste the food and get to know the city than with a local. I recommend Get Your Guide & Viator for the best tours in India!


For me, my PJs in India are a tank top and shorts which does me well. If I go somewhere colder then I have many T-shirts, a long-sleeved top and long trousers I can wear. I don’t pack extras for pj’s as this takes up too much room!

Beach Clothes for Goa or Kerala

I know this is general but if you are going to the beaches of Goa or Kerala on your trip to India and you’re wondering what to wear in Goa? Well, you can wear the same clothes as you would wear on a beach in Thailand or Sri Lanka.

Bikinis are fine, dresses are fine and shorts are fine. You may get more looks on the beaches in Goa than in Thailand from the Indian people who are also on holiday there and may not be used to seeing women with as much skin on show, but it is very normal to wear normal beach clothes in Goa so add these to your Goa Packing List. The same with the beaches in Kerala, for example, Varkala.

Unless you are going to Goa or the beaches in Kerala it’s unlikely you’ll need shorts or more than one piece of swimwear elsewhere in India so to help you pack light for India, leave these at home!

what to pack for India
Don’t worry, you can wear bikini here!

Best Shoes to Pack for India

Thr right shoes in India are key! Don’t go bringing fashion sandals or trainers to India because you’ll walk so far and its so dusty in places, they won’t be good for you at all!

1 x Sturdy Sandals

These are the best shoes to pack for India! Unless you go somewhere that is cold in India, it’s likely you will want your feet out, but the traffic is crazy in India, there’s always people overtaking, there’s mostly no pavements and your feet can feel very vulnerable. Not only that, but you also need to watch where you step as there’s a lot of cow dung around!

I never wear flip flops to walk around outside in India whereas I always do in South East Asia. In India, you need sandals with a thick sturdy base, a good grip and straps so they don’t fall off or cause you to trip as you rush across the road. Birkenstock Sandals are a good idea. I personally live in Keen Sandals like this which have survived over 1 year of full-time travel and full-time use.

I also recommend packing good travel sandals on an India packing list for males as well as on an India packing list for females.

female packing list India, Keen Brown Sandals on rock with sand
I love these Keen Sandals, these are the exact type of sandals you need for India.

1 x Flip Flops

I always take a pair of flip flops with me and I’m a Haviana’s girl even when packing for India. I like to wear them around my accommodation, and into the bathroom, if its a shared or questionably clean bathroom, but this item is of course up to you whether you pack them or not.

1 x Trainers / Walking Shoes

A pair of covered shoes which you can walk far in is a must-pack item for India. There are so many opportunities to hike in India and if this is what you want to do here then walking shoes will probably be best. I again live in Keen walking shoes.

If hiking isn’t on your radar I’d still recommend packing a pair of trainers, but leave your fancy white converse at home! A packing tip for you is that black trainers are the best colour trainers to take backpacking as they go with every outfit and don’t show the dirt!

Toiletries to Pack for India

The important thing to note when thinking about what toiletries to pack for India is that you can buy all toiletries in India. In fact, I prefer buying my toiletries in India because I love their Himalaya Wellness Brand which is made from Ayurvedic herbs.

I personally pack shampoo, conditioner and soap bars rather than bottles as a way to pack sustainably for India because the bars reduce my waste, they last much longer and are much smaller to carry. I carry all 3 bars in a lunchbox like this which keeps them together.

I use this hanging toiletry bag which is so helpful and my top backpacking essential as in most bathrooms you don’t have much space to put toiletries, it’s also really good quality. In here I pack facewash, toothpaste, toothbrush, eye contact solution, face and body moisturiser.

Again, all of these things you can easily buy in India so don’t pack huge bottles as they will take up too much space.

Regarding travelling on your period, I use a Menstrual cup which I love, you can get sanitary towels in India and I think you can get tampons but they’re harder to find. I just love menstrual cups for helping us reduce our one use waste, and you can keep them in for so much longer than a pad or tampon which is great if you end up on a long journey on your period in India. If you’re not yet a menstrual cup convert, here’s the travel menstrual cup I use and recommend!

I do carry a small bottle of suncream but apart from when I’m on the beach I don’t wear it much in India, it often feels like the sun doesn’t get through the polluted city skies! But that’s just my personal preference.

Mosquitos can be bad in some parts of India and during certain times of the year so strong mosquito spray like this is good but you can just get it in the shops in India if you need it.

I pack a very small bag of makeup when I’m backpacking. The 3 make up items I use the most are foundation, eyebrow pencil and blusher.

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Travel Essentials for India

Other helpful items I pack for India are a reusable water bottle as many hotels and hostels in India provide filtered water which is great meaning you don’t have to buy bottled water, and packing some metal straws is also a good idea so you can say ‘no straw please’ when you order a drink.

I did use a filtered lifestraw bottle in India on my first trip so I didn’t have to buy any plastic bottles. I have seen many other travellers use these in India too.

Personally, after I got a bad stomach in India which lasted a long time, I decided to stop using it to be on the totally safe side, but if you want to reduce your plastic use, a filtered water bottle like Lifestraw is good. Here’s my full review on the bottle.

