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Places To Visit in Shoreditch Any Day of the Week, with a Map!

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London is so diverse in cultures, history and architecture, and the area of Shoreditch in East London captures pretty much all of these sides. Shoreditch is most famous for it’s Sunday Markets down Brick Lane and Columbia Road (I have a post about how to have the best Sunday in Shoreditch here) however I understand that not everyone can fit in visiting Shoreditch on Sunday into their London itinerary so you’ll be pleased to know that there are still plenty of places to visit in Shoreditch on a Saturday and on Weekdays!

To help you explore places to go in Shoreditch and walk a route that makes sense, here is a walking guide to Shoreditch I did recently with the help of the London Marco Polo Guide. I’ve collaborated with Marco Polo Guides many times and I really love the discovery walks they include in their guides. So if you’re coming to London soon be sure to have a look at their guide on Amazon as it includes more great walking guides of London and lots of things to do in London.

london marco polo guide in liverpool street station london

Liverpool Street Station

How To Get To Shoreditch

There are a number of stations in the Shoreditch area – (Old Street, Moorgate, Liverpool Street, Hoxton, Shoreditch High Street, Whitechapel, Aldgate East) however for this walk it’s best to get off at Liverpool Street Station which is on the Central Tube Line, Overground Line and the Circle, Hammersmith & City & Metropolitan Line as well as many National Train Lines.

If you’re not in London already and need to book train tickets to London, be sure to check out The Train Line. I use them all the time to compare the best train times, journey lengths and prices!

Shoreditch Map

All of the places I have advised to visit in Shoreditch below are detailed in this map to help you navigate your own Shoreditch Walk.

Places to Visit in Shoreditch

Take the Bishopsgate Exit out of Liverpool Street Station and take a left along Bishopsgate. Getting off at Liverpool Street Station, especially on weekdays, shows you the City side to Shoreditch- high rise, gleaming offices and lots of smart suits but these don’t last long!

A few streets up on your right you’ll see Folgate Street, this street and Elder Street which is on the left, give a fascinating insight into what East London used to look like with the really old Georgian style houses that line the street. These streets were the homes of Silk Weavers who ensured the area flourished in the 18th Century and are a must visit in Shoreditch.

places to visit in Shoreditch Elder Street Old Buildings

Elder Street Historic Buildings

Go back on yourself slightly and head to Spitalfields Market– one of the most popular Shoreditch Markets, especially because its open all week. You’ll know you’re close when you can see the iconic Gerkin Building pointing out of the Skyline ahead.

Spitalfields Market calls itself one of London’s richest creative places, it’s also a good place to visit in London if it’s raining as Spitalfields Market is totally covered.

Inside you’ll find independent market stalls selling a range of unique jewellery, bags and clothes. There’s also highstreet stores like Benefit and Flying Tiger as well as many food market stalls and big chain Shoreditch restaurants.

If you’re in need of a coffee I’d recommend stopping off at Nude Coffee Roasters as the coffee there is really good, and if you need a toilet break you’ll find a toilet in Spitalfields Market too.

places to visit in Shoreditch Spitalfields Market

Spitalfields Market

Exit onto Commercial Road, cross the road and walk alongside Christ Church until you reach one end of the very famous Brick Lane. The London Marco Polo Guide gives some history on Brick Lane and explains that in the 18th Century Huguenot Silk Weavers lived along here, it was then home to a sizeable Jewish Community and later Bengali Textile workers. It evolved into ‘Bangla-town’ with Sari Shops, Bengali Sweet Shops and Curry Restaurants.

These days you can still get a taste of this, especially at this end of Brick Lane. It still has a big Asian influence, especially Indian and Bangladeshi with plenty of independent shops and restaurants, so look out for the brightly coloured Sari Shops, smell the Indian incense, and make a note to come back for a Curry on Brick Lane another day because these are some of the best places to eat in Shoreditch with the best Curry in London!

places to visit in Shoreditch Brick Lane Bangla Town Asian Shops

Brick Lane

A few streets down on the right is Hanbury Street which I’m so glad my Marco Polo Guide pointed out.  It’s filled with amazing Shoreditch Street Art pieces that are constantly updated and changing. This is the first of many street art you’ll see here in Shoreditch.

places to visit in Shoreditch Hanbury Street Art

Hanbury Street Art

places to visit in Shoreditch Hanbury Street

More amazing Hanbury Street Street Art

Continue up Brick Lane, during the week and on a Saturday this street is pretty quiet compared Sundays when all the Shoreditch Street Food Market Stalls are out. It does get very busy with people on a Sunday so it’s nice to be able to walk down it with ease and have a look into all the Shoreditch shops. There’s lots of retro vintage shops as well as souvenir shops.

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places to visit in Shoreditch Brick Lane Graffiti

Brick Lane further up looking quiet

You’ll know when you need to turn off Brick Lane as just before it ends you’ll see it’s 2 famous Bagel Shops on the left. ‘Beigel Shop’ which is the one with the yellow sign has been there since 1855 and is certainly an East London institution so if you’re hungry and you want a taste of the real East London and real Shoreditch Food, be sure to pick up a Salt Beef Bagel. If you’re not into Bagels, maybe you’re more of a millennial, there’s a Crosstown Doughnuts in between both famous Beigel Shops which sell amazing Vegan Doughnuts in Shoreditch too!

places to visit in Shoreditch Brick Lane Yellow Beigel Shop

One of Two famous Beigel Shops on Brick Lane

At the main road – Bethnal Green Road, turn left and cross but don’t follow the road down, instead take Redchurch Street which branches off immediately. 

This is where you’ll start to see yet again another side to Shoreditch and East London because this area is much more trendy, upmarket and quite hipster. Down Redchurch Street you’ll find a cafe and barber called ‘Barber & Parlour’ which I really love so if you need a coffee or drink I’d recommend going in there. This street and area is also filled with independent boutique shops and plenty of places where you can get an amazing breakfast in Shoreditch and some of the best restaurants in London including one of the Dishoom Restaurants.

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places to visit in Shoreditch Redchurch Street Barber and Parlour Cafe and Grafitti

This is such a cool cafe!

Turn left down Chance Street, if you’re on Instagram you’ve probably seen the huge art piece on this wall before, it’s pretty Instagram Famous. Unfortunately these days it has been defaced with quite a bit of graffiti so it’s not as nice as it once was but it’s still good for a photo op.

places to visit in Shoreditch Chance Street Street Art with London Marco Polo Guide

Chance Streets Famous Instagram Wall

Turn right at the end of Chance Street and you’ll see Shoreditch High Street Station and BoxPark on the left which is another popular Shoreditch Market. BoxPark Shoreditch has some cool shops underneath and Shoreditch Bars and Food Markets above.

places to visit in Shoreditch Boxpark Shoreditch

BoxPark Shoreditch

Cross Shoreditch High Street Road which will be ahead of you and go up Holywell Lane and you’ll be in for a street art treat. So much of the street art here is new so it’s a really unique place to see the Street Art in Shoreditch. When I went I saw a popular Street Art Tour being shown around so if you have time and can fit this into your Shoreditch Itinerary I would recommend a Shoreditch Street Art Tour or a London Walking Tour to see some of the hidden bits, learn more about the art and the area.


There’s a big building on King High Court Road which has been completely covered with art so follow this around until you reach Curtain Road.

places to visit in Shoreditch Holywell Lane Street Art

Holywell Lane is a new area for Street Art in Shoreditch

places to visit in Shoreditch Holywell Lane Street Art

Look out for this amazing building off Holywell Lane

Continue all the way up Curtain Road, cross over Old Street Road and then take Rufus Street road on the right. At the end you’ll see Hoxton Square which has a few cafes and popular Old Street restaurants.

Just before it is The Breakfast Club which is a really cool place to eat in London, so if you’re still looking for where to eat in Shoreditch or somewhere to get a coffee and want to go somewhere cool I’d recommend going in here. On the weekends queues for The Breakfast Club can get really big as Brunch in Shoreditch and in London is so common, so if you go during the week and there’s no queue it’s a good reason to go!

places to visit in Shoreditch The Breakfast Club Hoxton inside

The Breakfast Club Hoxton

places to visit in Shoreditch The Breakfast Club Hoxton inside Avocado on Rye Bread

Avo on Rye Bread!

Afterwards head back onto Old Street Road, Bounce is along here which is an indoor Ping Pong Club with a Bar and Restaurant. It’s one of the really fun things to do in Shoreditch (along with BallieBallerson – a Ball Pit Bar in Shoreditch) and a good place to go if you’re in need of a wet weather activity in London, note that it doesn’t open until 4:00pm on weekdays, but it does open at 12:00 noon on weekends.

places to visit in Shoreditch Bounce ping pong club on Old Street outside

Bounce is a lot of fun!

Soon you’ll come across the huge Old Street Roundabout which is a good place for this Shoreditch Walk to end as you will have covered lots of the best places to see in Shoreditch by now! Old Street Station is located underneath the roundabout with the Northern Line running through it.

If you’re visiting London and want to pick up a copy of the London Marco Polo Guide to help you see more of this amazing City and get a better understanding of what you’re seeing you can get it on Amazon here!

London Marco Polo Guide

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This post was sponsored by Marco Polo Guides but all thoughts and opinions are my own and I truly love this area of London. This post contains affiliate links at no extra cost to you.


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