All hotels in India will give you a towel, some hostels will too but I always take a quick-dry, foldable towel with me as part of my ultralight backpacking gear, so add this to your India packing list for backpacking.

I also pack all of these 18 Backpacking Essential Items which are things like a washing line, portable charger, good locks etc so check this list out too I pack all 18 items for India!

I pack a few medical items for India like sickness and diarrhoea tablets, charcoal tablets (also for a bad tummy but are not as strong as the likes of Imodium) plasters and paracetamol.

Keep in mind though that in the cities and the tourist towns there are pharmacies everywhere and the tablets are much cheaper than buying them at home so I don’t carry too many as I know I can stock up in the pharmacies in India when I need to.

Additionally, because I got rather ill with Delhi Belly during my first visit to India I now take probiotic tablets daily. I started taking them before I got to India and still take them in India and I think they are travel essentials for India. 

They are great because they do not need to be refrigerated (like most probiotics do) and are really good for general gut health which is important for staying healthy in India.

You don’t really need to think about food to pack for India as the food in India is so good, but if I’m visiting a country from home I always like to take some cereal bars to snack on whilst I get used to where to buy food in a new country and what to eat!

Electronics to Pack for India

One big misconception is that’s it’s not safe to pack technology and electronics for a trip to India incase they get stolen because I can tell you that it is safe! Theft is not in the culture in India and once you’ve been here for a while you’ll think it was crazy you ever doubted whether your phone, camera and laptop would be safe.

I remember thinking maybe I shouldn’t carry a fancy camera in busy places in India like markets but in reality, no one cares, nearly everyone here has a smartphone and you’re totally safe with a laptop in India and getting it out in a cafe or hostel in India.

So what electronics to bring to India? Well, pack all the technology for India you usually would for another trip. Don’t leave anything because you’re worried it might be stolen. Drones can also be used in many places in India if you’re into photography or videography and want to get another look at the country!

For your technology, an important India packing tip to know is that plugs in India do not always fit the usual Asia plug type, although many will in hotels and will also accept the two-pin European plugs. This is the type of plug adapter you need in India.


I’ve spent many months travelling India in the last few years visiting over 50 places around the country, here are my recommended itinerary posts for India to help you plan your trip!








Backpack or Suitcase for travelling to India?

Should I take a backpack or suitcase to India? That’s the question many will have, and my answer is a backpack.

I mean, you can travel to India with a suitcase and most Indian people that are travelling the country themselves take a suitcase which means there is plenty of room for them on trains and tourist buses (not so much public buses) but depending on the type of accommodation you stay in you may need to walk upstairs with no lift or down small tracks and in my opinion, a backpack is best for this.

I use the Osprey Farpoint 70L Backpack and have done for over a year and I’m happy with it (it says it’s a mens backpack but it’s fine for me!). I particularly love the attached day pack which I use as my general day pack all the time so I recommend this as the best travel backpack for India.

If you want to take a smaller backpack to India, Osprey does a Women’s 40L Backpack which will be great as you can take it on the plane as hand luggage only too which is another recommended backpacks for women India.

I also love this 45L Pacsafe Carry On Backpack which has extra security but is also just a great size and design for backpacking India with!

female packing list India, osprey farpoint backpack
This is the Osprey Bag I use and love!
female packing list India, pacsafe venture blue carry on backpack
I also love this carry on backpack and it will probably be my next purchase!

I use this waterproof cover over my backpack in India which fits the Osprey backpack perfectly and I actually use it more so that the bag doesn’t get too dirty or ruined in transit.

One of the all round top packing tips to help keep your clothes to pack for India tidy and keep all of your backpacking gear together, is to use packing cubes like this.

I also carry a canvas bag and a bum bag in case I need to take a smaller bag out for the day or evening, these really don’t take much space and come in handy when I need them.

female packing list India, blue packing cubes
I use packing cubes like this, I don’t need all of them though, about half of this is what I use.

And that’s your packing guide for India and travelling to India checklist.

I hope this list helps you understand what to pack for a trip to India and what to take to India.

If you’re still looking for inspiration on where to visit in India, here’s my recommended 2 week India itinerary, 2 month India itinerary and where I went during my first 4 months in India.


Thursday 31st of August 2023

Hi Ellie, I'm just prepping for a 3/4 month trip around India so this packing list is extremely helpful, thank you!! I just had a question, we're booking trains in at the moment. Which class of train do you find you feel most comfortable travelling in as a woman. I've heard second AC class is fine, but just wondered what your insight was! I'm not travelling solo, it will be me and my sister, but still two young women. Thanks!


Friday 1st of September 2023

Hello, I'm so glad you found my post helpful. I have lots more content on here too for India. Second Class a/c is totally fine. I think it's better than 1st Class as they'll be more families in there whereas it's more business men in 1st Class. I trust you'll be fine in 1st class too but I think the atmosphere of 2nd class a/c is comfortable.

Enjoy your trip! :)